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066 – Not Alone – Mormon Sex Guilt – TAG – Special Guests

Professor Stephen was loaned a camera so we could see his pretty face, Terrie Torgerson Peterson graced us along with Mr. Dave Foda.  Dave got deep as he dosed out the unintellectual aspects of Matt Slick’s arguments especially his use of TAG.  Dave also explained knowledge which I slept through because I’m so goddamned smart already.

FFRF Member & Avid CyclistTerrie of Amateur Skeptics and Velotry fame joined us for what was going to be an hour and thankfully stayed the entire 4+ hours.  Not only did she discuss masturbation on her bicycle, she brought up some topics that I hope become more prominent in the future.

1.  Masturbation guilt
2.  Healthy Living without Fat Shaming
3.  I believe a topic started by Dune, the fact that there simply aren’t enough women in the movement, nor are other minorities being served equally.

As usual, in my attempts to feed my ego, I play the class clown and interrupt continuously in order to restore the unprofessionalism you’ve come to expect. Pastor Roy breaks in twice to deliver his weekly Prayer Request and Community Report.  In this weeks community report he shares a vision he had that is a must listen.

Dune and a couple other listeners called in to share.  Dune is another one who should be followed.  She is a fantastic intellectual who you’ll find in the chatroom on Monday nights.

The New Computer and Peripherals

Thanks to someone awesome, I won’t mention names, but it starts with a K and ends with an onrad, Professor Stephen will soon have a new MAC on which to deliver his Snake Oil Science Woo Woo.  Fortunately the needed peripherals are becoming a reality thanks to many of you who have donated to his fundraiser.  There is still a few hundred bucks left to meet the goal if you want to help out. 

The Rant

You try wearing the shirt around for a day.  If you think for a second that Atheists aren’t the ones being persecuted and kept silent, then fuck you.  Wear the god damned shirt.  Go get a shirt that says I’m an Atheist and wear that bitch around town.


When I started this podcast I hoped that I’d be able to affect change, that’d I’d be able to help others, that I’d leave a legacy, although much smaller and insignificant as some person’s scientific breakthrough or discovery, I wanted to make a ripple that even if no one knew who the fuck it was that started by, that at least there would be one and that my ripple would affect humanity in a positive way.

Since inception the podcast has changed forms but has mostly been a bunch of horse shit around some great content that my co host Professor Stephen delivers.

But what’s happened is I’ve heard from many fans and of those the majority share their experiences coming out, the pain, the agony, the losses, the hurt, the depression, the emotionally whirl wind that coming out causes to many.


Not a few, but many.  Many have like me, lost family, lost friends and have retreated back to their closets.  Even I still use a pseudonym to protect my family and livelihood from what the Christians can do.


By simply denying to believe in their particular and one of many imaginary friends, I and many of you have become outcasts and considered vile among those we once counted as friends.

Religion has convinced it’s adherents to believe that only they are the purveyors of morality.  Mention that in Pakistan females can’t show the bottoms of their feet or wear eyeliner without being deemed a temptress worthy of death, mention that to shave your beard in certain Amish cultures or Jewish cultures is as immoral as fucking a goat and you will hear something about their morals being incorrect, because our morals are from the correct religion.


Fuck me, you can corner them with the First Baptists believe it’s immoral to drink and they’ll say well it’s because the second baptists know what God desires and they are just plain wrong.


Today my goddamned fucktarded mother called.  I have 4 girls out of the house, all went to school, all are still in school or graduated now from college except one who’s in the military.


One daughter in particular knows who the fuck she is and doesn’t give two shits if you know it.  Today my mother after seeing a facebook picture from another family member that somehow was accidentally overlooked from the facebook blocking feature, sent my mom a screenshot.  Several screen shots actually.


This is what happens, this is because they didn’t have the values instilled in them that you got son.  My little soft spoken molly mormon mom continued about how my daughters look like whores and sluts.  yes, she actually used those two words to describe her own granddaughter.


