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Baby Still In Pain After CVS Pharmacy Placebo Taken

My daughter accidentally purchased fake magic medicine #homeopathy liquid for grandson’s teething pain at #CVS Pharmacy. It was on the same shelf and alongside the real medicine.  CVS is one of many Snake Oil Woo Woo peddlers and now boast their own line of CVS branded magic water and magic water coated pills.

The profit margins are huge in this business of duping the unsuspecting medicine seekers.  One ounce of “magic” water – CVS Pharmacy Placebo can run you as much as $39 an ounce and magic water coated pills, even more.

Professor Stephen Overdosed

More than once, Professor Stephen has debunked the homeopathic remedies on the show.  Several months ago he took an entire bottle of homeopathic pills on air.  You can hear his Snake Oil Science Woo Woo segment during each show.  I believe it was on that same show, the author of the website below, How does homeopathy work – joined us.

How Does Homeopathy Work?

Lately my TV has been inundated with CVS’s latest commercial.  [see below] The final word: “Health is everything.”  Yes, right after profit.  How can a company boast it’s care for our wellbeing while peddling such a vast selection of snake oil?

CVS Peddles Fake Medicine

[chewing on the cardboard box would have been more effective]

CVS started marketing this fake shit last year under their own label. It’s a concoction of water and orange flavoring. There is absolutely no medicinal value.

A struggling new mom spends $7.00 on less than a 1 oz. bottle of flavored water to relieve a baby’s pain. Do they really think an infant will have a placebo effect?

New parents attempt to provide the best for their children and “trust” that their pharmacy will offer only those products that are tested and proven effective but CVS dupes the masses with fake medicines marketed alongside real medicines.

CVS Pushes Homeopathic Chemotherapy Support

Chemotherapy HomeopathyThe CVS website boasts a large section on Homeopathy.  The article entitled Cancer Chemotherapy Support caught my attention while searching for their response to homeopathic cures and treatments.

Further down the same page you will find the “references” section.  Hidden unless you click the tiny + symbol is the one and only reference (no link) for a study.  Googling the content I found the study and it’s results: Read Here.

Amazing, the study is inconclusive and requires further testing.  Testing less than 30 patients and only one test – CVS titles this section “Scientific Evaluations” – with an ‘s’.  WTF?  Only one evaluation skeptics are whackaloonsand it provided expected results – none.  The test wasn’t duplicated or peer reviewed but CVS has no problem referencing it.

For a company attempting to rebrand itself as a leader in healthcare by removing cigarettes from it’s line up and offering clinics in some of it’s stores, they are really sending mixed signals when they continue to market and promote fake medicine alongside real treatments.


The teething liquid obviously didn’t work and my daughter had to purchase real medicine. The $6.99 isn’t the big issue here – it’s instead a baby that had to suffer several more hours because CVS marketed and sold fake medicine alongside real medicines.

We should demand CVS and other pharmacies to stop selling and profiting on fake medicines that only serve to delay real care.

Have you accidentally purchased fake medicine from a pharmacy?  Share your story below.

071 – Chiropractic Medicine Woo – Debunking Evolution

Death eluded us all night.  The scheduled topic was “death” but being such a short show, we were unable to fit it in this week.  Fortunately though – it got bumped by our incredible callers, our newest host (Rachel Nanon Brown) and a lively discussion about Chiropractic medicine woo woo.  All in all, it’s jam packed and may take you a day or two to get through it all.

Rachel Joins Atheists On Air

Can I get a woot woot?  Talk about feeling unarmed and outnumbered, with the addition of Rachel Nanon Brown along with Professor Stephen, this poorly educated Hillbilly is feeling overwhelmed – in a good way though!  You know Rachel from Dogma Debate where she co-hosted along side of David Smalley for years.  Rachel is addicted to that shit they call science and she’s well versed in the theory of evolution. (Its just a theory though.)

So much about everything in life can be explained by the evolutionary processes.  If you think you didn’t have plenty to learn already, Atheists On Air proudly welcomes Rachel to the team.  Be sure to say hi by visiting her Facebook page and leaving a comment.

Death Will Try Again

On our next show, I promise (pinky promise) to discuss Atheists and the Afterlife including the pains of dealing with death.

