007 AOA – Dave Foda – Elephant Shit – Noah’s Ark – Bird Seed – $36 Cures Aids

Artist: Angelo Madrid http://madridtoons.tumblr.com/
Artist: Angelo Madrid

Warning this show contains bigot bashing, foot stomping tirades against zealous religious bigotry and is accompanied by some of the worst language known to the First Bapticostal church of truth.  Tonight we learn that 1/3 of Noah’s ark was filled with bird seed, how to get 4300 lbs of elephant shit out of a one cubit window daily – that Misogyny is second only to Mistersogyny – Big girls  vs. Little ones – Is Love pregnant – Dave Foda attempts to smarten us up – Real Christians don’t get PTSD – A Preacher will bank draft your tithes, hugging is illegal, they found a $36 dollar cure for AIDS – Sharia Law Police are working to eradicate the world of fun and much more.

Thanks to Dave Foda for gracing us with his sexy voice and wisdom.  You can follow Dave on Facebook here.

Again we must throw out the Hoo-Haa to the Retar Crew for the brilliant music.



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