Well what is a whore mom?  Someone that had sex more than you?


Oh, no, it’s what the lord considers an immoral person for having sex with multiple people.


Gritting my teeth and attempting to speak she has some sharp tactics.  She’ll either hang up the phone or she’ll say, I must go, I’ll call you back.  It’s the….. Listen to what I have to say but I don’t want a response    Mantra.


But mom, you show your face in public, you don’t wear a head covering of any sort and I’ve seen you walk around barefooted…


What are you talking about she said.


Well 1.6 billion muslims and most would consider you a whore and a slut for daring to walk around without a head covering.


Well that’s because they have false gods.  You’ll understand when you’re my age.  I have much more life experience than you.  It’s why one of your children has a baby out of wedlock, it’s why another one posts immoral stuff online, it’s why they don’t respect others with their words…. they just use so much fowl language.


You’ll see one day, she says.


I ask, so can you explain to me how sex is immoral.  I’ve got to go – click.


That’s a typical conversation.  Always starts off kind, but usually ends with her hanging up after I attempt a rebuttal.


I so – want to say that to her, I want to ask her how that all worked out for her.  Me and my 5 siblings were raised in a ultra conservative mormon family.  How’d that work out?

I’m a goddamned atheist, next one only started attending church when she realized she could use the church welfare system for her 6 very young children, another hasn’t stepped foot in a church since he was 16 and moved out because he worships a different Jesus than the mormons, One is dead because he enjoyed life a bit much and made a stupid decision in his early 20’s, the only 2 left are adults, married with children and rely on you and dad to take care of them.  They aren’t even capable of being self sufficient.


So how the fuck did you do?


Goddammit I remember as a teen, the chaos that would ensue when a upstanding mormon family teen would make a mistake that got out.  Oh, well that family didn’t really obey the entire gospel.  I saw sister smurkle drink a pepsi one time at a ball game or they didn’t force their kids to go to seminary and that’s what happens.  Now they have a cigarette smoker.


I’m not exaggerating and usually these would lead to a goddamn family meeting where we must discuss this horrible act and why this won’t happen to our family, we are on the straight and narrow path to heaven.  Do not let yourself get sucked in by these families that are being destroyed from rebellious teens.


My fathers words exactly:  “I’d sooner take you out in the woods and kill you than to watch you drag your siblings to hell.”


Of course my mother has 20 years on me and is much much wiser so she knows best.


And no matter, where you are in America, if you make it known you don’t believe in their imaginary friend, then you are probably evil.  You’ve probably made a deal with Satan himself.


The religious have no idea the environment we face when coming out.  They are far too busy claiming they are being persecuted.  The facts are they are doing the persecuting and if you call them out on it, then By God you are fucking persecuting them.

How dare you call out their racism, their bigotry and misogyny.  You fucking worthless heathens, breathing our air, living in the united states of jesus, how dare you.


Even still many atheists don’t get it.  They are part of the very elite minority of atheists raised in freethinking homes, usually up north or out west who haven’t even a clue of the abuse by indoctrination of society in the bible belt states.


We have these good christians, those empowered with the love of christ, yes we forgive you for fucking the neighbor child, yes we forgive you for beating your wife again, yes we forgive you stealing church funds, but goddamn you to hell if you don’t believe in the woogey bogey boo in the sky.


Here in these obnoxiously infected states with the most credulous bigots on the planet, dare you attempt to start a life as a freethinker, a humanitarian an atheist.  You would fare better had you broke in and had sex with his prize coon dog.


These fucknuts find it impossible to comprehend that anyone deny the existence of their invisible friend.


We are the ones surrounded by this nonsense and most of us are eat up with Christian friends, until, until that fucking day when we realize it’s all horse shit.  Some quietly, some boldly come out but we all lose our lives as we know them.


