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056 – Poop Enema Woo – SCOTUS Hobby Lobby FU Rant

SCROTUM err SCOTUS has pissed me the fuck off!  Thankfully I’m not alone on this one like the time Krispy Kreme closed down for a week because of a little water damage and I couldn’t get anyone to picket the assholes with me.


I’m mad!  Really, really mad.  The Supreme Court’s 5 Catholic, Ultra Conservative, Religitarded, FuckNuts decided to fuck us all.  They’ve opened the door (floodgates) so that anyone’s civil rights can be ignored if another’s religious beliefs contradict.  No birth control for you ladies, because Hobby Lobby CEO, David Green loves Jesus too much.  Of course his male employees can use their company insurance for penile implants, vasectomies or for the little blue pills.

Enough said, listen to the rant above and you can be just as pissed off as I am.


Hobby Lobby SCOTUS Rant


Author and yes, Writer, J.D. Brucker joined us live to discuss his book, Presuppositionalists and his anticipated work with the Global Secular Council.  Visit his blog, podcast and website here.

Catfish Creek Trailer Park

It’s the most we’ve heard from CCTP.  Rupert, Cecil and twice the amount of Pastor Roy.  Pastor Roy tells of the Taliban trying to rent a lot in CCTP and then later he returns for an update on the Hobby Lobby decision.


Cure what ails you!  The magic and woo behind the fecal enemas.  Join Professor Stephen as he explains the good, bad and ugly of the poop enema.

The Road To Reason

Listener and fellow lion tamer, Deron shared a link to his blog.  I’ve short coded it here: http://aoa.fm/123reason – specifically to the article I think you’ll enjoy.

New Patrons!

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ReAsonCon II – Cancelled!

For good reason, or at least what I believe to be good reason.  Monday morning when the SCOTUS ruling was published, I was pissed.  I decided to cancel ReAsonCon II and use what money I planned on spending to help grow the Freedom From Religion Foundation‘s member base.

Yes, Yes!Honestly, they are our best hope to rid the government of intruding religious dogmas.  Religion is the cause, it is the source for the most insane laws and decisions in America.  Religious dogma is the force behind inequality, misogyny and bigotry.

Please join me in supporting the FFRF and their fine legal team.  Last week we had Annie Laurie Gaylor, Co-President of FFRF on the show and we gave away 9 new memberships.  This week, with the decision to cancel ReAsonCon, I offered 20 more free memberships to those who can’t afford one right now.

To be included, email atheists@atheistsonair.com your name and address and if you are one of the first 20 and at the time of this posting I have about 11 available spots, you’ll be included.  Expect more free memberships to come in the future.

If you are a student, it’s only $20 and for a family only $50.  Individuals can join for only $40 annually.  So please, please join the FFRF with me and let’s repair these holes in our Wall of Separation between Church and State.

Watch It Here

The Rant

Today the Supreme Court ruled that Hobby Lobby and any other Corporation can deny you your civil rights if those rights conflict with their religious beliefs.  Specifically those rights that don’t uphold the misogynistic dogma.

Imagine now, Hobby Lobby or Walmart citing that women can’t be hired because they believe the Bible verse that states that a women’s place is at home.  Titus 2:5

First Timothy Chapter 2:12 says that a woman should not have authority over a man, thus preventing a woman from holding a management position.  And shouldn’t this prevent any woman from holding a position on the Supreme court or political office of any sort?


Could an employer restrict females from leaving work to vote due to religious convictions, could they deny coverage for blood transfusions, vaccines, psychiatry?


This all catholic, all male panel of judges ruled against every woman in America.  Women, you should be outraged.  Men, you should be equally outraged!  We have just been fucked in the ass by the Catholics, again.


This can of worms opened by the Supreme Court could now allow any person to exempt themselves from the law.  This is a blatant erosion of our civil rights.  This supreme court decision knocks down a vital portion of the great wall of separation between church and state.


Last week we were honored with a visit from Freedom From Religion Foundations Co President, Annie Laurie Gaylor.  We discussed the hundreds of violations reported each month.  We discussed their work in protecting our rights.


If there ever was a time to join the FFRF, it is now!  Their legal team works non-stop to protect us and correct the damage done by religious zealots.  Simply go to ffrf.org and join today.  The FFRF is currently encouraging us all to scream and scream loud.  The hobby lobby victory is based on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which passed the house and senate almost unanimously and sadly was signed by President Bill Clinton.

You do matter and your voice does count.  Ask congress to counter this ruling by contacting your US Senators and your district representatives.


Today women are under attack and it effects us all!!!


Oh but religion is good.  What harm does religion cause?  These are the sentiments of almost every ignorant religious zealot on the planet.


Let’s start with the demonstrable harmful effects.  Religion and it’s adherents systematically brainwash children, they teach them not to think and they encourage a distrust for science and facts.  Right now, the tax free religious corporations have lobbied state governments to wright laws that take money from our schools, which are already facing horrid budget restrictions.


The money is used for voucher programs that can be used by the religious nutters to further indoctrinate children with religious propaganda and anti-science teachings.

Because of religion, the now socially accepted practice of infant genital mutilation is defended by even many non religious.  It’s deluded the system to make what was originally a barbaric practice of religion, mainstream.  It’s child endangerment, it’s child molestation, it’s horrid and should be illegal.


Because of religion, we all get to pay more taxes so that churches, megachurches and religious organizations can keep every penny they take in.  With no accountability the leaders can purchase private jets, multiple homes and $23,000 dollar toilet seats.


