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059 – Earth, Perfectly Made For Us

We got scienced!  Professor Stephen took a break from the Woo and gave us a nice introduction into the history of chemistry and it’s not God at all, it’s atoms, it’s protons, neutrons and electrons.

The Rant

My rant has inspired some to email me about how it makes them feel helpless, that it brings to the front page all that’s wrong with the world and how often helpless we feel.  This week I offer a solution, a way for us all to make a difference and to cause change that ripples will be felt worldwide.

(rant script below)

Our Perfect Planet

After a street preacher made a last ditch effort to show me proof for god with, “Earth, perfectly made for us.” I lambasted him with the facts.  His so called perfect planet is a product of close-mindedness and being fortunate enough to be born in a first world country.

Pastor Roy

From the Miracle Minute to the CCTP Community Update, we heard it all.  Pastor Roy took some calls, talked to Jesus and warned us of the brown people.

Yes – I’m Still Pushing FFRF Memberships

And now there is a page with all the info on helping us change the world by repairing the great wall of separation between church and state.  Check it out here:  




3 thoughts on “059 – Earth, Perfectly Made For Us”

  1. I mean I don’t just want to rely on the opinion of that website. I also think the video is too well put together to be real, I don’t think there would be as many cuts and cheesy effects, it seems intentionally bad.

  2. God made Atom and evolved. The Bible was written from Dinosour memory and scratchings. No really it is mostly fiction yet based on the truth . People learned to read and write early on and found goodness should be spoken. I like the story of Jonah who reluctantly helped ninovah to survive, He became depressed. Didnt the shade tree wither or something?

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