Chiropractic Medicine Woo

Professor Stephen tackled the 95% snake oil woo woo science known as Chiropractic medicine.  In this segment, Professor Stephen compared chiropractic stuffs with massage therapy and real medicine like physical therapy.  Follow the twists and turns in this special segment and learn all you ever need to know about the almost as good as a massage practice called Chiropracty. (real urban dictionary word)

Holiday Gatherings Offer Propaganda Opportunities

Rachel outs the bullshitRachel found a sciencey looking magazine during a holiday gathering.  Apparently placed specifically so that she would find, read and be converted to creationism.  The articles unfolded the “worst” arguments against evolution that she’s ever seen.   Rachel takes us through their dishonest articles and their supposed studies referenced.

You know you’re fucked when you must appeal to authority but must bastardize what the authorities said in order to make your case.

Be sure to take your Ginko before hearing this takedown by Rachel.  You’ll want to remember it for future rebuttals.

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The Rant

There is one thing we are all going to do.  Every single one of us, from the most paranoid whole foods schizophrenic anti-gmo aluminum foil headdress wearing fucktards to the normal run of the mill, overweight and chain smoking bald podcasters – We are all going to die.

Yup, sorry for the spoiler – but your death is inevitable and for some it’s so becoming.  Of course if you are in the right religion, the true religion and have abided by it’s terms and conditions and fine print then press hard, 3 copies please – then you are off to a new life.  Your body restored, except your asshole and snot glands omitted because perfection can not include those and the 1000’s of other human traits that plague a truly happy existence.

Now here is where it gets fucking good, I mean literally fucking awesome!  You are going to experience some bright light and some shadowy figures resembling long lost loved ones who happened to have chosen the same religion as yourselves.

You are going to know unfathomable joy.  – I really can’t do this justice but it’s better than your best orgasm and it’s going to last forever.  Yes, I know, this Jesus man must modify you a bit to be able to endure the never-ending joy that awaits you.  This is a minor change but will allow you to feel all warm and tingly without it becoming painful and intolerable like it does when I continue to suck your clit after you have experienced that one final grand finale orgasm.

Stay with me, it’s gets more ambiguous as we go.  You are going to get to worship and praise the one true God forever, fly around and just do shit.  Not hard shit, but fun shit.  We and our little teeny tiny brains can’t fathom it or even understand it so just take my word for it, you are going to have fun, fun fun.  Singing too.

This is your promise!  You’re probably already wanting to sign up, but wait, —— there’s more – it’s the bonus of eternity.

Those pesky atheists, those fake Christians, those muslims, jews and Hindus – you get to watch them be cast into a lake of fire.  A fire that doesn’t kill but tortures their heathen bodies forever!   YES!  Finally, you’ve been vindicated – you’ve given up masturbation, except when you didn’t, you’ve avoided lusting after others, except when you didn’t, you’ve worn tshirts and tie clips with a cross and that one time you had a debate with a dick of an atheist on Facebook and you defended your lord and master, the king supreme invisible leader and ruler of the universe – you can watch him suffer – you now can watch that little asshole of a child you raised in the church who became a heathen scientist and deny young earth creation you know to be a fact because the Bible says so – you can watch him scream and beg as the demons torture him eternally, you get to watch for eternity the pain and agony of all those children who died before hearing about the one true god and instead worshipped like you, the one their parents and society worshipped.  And that niece of yours, the one who was just a little whore, the one who had sex with others and then that time she had an abortion, well she’s getting hers – don’t you worry.

You get to watch as Billions gnash their teeth and claw in attempts to escape the undying worm of eternal torture.  2 million years from now, you’ve perfected that song and praise to Jesus, you’ve ridden on every cloud, explored the universe, you can still always have a seat from on high and watch as billions suffer.  Halefuckinglooya!   

That’s just one bonus, there will be endless supplies of Milk and Honey, golden streets and of course you’ll have a palace, probably just down the street from Jesus’s very own pad.

Imagine how much fun, not 2 million years from now, but 10 billion years from now and you won’t have even really scratched the surface of eternity – You can praise jesus daily, bow and prostrate yourself before him and then fly around, zoom from galaxy to galaxy and although you’ve been doing the same thing over and over and over for eons, you’ll have forever and then some.  It never ends.

