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043 – Prayer Really Does Work

Yes – Prayer Really Does Work – it helps churches raise money, it helps further delude the minds of mankind and it serves as a source of woo woo magic for those inclined to worship the non-existent.

Right from the beginning, Cash does a rant on prayer and death but then finishes up nicely with a prayer service that I swear, you can almost feel the Holy Spirit.


With only 3 hours available for this live broadcast, we barely made it through half of the news.

  • Finger in a ducks ass works as well as prayer
  • Are you praying to the butter?
  • 13:00 – Fetal Microchemerism
  • 17:00 – Upstate Atheist President – Eve Brannon goes on TV show – panel attempts to save her soul
  • 25:10 – Caller Scott (atheist for 10 years) joined the Mormon Church to see what all they do…
  • 39:00 – – A toast to our new sponsors!!!
  • 40:32 – Shout out to Cognitive Dissonance Podcast for bringing so many of you over to let us molest your ear holes.
  • 42:50 – SoCal Caller – Religious girls give the best head – Going on a Radio Show – Corn Hole
  • 54:20 – Big Bang Betty McGee has sex with a remote or a phone or something
  • 59:27 – Snake Oil Woo Woo segment – SCAM – Magnets – Work as good as prayer
  • 1:48:05 – – Bobby joins us live – Proof of God
  • 1:51:00 – Bobby – Bible was written by how many over how long?  Apocrypha
  • 2:01:00 – Daniel from the Bible Pants – Book Drive for ReAsonCon
  • 2:09:00 – What is an Atheist?  Love says an Agnostic and an Atheist is the same thing???
  • 02:22:38 – Mr. Brian joins us to discuss Apologetics – Why U Apologize?
  •  02:41:00 – News – Fuck… finally – the news – Noah – Last Days – Pat Robertson – Huckabee
  • 02:48:57 – Caller heard about us from Scathing Atheist podcast – Ignorant Southern Accent
  • 02:53:12 – Faithful 2 week listener – found us on iHeartRadio – Coming back next week to share his story
  • 02:57:00 – Prayer in Government meeting – Washington didn’t say that!

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4 thoughts on “043 – Prayer Really Does Work”

  1. Thanks for another great, fun and – yes, educational show. Keep up the sacrilegious work. I’ll stay for the duration!
    FYI the Australian Skeptics where heavily involved in taking on the woo of ‘power balance’ bands – which made similar claims to the magnetic bands. Instead of magnets the shysters selling these bands used magic holograms designed to “resonate with and respond to the natural energy field of the body”. Check it out:

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