Because of religion there are becoming less and less centers for women’s health and care.  Because of religion, Governor’s have held at tax payers expense, lavish gatherings for prayer and rain dances.

Because of religion, states have made laws allowing businesses to refuse service to those whose private sexual lives are deemed abominations.

Because of religion, certain relationships aren’t granted the same rights under the law, which allow end of life arrangements, tax filings and housing allowances.

Because of religion, our children are forced to accept the public school displays of religious propaganda.

Because of religion, we are considered blights on society, we are labeled untrustworthy and must constantly fight for equality.

Because of religion, a church can proclaim over 100 pastors to allow for backhanded housing exemptions and avoid taxes.

Because of religion, we have a TeaParty

Because of religion, we have Fox News

Because of religion, we have over 40% of our citizens who don’t support efforts to clean the environment because Jesus is coming back soon and climate change won’t matter.

Because of religion, families are torn apart at the seams.

Because of religion, my daughter is called a whore for wearing shorty shorts.

Because of religion, certain sexual positions between consenting adults are illegal.

Because of religion, slavery existed and was defended.

Because of religion, 2 million female children this year will have their vaginas mutilated.

Because of religion, Billions of our tax dollars support a country that offers full medical benefits to every citizen, while in America, we lack basic care.

Because of religion, our once president decided to start a war that has lasted over 10 years because Jesus told him to.

Because of religion, Trillions of dollars have been spent, thousands of lives lost so that we can free two countries who don’t wish to be freed.

Because of religion, our civil liberties have systematically been eroded under the guise of protection for our country.


And today, if you are female and work for Hobby Lobby or any corporation, you have just lost your Constitutionally guaranteed civil rights if your employer’s religious ideologies conflict.


Your basic human rights have just been superseded by the religious fanatics and lunatics.  The Supreme Court’s 5 male member, Catholic Zealots have just fucked you and fucked me too.


And men, no worries for us.  The Hobby Lobby supporters have not and plan no attack on our rights to Erectile Dysfunction drugs, Penile implants, Vacuum erection devices, vasectomies.  And Circumcisions will still be covered, you know, because, Jesus.


And here’s what I’m going to do.  This year we held ReAsonCon one, the first of it’s kind.  I secured the speakers and venue for next May already.  We announced this a few weeks ago.


But I’m canceling it.  I’m going to spend the money that I would have spent on making sure that anyone who can’t afford a membership to the Freedom From Religion Foundation gets one, to the best of my ability.


This year I got stuck with paying 100% of the Reasoncon expenses after someone failed to pay their part.  After the donations and VIP ticket sales I was personally out over $6,000 dollars.  I’m still paying that credit card bill.  The planned upcoming ReasonCon II I’m sure would cost me another $6,000, so I’m going to do my best over the next 10 months to use that planned expenditure on helping others join the FFRF who can’t afford it right now.


I’ve given this enough thought and believe that although the reason con conference is a valuable tool, membership and support of the FFRF is more valuable and will exact far wider effects for all.


Starting tonight, I’m going to offer 20 annual memberships to those who can’t afford them right now.  That’s $800 towards freeing our country and it’s governments from the zealous Christian fucknuts!


I’ve emailed our scheduled ReasonCon II speakers and guests and have explained the reason for canceling and I hope that you will support me in this effort.  I’d hope that you can understand the importance and I would encourage you to join the FFRF right now.


If you can not afford it right now, please email me your name and address to atheists@atheistsonair.com   This Week I will call the FFRF and secure 20 new annual memberships.


The only way we are going to change the system, the only way we can protect that wall of separation and the only way we can repair the damage already done is to jointly and loudly scream:  Fuck You!

We can’t sit idly by, we must put our fuck you’s in the form of lawsuits and activism and demand separation of church and state.  No amount of facebook posts or podcast rants will resolve the problem.  Make a commitment now to help.  Join the FFRF and let’s send a message to these shit sucking religious fucktards and stop their intrusions.


To Justices, Samuel Alito Jr., Anthony Kennedy, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, John Roberts Jr., and David Green the Hobby Lobby CEO, Fuck You!




3 thoughts on “056 – Poop Enema Woo – SCOTUS Hobby Lobby FU Rant”

  1. The SCROTUM – that’s what it currently is any way – MUST be made to overturn its insane rulings beginning with the ‘Citizens United’ case, that gave individual human freedom to corporations. Until that happens, the corporations will be steering, and The People will suffer more and more as they are robbed of freedoms and securities.

    America requires surgery. I hope very little blood is spilled in the future civil war, but surgery often calls for the loss of some blood. Religion is very much a part of the problem, as it promotes ignorance and intolerance.

    Abraham Lincoln and several other great statesmen foresaw the dark possibility, that the greedy corporations would take over fully.

    We’re in trouble. The SCOTUS is being controlled by fear, misinformation and greed.
    That must change.

    ‘A house divided against itself cannot stand.’ – Lincoln

  2. By law if an organization is a religion then they are eligible for tax exemption. But there are some church people who insist that their system of worship is not a religion but is instead a “relationship”. If that is true then how can they continue to qualify for tax exemption? And if they do still qualify, then would I be able to get a tax exemption based on the fact that I have a dear friend that I fuck regularly? Also, I would like to support your “ministry” financially, but I would like to make it a lump-sum gift. To whom should I make out the check and to what address should I mail it?

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