playing chess with pigeons

009 – AOA – The Penis Can Rid You Of Demons – Author Chuck Hall – Santa Penguin

playing chess with pigeons 1White Santa Clause, can he be a penguin?  Fuck no!  Penguins can’t carry all those presents. Author and fellow Carolinian, Chuck Hall joins Cash & Love with his new book, “Playing Chess With Pigeons”.  We also poke fun at the Fox and their friends, especially Megyn Kelly and her white Jesus.  Hickory Humanists decide not to pursue action against the bigoted and discriminatory T-shirt company that has refused to print anymore of their T’s.

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Author and pursuer of Applied Ecopsycology Phd’s, Mr. Chuck Hall has a cool website at  His brand new book, Playing Chess with Pigeons is available on Amazon and I would encourage you to read it.  It’s one of my favorites and will be referred to frequently to counter the Christian ignorance that abounds here in the mountains.

We covered:

  • White Santa
  • Black Santa
  • White Jesus
  • Hickory Humanists
  • Megyn Kelly Fox News
  • Dave Silverman
  • Dave Muscato
  • the Salvation Army
  • Polygamy
  • Wisconsin State Capitol – Flying Spaghetti Monster display
  • Harold Camping died… awwwww
  • Rev. Billy Graham is almost dead… double awwwww
  • Preacher removes demons with his dick
  • Muslims warn of 40 lashes if you sell beer
  • AHA – Humanist Charities needs your help for Haiti – YES GODDAMNIT they are still living in tents!



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