3 Vaginas

004 Atheists on Air – 3 Vaginas on One Kangaroo – Jake Farr Wharton – Jesus Saltines

Jake Farr-Wharton and Chlamydia

Talk about losing ones ass.  The Imaginary Friends very own, Jake Farr-Wharton loses his.  Books for everyone, well at least the first 10 people.  Atheists On Air scienced the shit out of him.  (his words)  *Jake has never contracted chlamydia from fucking animals

Listener and fan of the show, Andrea @NiceAtheistGirl    called in to our voicemail line and asked how she could meet atheists in real life.  Answer:  Start by wearing less clothes.

Jesus’ Minions are alive and well in the Illinois legislature.  Pastor Pat Robertson is BFF with Love.  Bible Burning in Canton, NC. thanks to our earthly savior, Marc Grizzard.  We’ll thank him for ya.  

Thank you both, for listening in, thank you for sharing us with your friends and enemies alike.  Our voicemail box is lonely though and it needs your voice.  Please call in, tell us what you hate, what you love, ask a question or just breath real heavy.  


Atheist On Air - Teaching Science Like Bosses

Catch Jake here: ImaginaryFriendsShow.com  Facefuck book Jake  Tweetly Deet

Buy This Book - Save A TermiteIt’s a book

Mythmas is upon us, buy now and beat the rush.  Now you can own your very own copy of “Letters To Christian Leaders – Hollow Be Thy Name”  Written by Mr. Jake Farr-Wharton himself.

Get an autographed copy from Atheists On Air at Skepticon – November 15-17th 2013


GodlessGroups.org – Meet Friends Near You

Show end music provided by my friends over at The Retar Crew!



3 thoughts on “004 Atheists on Air – 3 Vaginas on One Kangaroo – Jake Farr Wharton – Jesus Saltines”

  1. I’m in upstate SC. My latest book is ‘Playing Chess with Pigeons: A Compendium of Fundamentalist Apologetics and Their Refutations.’ I’d love to send you a copy if you’re looking for guests for the podcast.

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