081 – David Fitzgerald

Atheists On Air 081 David Fitzgerald

Professor Stephen
Rachel Nanon Brown
Jason Comeau

Special Guests:
David Fitzgerald: http://www.centerforinquiry.net/speakers/fitzgerald_david
David Michael: http://mybookofmormonpodcast.com
Bryce Blankenagel: http://nakedmormonismpodcast.com

With this bunch on the show we had to talk about Mormons and Mormonism, and boy did we. What a wacky religion.

Then, Andrew Jennings joins the group to talk about the historicity of Jesus Christ. It turns out that Jesus is probably imaginary, just like his dad. Who knew?

If you like lively discussions, then this is the show for you!



One thought on “081 – David Fitzgerald”

  1. Prof. Stephen and Rachel (U 2 Cash) this was my favourite episode since Cash stepped back. The discussion of the history of the book was fantastic. Can you do this with the Koran? Fucknuts!

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