036 – Dr. Darrel Ray – Sex & God

If you’ve been following the Sexipisodes then you know what God has to say about sex.  Tonight we have the Guru, Dr. Ray on and we discuss the power of shame and guilt amongst religions.  We discuss the evolution of the genitals and the distortions made by religion.

Have you ever taken a good long look at your sexuality, your views on sex and your sexual ideologies?  Have you ever reviewed what you consider moral and why?

Get Darrel’s books:

The God Virus Sex & God

A huge thanks to Darrel for spending nearly 3 hours with us.  This was better than having Jesus on the show.  We gave away some books, we talked with callers and challenged our views.

Dr. Ray’s current projects include the Recovering From Religion website and the Secular Therapy Project.  You can support their efforts by donating at either site or sharing with friends.  Consider starting a Recovering From Religion group in your area.  You’ll be amazed at how many people benefit from having others to help them through the process.



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