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002 Atheists On Air – Batshittery – Eve But No Adam – News – The Exodus

FYI – It’s impossible to cram a 3 hour show into a one hour slot. Tonight we covered The Great Exodus of Moses and his 3 million hostages.  There’s magic staffs, fly-less kingdoms, vampire frogs and much much more.

Best of all – it’s all true.  It’s right there in your Holy Bible.  We talked with Anthony, our first ever live guest call in.  We interviewed the CEO/President and Queen Bee from over at the Upstate Atheists – Eve.

We learned that Jesus doesn’t allow evil satanic atheists to serve the poorest among us. We drank beer, slurred our words and in the end – not a one of us was pregnant.

We appreciate your comments, your shout-outs and your overall patience as we figure out what the fuck we are doing.  You can leave more at atheists at atheists on air dot com or call us at 828.565.1262

Next week we start the mult-part series on sex, we destroy Genesis a bit and we have booked some very special guests.  Think video sex, porn and overall the sinniest among us.

~ May God B-less

001 Atheists On Air – Virgins, Vaginas, Starving Kids And More

Virgins No More.  Our cherry officially popped.  We are Cash & Love, your hosts on this irreverent, scathing weekly journey into the minds of infidels.  You will hear first hand, witness the thought process behind the most recent and most insane moves by the religious right.

Atheists On Air promotes freethought, equality, secular humanism and the evil that is atheism.

From atop and amongst the Appalachian Mountains in Western North Carolina goes our call but this signal works both ways.  You can call us, launch your best argument or attack our loving stance.

With the inerrant Word of God from the filth that is the Holy Bible, we will demolish those fragile beliefs upon which atop your faith sits so precariously.

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