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035 Former Pastor Ryan Bell – Year Without God

Can A Christian Go A Year Without God?

Imagine devoting your life to your faith, to your church and to helping others, then to abruptly do a 180 and test your beliefs.  Now imagine finding your church in opposition to fundamental differences regarding equality, specifically marriage equality.  Imagine the trauma after investing your entire life in obtaining three degrees in Theology and being asked to quietly step down.

Imagine wondering if there is a God, then why he didn’t protect you from it all.  Former Pastor, Ryan Bell joined us live.  He graciously answered all our questions and was very candid.  Not once did he employ the tactics of his fellows, the mental gymnastics one must perform in order to skirt the painfully obvious problems.

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You can follow Ryan’s blog at and if you are feeling especially Christian today, click the donate button and help a brother out.   A huge thanks to Mr. Dave Foda for his efforts in arranging this interview and for helping us all out.

Real Good News

Ryan will be updating us weekly on his journey.  We will bring this to you each Monday via the AOA live podcast.  There is also talk that Ryan will participate in the first ever ReAsonCon event to be held in Hickory, NC on May 3rd, 2014.  You can sign up for free with the link at the top right of this page.

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8 thoughts on “035 Former Pastor Ryan Bell – Year Without God”

  1. Ryan, I heard your radio interview on CBC and am so disturbed that anyone who once believed and preached the word of God can even consider living life without the presence of God every day. I will pray for you (to still feel God’s presence in your soul) as you have obviously now stopped praying for a whole year. Even though you have left God, may He never leave you.

    1. Which god? There are plenty to choose from. You get the same feeling from drugs, the bible is a fairy story, it is a man made book and it shows.

  2. Atheist and Theist should stop arguing about who is right or wrong. The world will be a better place if we all just start being better people. Love your fellowman and show him that you do. Stop blogging about it and start being about it…..that goes for both sides

    This 3 Minute Video Made Me Cry, And I Never Cry. Must See For Everyone.
    This is really worthwhile to watch for everyone, and I hope that you SHARE it after watching. The message in this video is extremely

    1. This reminds me of the quote, “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” The error in your logic is that “getting along” is not the issue. Religion distorts reality, it hinders science, it harms society, it corrupts moral systems and it stands in the way of humanities progress. Either we allow it or we confront it. However confronting the religious right often encourages pacifists to come out of hiding and proclaim messages of peace and tolerance. These people are ignorant to the harms of religion and it’s adherents.

      I would encourage you to read: (a scathing look at what religion does and why Atheists should be and many are mad)

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