I’ve shared some of the emails received, fuck, your life partner, your spouse, the co producer of your children can and will make a 180 degree turn if you are found to disbelieve.


No credit is given, no rope, just ousted.  We are a small podcast and still I receive letters that make my heart ache, make my stomach turn and my eyes leak.


It’s not fair, it’s not right and if these Christians were even a half a rat turds worth what they say they are and stand for, it wouldn’t happen.  But your denouncement challenges their entirety.


You’ve just forsaken the human race as far as they are concerned.  But my fellow friends and family who like me have been shunned, disowned and demonized… I am your family, I am your friend and love you, Yes I fucking do!


And so there is no misunderstanding, I don’t love you like the stalker outside Britany Spears home, I don’t love you like the christian does, I don’t love you like your mom and dad.  I fucking really love you.  You are what keeps me sane.


Many of us know what you’re going through, we feel your pain and we share it with you.  But you are not alone.  I know if you are living in a country like the US or the Middle East you may think you are alone, but you are not alone.  We may never meet in person and I may never get to hug your neck, but you are loved and you are not alone.


Search us out, there are many more like us.  Find safe ways to connect, find smart ways to reach out and find us.  There’s facebook, theirs ex, this and ex that groups all over and then there is most likely a humanist, atheist or freethinking group near you too.  Colleges and universities have groups as well.


I hold no value in biological family, that’s the luck of the draw.  Sure it’d be nice to be able to love and get along with them all, but I have no power against their entitled and willful ignorance.  My family is you.  And That you can take to the bank.


Eventually this all will get better, it may be 200 fucking years from now, but what you do today, how strong you are today will go along ways towards that goal.  Let’s push, pull tug and fight the ignorance, let’s encourage freethought and save the fucking world.


I love you.


065 – You Are NOT Alone – Atheists

You’ve just realized, you’ve accepted it, you’re an Atheist.  Now what?  Are there others?  Are there any Atheists near me?  It can be an isolating feeling.  But really, you’re not alone at all.  Most of us will attempt backflips at the sign of a new Atheist friendship.  And although we have no morals and are without empathy, we are incredibly welcoming.

Fortunately, those that have come before us, have seen the need and started groups and meetups and online forums just for you.  You are NOT alone!

Meet More Atheists

Online you can find a plethora of groups to interact with and form new friendships.  Some are specifically for helping those make the transition and understand exactly how that feels.  Here are some helpful links:

  • Facebook groups – search atheist or humanist or agnostic ( I searched “recovering from religion” and found several groups, both private and open)
  • Atheist Nexus (A list with links to many great groups for the heathen in us all)
  • Recovering from Religion (
  • – It will search your area for possible groups and if you don’t see one – start your own (it’s easy)
  • – Many Atheist and Secular groups
  • One of my favorites:

If you know of others, please comment below.


064 – Black, Gay, Liberal & Atheist – Matt Slick CARM

My eyeballs leaked a little last night.  One caller shared the trials of being black, gay, liberal and an Atheist living in Texas.  He has a great attitude while sharing what many would find reasonable to cause depression and anger.  Of all the challenges, the one that causes him the most grief is being black.  It hurt my heart as he shared but I believe he has found new hope from those that responded to his story last night.

Grillin with AtheistsOf course, Pastor Roy’s message was a hit and Professor Stephen did an outstanding job once again.  Matt Slick, from joined the chatroom and later joined us via our live video feed on Google Hangouts.  Unfortunately he was offended when his antics were matched by Bill Robins and Dave Foda.  I really enjoyed his appearance but I can say with sincerity that if I was in in shoes and had nothing but word games and transparent arguments I would have left too.

Christian Apologist Matt Slick

Matt Slicks arguments boil down to one thing… a personal experience.  He had one personal experience that provides him with absolution on the truth of Scripture.  When challenged with the personal experiences others have had in their religions, he called it “Demonic”.  It’s the everybody else’s experiences were fake and mine is real argument.