This may sound boring, but Jesus will alter the you that is you so that it never becomes old, it will be the quentisential ground hog day over and over and over.  Yaaaaaay You!

And after billions and billions of millennia’s have passed, you can still stop and enjoy the screams and agonies of those ignorant fools who weren’t lucky enough to be born in the USA where most everyone worships the one and true God.

I wish I could share with you more.  I know many have crossed over and returned but even they at best can only provide details of things that we already relate to.  There is no new information, no new something that can and will inspire you to hold fast – it’s blurry rainbows, lush fields, lot’s of fluffy clouds and waterfalls.  It’s your true christian ancestors and that creepy touchy feely uncle who repented for his sins.  You get all that and be with them forever!

You’d think the purveyor of near death experiences would provide information that none of us can relate to, we can’t understand it or that it’s completely and utterly foreign in human knowledge.

But don’t let this cause a lack of faith.  The Mormons, although probably going the way of the heathens what with their change from Gods commands by allowing black people to be temple married and giving up on the multiple wives and multiple husbands – do however have an answer to the NDE problem.  Near death experience tellers aren’t allowed to share the truth of what they see.  According to once Prophet and personal friend of Jesus: Joseph Smith, if we could get a glimpse of heaven, we’d kill ourselves to get in.  Spencer W. Kimball, another prophet who actually visited heaven said, I’ve seen many glimpses of heaven and you can’t even imagine.

The Bible says you get to go to heaven and the bible was written by and directed by God and it says so right there in the bible.  Add that to the Near Death Experience tellers and your own experiences with orbs and ghosts, tingly feelings, bright lights and vivid dreams and there is no longer evidence required.

So here’s the deal, there are over 31,000 sects of christianity in the world today and among those their individuals don’t agree on everything.  There are hundreds of other gods currently being worshipped and it’s all contrived by so called holy books and holier men.

There are some facts though.  You are going to die and as far as anyone knows, this is the one and only life you’ll ever know.  There is zero and by zero I mean absofuckinglootley no evidence, not one shred of evidence for an afterlife, for your god or for any thing beyond your dead body.

As Christopher Hitchen’s said, the party doesn’t end, but you don’t get to stay.   

You get this one life, you get this one moment, you can actually help humanity, you can actually leave a legacy, a ripple so to speak that will touch countless others in the centuries to come by speaking only of what we know and basing your decisions and actions on helping others         Or

you can spend it in hopes for the next while deluding those in your power to delude with the same by spreading nonsense, hiding from logic and reason, judging others and encouraging the ignorance that has faithfully brought you to this point.

If you chose the latter, then fuck you.  Fuck you for those who’s lives you’ve manipulated and harmed with your ignorant and judgmental dogmas.  Fuck you for causing countless to miss out on this life and the joy of the here and now.  Fuck you for inflicting this disease on humanity that is the source for false hope and missed opportunities.

Fuck you for those who felt guilt when they masturbated, for those who go without sex altogether for the false reward in heaven, fuck you for relegating the pain and suffering experienced now by those starving and dying – to an imaginary life of peace and fullness later.

If the only harm done by the religious was to promote a claim of an afterlife, it should be enough to be indicted for crimes on humanity.  False hope gives rise to false ideas and false ideas give rise to harm.  Fuck you & fuck you!

070 – Rachel Nanon Brown – Evolution

Rachel Brown vs. Megan Fox

Rachel Nanon BrownLikely our best episode yet, this hillbilly podcast made a giant leap in smart content when Professor Stephen began the Snake Oil Woo Woo Segment and offered his insight to all of my incessant ramblings – but tonight we had the brilliant, talented and beautiful Rachel Nanon Brown on the show too!  Rachel endured the entire show from front to back and offered insight into the insane anti-evolution ideas so commonly echoed in the conservative young earth religitard’s mantra.

Show me the video of evolution!
Where are the missing links?
How did it all start?
Life can’t come from non-life!
If we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?

Rachel doesn’t hesitate as she takes them all on.  She delivers an education in layman’s terms so that even I can keep up.  My arsenal grows with each podcast thanks to many of our intelligent listeners, Professor Stephen and now a triple dose with Rachel Brown.

