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002 Atheists On Air – Batshittery – Eve But No Adam – News – The Exodus

FYI – It’s impossible to cram a 3 hour show into a one hour slot. Tonight we covered The Great Exodus of Moses and his 3 million hostages.  There’s magic staffs, fly-less kingdoms, vampire frogs and much much more.

Best of all – it’s all true.  It’s right there in your Holy Bible.  We talked with Anthony, our first ever live guest call in.  We interviewed the CEO/President and Queen Bee from over at the Upstate Atheists – Eve.

We learned that Jesus doesn’t allow evil satanic atheists to serve the poorest among us. We drank beer, slurred our words and in the end – not a one of us was pregnant.

We appreciate your comments, your shout-outs and your overall patience as we figure out what the fuck we are doing.  You can leave more at atheists at atheists on air dot com or call us at 828.565.1262

Next week we start the mult-part series on sex, we destroy Genesis a bit and we have booked some very special guests.  Think video sex, porn and overall the sinniest among us.

~ May God B-less



3 thoughts on “002 Atheists On Air – Batshittery – Eve But No Adam – News – The Exodus”

  1. Unfortunately I couldn’t last long listening to your show… Unpleasant, rude and doing more harm to atheist movement than good… I can understand your coming out of religion and realizing that there is no eternal punishment for cursing and enjoy cursing after years of suppressed urges, but why pour it on all of us?!. It’s good that there are no topics off limits on your show, but your promotion of drinking, drugs and sex is misrepresentation of ideas of Atheism and Humanism…
    Please reconsider your approach to the show and please, please, please be polite, especially on air!!! I share your dismay of ridiculous religious ignorance around us, but we need to be polite to all, irregardless of our urges to just curse them out! It’s actually an Ad Hominem attack (logical mistake), and we suppose to embrace Science and avoid mistakes, right? And most importantly that rude cursing does just turns away potentials de-converts and no parent in the right mind would let children listen to your show… There are scientific studies showing that hurting peoples’ feeling and evoking strong emotional response do not do any good to change their opinion, but just making them defensive. If your show is mainly for you to vent your frustration over religion – keep doing what you doing, and some of us, who do not appreciate cursing will simply ignore it, but if your goal is to promote Atheism and Humanism, than I hope you rethink your language. It’s your native language, find actual words with real meaning, that will make your message much more relevant and powerful!
    Sadly, I cannot recommend your show to any of my atheists friends and any believers…
    P.s. I’m born atheist, raised by atheist and staying atheist in the bible belt, clearly stating it to anyone asking and on FaceBook profile.

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