Personal experience is not, by itself, enough reason to believe something is true. And that’s just as true for religion as anything else. Our personal experience told us for centuries that the sun orbited the earth. To be reasonably certain that what our experience tells us is probably true, we need to rely on rigorous testing of hypotheses. Pass it on: if we say it enough times to enough people, it may get across. – Greta Christina

It could be fear or a combination of fear, indoctrination, confirmation biases and others that prevent Matt from looking at his “proof” from a position of reason and logic.  My optimism gets the better of me and I long for the day he sees the light.  What a huge asset he would be to our movement.  No longer would he be restricted by Bronze Aged ideologies, no longer would he be required to employ dishonest and squirely  answers, instead he’d be free to think, free to reason and certainly would encourage others to do the same.

We had numerous connection problems which caused many not to be able to talk with us live.  I do however record a raw file and then post it on Stitcher, iTunes, Spreaker and Libsyn in it’s full glory.  Click play above to listen to it here or use your favorite podcast app.


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We now have a Facebook group for Atheists On Air – Join Us. (Thanks to Stephanie Jones)

The Rant

Before we have sex, we pray to invite the holy spirit in.  And why wouldn’t you.  Voyeurs are great, but invisible voyeurs who can keep the sex stuff completely reverent is far better.

Imagine your partner is super horny and want’s to stick his finger his your ass as you’re about to cum, well that can be avoided if you’ll just invite the holy ghost in the room.

It’s how I know God has no problems with threesomes.  Fuck, he, Jesus and the holy ghost are the epitome of threesomes.  So really it’s a 5 some.


Hell yea!  God, Jesus and the holy ghost watching you have sex.  It’s like fucking in the chapel or in the baptismal font.  It’s hard not to feel the spirit and remain reverent.


Some Moron, I mean Mormon lady writes a blog.  She discusses much about sex and shared once with her followers – the beauty of inviting the holy ghost in the room prior to peeling off your clothes.  I think the blog has been dormant now for a while, I mean a blog about marital intimacy among mormon couples doesn’t really have a wealth of resources to insure it’s continuation.


Although this post is years old, it’s not an uncommon thought process among Mormons.  Sex is sacred, it’s not to be shared with anyone but between you and the partner you picked out in the preexistence and of course with the holy ghost.


Mormons must continually reassure each other through articles, social media, church meetings and televised events, that their particular ideologies are normal and must be defended.


It’s not just mormons either, most Christians will do the same.  They will ban together on abortion being murder or that certain types of sex between consenting adults violates the Jesus consensus.


I remember as a teen the church officially declared oral sex to be immoral and sinful.  At the time this made perfect sense, I never questioned it.  In marriage I couldn’t avoid the temptation to go down because, hell, I’m a vagina man.  Those beautiful labia are like crack cocaine to an addict.  But each time I failed, I felt guilty and I felt bad.

Yet most every mormon, at least all TB mormons will defend these moral edicts.  There is no thought given to them, their is no reasoning or logic used.  It all comes down to whether the command given by the church authorities were inspired.  And by inspired I mean by God.


Sex is wonderful, it’s a sacred act but on the other side of the same coin are those sexual things that Satan invented.  Porn, anal, oral, dress up and make believe.  All abuses of the God given holy sex.


Is this not demonstrable evidence for religious harm?  But who does it harm?  Speaking from experience, Me, it fucking harmed me.  I lived in guilt from the time I had my first sexual thought.

But marriage brought more guilt.  I couldn’t resist the fun and sinful parts of sex.  It’s really a miserable existence.  Surrounded by Mormon friends and family, I always felt inferior.  They’d share a miracle story about how they were almost out of gas but the station manager hadn’t left yet because he spilled a bottle of grape juice on his way out the door… big miracles like that, where God intervenes daily with their lives.  All I could think, is I wonder if they could see the sin on me.