And yes, I am begging and pleading with Rachel to become a regular on the show.  (fingers crossed and prayers in air)

You can find Rachel on Facebook here.

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Raw Video

The Fuck You Rant

Considered by experts to be the oldest book of the Bible, Job is a moral disaster.  Here we have a man who by God’s own account is perfect, not just perfect in earthly matters, but also adheres faithfully to the “fear God” command.

I have a friend who has been a preacher for over 40 years.  He subscribes to the bapticostal way of things, not much unlike Pastor Roy.  This pastor has preached to never ask for patience.  Playing off the old adage that patience is a virtue and that the only way you learn it is via trial by fire – as some often say,  The Patience Of Job

I’ll brief this story in case you aren’t familiar, but just know, Christards everywhere will example this story as one of courage in the face of disaster, one of faith to be respected and admired and the patience of the godly.

Job was a wealthy man, sheep, goats, horses, cattle and a large family.  The devil kills his family, his livestock and destroys all that he owns.  Job holds strong.  The devil then inflicts the worst physical conditions on Job, boils cover his body from head to toe.  But Job, remains faithful and God rewards him for his patience and loyalty given him everything he lost back multi-fold.  If he had 1000 sheep, he got back 10,000    God couldn’t bring back his family so he made him a new one.  What sweet sweet rewards by this loving God.

But did you know this?  It is often overlooked or dismissed dishonestly.  God was having a gathering and the Bible says, there was with also, Satan.  That means Satan was at this meeting.  Why you ask?  Well who the fuck knows the twisted narcissistic and sociopathic mind of God.  I’m only telling you what the fuck it says.

Already though, you and I recognize this as a problem.  What kind of sadistic fuck invites their eternal enemy for a meeting when you have the power to change at will anything you want to adhere to your pleasures?

Already, I must Say:  Fuck you, yes Fuck you God.

In Job 2:3 it says and I quote from the King James Version:

And the LORD said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil? and still he holdeth fast his integrity, although thou movedst me against him, to destroy him without cause.”

Did you catch that?  there is none like him in the earth.  Perfect and upright, of course upright goes without saying if you are perfect and he feareth God.  Annnnd… he escheweth evil.   Ok, God – we get it, he’s a fucking perfect man, even though later the bible attests that there was only one upon the earth that was perfect.  But fuck that shit, probably a simple typing error.

I want you to recognize something painful in that scripture.  God says, “although thou (speaking to Satan) movedst me against him, to destroy him without cause.

What in the fuckity fuck?   First, satan can bend and manipulate god?  And even cause that God destroy a perfect man, kill his children, murder his wife and then murder all his animals just before destroying his home.

Have we been fooled?  Does one need to read any further?  Hell no!  Only a stupid cunt would hold out after recognizing this.

“well there probably are some really good parts in this book so I probably should keep on reading”

And yes, I already know the Christarded answer:  Well that was the old testament… So let’s take a brief look at your God 2.0 or Jesus as some may prefer.

In Matthew 5:39  Jesus says, hey everybody, look at me giving this sermon here on this mount, which is not quite big enough to call mountain.  It’s more like a hill.  To do good and be good and make me and God 1.0 happy, “I say unto you, that ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

In other words, don’t resist harm from those that want to do harm.  Take it like a little cunt that you are and don’t run off either, be sure to expose yourself to even more violent abuse.  Let them beat your ass.

Really really good advice.  Getting your ass kicked, don’t run, lie down instead and let them beat you some more.

If this is to be believed as good, then why did we enter Germany, Poland and Russia to defend the Jews.  Shouldn’t we like God 2.0 have said, Awwww that really sucks, but be sure to turn the other cheek.

But we didn’t, instead we said Fuck You Hitler.  This may be God’s will as you state, but fuck you and the God you rode in on.

God 2.0 says in John 1:9 – to forgive those who harm us.  He says that if we don’t he will not forgive us our sins.  Imagine you come home to find your partner whom you love is bloody and beaten.  They have been raped repeatedly and are barely alive.  The cops find the culprit and later the jury finds this person guilty on all accounts.

