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Watauga County Schools Get Another Donation Offer

Watauga poster American legionWe were so excited to hear that Watauga County School System’s, Interim Superintendent, Dr. David Fonseca had approved the American Legion’s generous donation to help students with American History that we were encouraged to pay it forward as well.

Originally reported by the Watauga Democrat, the school decided not to allow the “In God We Trust” posters on the advice from their attorney.  See story here.  About a week later, the school board after hearing from the public and finding a North Carolina law to bolster their position – decided to allow the posters.

Already this has made the headlines at TheFriendlyAtheist site and we are sure that this most recent offer to the Watauga County schools will bring forth more exciting news.


Watauga School District PosterThe Myth Understood Alliance and specifically the Atheists On Air heathens have donated the funds to the WNC Humanists for the procurement of some American History posters for the Watauga County schools.

“We are sure that the school system will approve our childhood indoctrination educational donations based on the same NC Statute they used to approve the other posters.”  ~ Cash Wilson

N.C. General Statute 115C-81(g)(3a) allows for the posting of images and documents that reflect U.S. History in public schools.

When the President of the WNC Humanists, Jennifer Lovejoy heard about the flip flopping of the school boards decision she was excited.

“I’m so excited!!!! This is an awesome day!!!” ~ Jennifer Lovejoy

The Offer

This morning, 11/19/2013 we sent a letter to the Interim Superintendent with our offer to provide the posters for all schools in the Watauga County district.  We shall soon see if the school board, superintendent  and the supporters of the posters offered by the American Legion did in fact make this decision based on the ideas of teaching children American History or IF THEIR MOTIVES are of a sneakier persuasion – such as religious indoctrination and attempts to tear down the wall of separation.

Either way, the WNC Humanists and the Myth Understood Alliance are happy to provide posters that teach American History or to sue the school system on the basis of religious discrimination (if declined).

005 – Atheists On Air – Adam Reakes – Christians Being Bad More – Anti Vax – Hickory Humanists

We talked to Adam Reakes of the Herd Mentality about 2 weeks ago, fortunately it was recorded.  Let your ears soak in the sweet, sweet Aussie accent as his voice makes tender love to your ears.

adam reakesThe fucking Christians were at it again this past week, buggering little boys and overall mayhem on society.  An Imam was arrested for his special Allah sanctified massage rubs and a whole bunch more.

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This Weeks HooHa goes to The Atheist Experience and the Wiki – Iron Chariots
Don’t stop learning.  Click above and be mesmerized in the genius that is TAE and Iron Chariots.

004 Atheists on Air – 3 Vaginas on One Kangaroo – Jake Farr Wharton – Jesus Saltines

Jake Farr-Wharton and Chlamydia

Talk about losing ones ass.  The Imaginary Friends very own, Jake Farr-Wharton loses his.  Books for everyone, well at least the first 10 people.  Atheists On Air scienced the shit out of him.  (his words)  *Jake has never contracted chlamydia from fucking animals

Listener and fan of the show, Andrea @NiceAtheistGirl    called in to our voicemail line and asked how she could meet atheists in real life.  Answer:  Start by wearing less clothes.

Jesus’ Minions are alive and well in the Illinois legislature.  Pastor Pat Robertson is BFF with Love.  Bible Burning in Canton, NC. thanks to our earthly savior, Marc Grizzard.  We’ll thank him for ya.  

Thank you both, for listening in, thank you for sharing us with your friends and enemies alike.  Our voicemail box is lonely though and it needs your voice.  Please call in, tell us what you hate, what you love, ask a question or just breath real heavy.  


Atheist On Air - Teaching Science Like Bosses

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Buy This Book - Save A TermiteIt’s a book

Mythmas is upon us, buy now and beat the rush.  Now you can own your very own copy of “Letters To Christian Leaders – Hollow Be Thy Name”  Written by Mr. Jake Farr-Wharton himself.

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003 Atheists On Air – Naked – Vibrators – Yes Naked – Something Big and Black – Sixty Nines – Religitards – First Callers – Size Matters

Broadcasting semi-live but completely naked, Cash & Love shortened the show by almost 13 seconds.  And after much begging and pleading, both of our listeners called in and we even got an anonymous caller with a question about Mythmas and if heathens celebrated.

NO SOUP FOR YOU!  After it’s all over and you think we’ve left the building, there might be a top secret interview with the Upstate Soup Kitchen Nazi.  Shhhhhhhhh


BigBang Betty McGee
BigBang Betty McGee