But sentencing is where things take a turn for the worst.  The judge has accepted the apologies from the culprit and forgives all.  He says, hey dear Victim, don’t worry, I have a son who I caused to be beat for almost an entire weekend and then temporarily killed him, so the punishment for this crime has been dealt.

Go all and sin no more.

Imagine that shit.  Well it’s not hard.  Jesus says he was sent to redeem all for their sins.  This is why you no longer must trouble yourself with justice and revenge.  Jesus bore the sins of everyone.  Through the immoral and insane process of Vicarious redemption, all are forgiven.  Those that rape and murder children, those that kill and destroy, they are all covered under this blanket policy of forgiveness and the fee required, is only to repent.

And because the Supreme Court of Catholics has demanded that companies are people too, you can forgive those companies like Duke Energy who spilled coal ash into our rivers and streams, Jesus has forgiven them.  Lucky us.

Fuuuuuuck You Jesus!

Jesus demands you love your enemies.  So that fuckface that Jesus forgave for raping and nearly murdering your partner, yea, that one —— love that motherfucker just as you would yourself.  Those fuckers who stole all those children and have married them off to be abused for life, yup, those fuckers too, love them with all your heart.  Those that rape little children, them to, you are to love.

Goddammit don’t you feel better now?

There ya have it.  God 1.0 and God 2.0 are both immoral narcissistic fucks.  And consider this, Satan only killed when told to do so by the all powerful God and of those millions of murders numbered in the bible, Satan is only responsible for 10.  Could it be that the Christians have been duped?  Could it be that Satan is God and God is Satan?  Doesn’t the entire book make more sense if it was the words and works of the most evil thing we can imagine?

What are the biblical evils that Satan is accused?

He enticed mankind to seek knowledge ala the eating from the tree thereof.  He killed 10 people at the command of God.

He made demons to cause deafness and blindness which has since been proven ignorantly wrong and I would test you to find any Christians who still believe that deafness is demon caused.

So lets add that up:  Only one thing that I can find that Satan has done, that I can remember and that I can show as demonstrably evil, and that is the killing of Job’s family and livestock.  Surely seeking knowledge is not immoral and therefore we can not count it as an evil act.

Doesn’t it now make more sense that God is the vanquished one and that from on high Satan, an evil ruler caused that his acts be recorded and his commands be enforced in what the faithful call the bible?

Doesn’t it make more sense that not Jesus, but Satan said in matthew 10:34 – do not suppose that I have come to bring peace, but a sword.  And further states that he has come to set man against his father –   and daughter against mother.

Doesn’t it make more sense that not an all loving God but a devil said in Luke 19:27 – to bring his enemies who would not wish that he reign over them and slay them before his own eyes. And instead was an evil vindictive, narcissistic sociopath that said so much.

Doesn’t it make more sense that not a God but a devil would say in Luke 12:47 that slaves should obey their masters or be beaten?

Wouldn’t it make absolutely more sense that a devil commanded you to love your enemies, to forgive those that raped your child and to suffer the abuse of others and not flee?

In the biblical story of Job, wouldn’t it make more sense that an all powerful but evil one would invite a loving god to join him for ridicule and tests and force him to kill the innocent below?

If you can’t follow this, then pull out the crayons and I’ll draw you a picture.  Jesus can fuck off, God can fuck off and although, all are but the fucktarded ramblings written by bronze aged goat fucking desert nomads, if believed, it’s believed completely backwards.

It’s us, the atheists and humanists who have realized the evil that is your God.  You’ve been duped, you’ve been mindfucked, you’ve been manipulated by the masses and you can fuck the hell right the fuck on off.

Fuck you, fuck your god, fuck his morals and fuck your holy book.

Max Mills Vs. Skeptic Cash Debate

MaxVs.Facts Debate

Does the old testament law take an unethical stance on slavery and rape?  My 2nd formal atheist debate was a little overwhelming.  Not only was I not prepared to rebut Max’s incessant appeals to other texts which attempt to soften the ideas of rape and slavery, I was probably out informed.

Although I’m very familiar with the KJV Bible, I’m not the chosen one for atheist debates with these squirmy apologists or those presuppositionalists.  However, I enjoyed myself and hopefully others will find some value in the prose.

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