I couldn’t violate the sanctity of the all male priesthood – for I was a sinner and I couldn’t resist the temptations of oral sex.  How many Mormons feel the same, how many have pathetic and unsatisfying sex lives for fear of violating Mormon Jesus’s commands?


A family friend, also a Mormon,  had a wife, children and from all appearances a very happy home.  One day his wife found his computer with a history including porn sites.  Now in Mormon circles, you just had well built an alter to satan himself, right in the goddamned living room and invited demons into you home.  Lambs blood optional.


She reported his actions to the church authorities and he was directed into counseling for his addiction.  Of course his Priesthood callings were removed and he was put on restriction which meant he couldn’t attend church meetings nor participate in sacrament.  (which is just the mormon version of cannibalistic jesus flesh and blood eating)

In the Mormon church, to look at porn is proof of addiction.  He was a good husband, an excellent father and loved the church.   So he went.  He prayed, fasted and showed real remorse for his actions.


Months later, he was found to have fallen off the proverbial wagon again.  He was double addicted I assume.  The church gave his wife a free pass for divorce, which annulled the sacred eternal marriage in the Temple and they were done.


Children now see dad occasionally and Mom struggles to raise the children without a dad.  Lives ruined and shattered for absolutely nothing.


This story is repeated over and over and over in the LDS church.  The imaginary disease of porn addiction is rampant in the LDS community.  Utah, home to a majority population of Mormons holds the record per capita in gay porn downloads on the web according to Google Stats.


How many families are being destroyed, right now,  due to this ignorant and harmful way of thinking?  And porn is only one of the many sins that can destroy a normal and healthy family.


At one time an interracial marriage could do the same.  Fuck, the Mormon church still convicts on thought crimes.  A typically interview with the Bishop, at least annually includes:  Have you had any thoughts that are unworthy and that you have failed to repent for?”


Why yes, I was just thinking about whether your wife’s red hair and freckles were evident on her vagina too.


Fuck me, you can’t escape the guilt and remorse for being human within the membership of fucktarded Mormonism.  I now believe it’s intentional.  I know the church leaders, especially the Prophet who’s books tell him that he should be talking to God daily and that God actually will talk back, often giving commands and prophecy directly – must know it’s all horseshit.  It’s all a scam.  He must know!


Now I’ve picked on Mormons here, but the case can be made that every single religion has codes, commands, rules and edicts that call the normal unnatural and sinful.  This creates pain, it creates harm, it destroys from within and it is the essence of immorality.


Do you think that their is one healthy man on earth that doesn’t lust?  Yet every major religion forbids it.  Fuck, fake Jesus Christ himself says in the Bible that lust is the same as doing the act.  It’s an abomination and is sin.


Coincidence of ignorance or a diabolic plan to attack everyone and know that those who really believe will seek repentance.  Money, prayer but mostly money in the form of tithes and offerings are the most widely encouraged penance for your sinful ways.


Christopher Hitchens once debated that religion should be removed, that it’s harms far outweigh the claimed benefits.  Greta Christina wrote a book on the subject using modern day examples of harm.


But even if all we could select is one harm to argue our case against religion, I think it’s the biggest and most destructive to society is the guilt, the harm done by religions views on sex.


The most christian states statistically have the highest rates of sex abuse on children and the highest rates of porn downloads.  Why, because you make breathing a sin, you won’t stop it, but you will force them to seek other avenues and options to get the much needed air.


Religion has said that abstinence is the only way to satisfy Jesus, yet the states who have the most churches and the most faithful believers, they also have the most teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.  All of which demand abstinence.


Christianity is a disease, it’s a poison and it’s lethal to humanity.  It’s doctrines and edicts serve to harm the populous all the while under the guise of morality.  Fuck your morality, fuck your religious bullshit and fuck you.

063 Atheist Problems – Matt Slick TAG

In hopes to encourage and support those who are finding out how stressful and often difficult it is to be an out of the closet Atheist, we shared a bit from our personal lives and invited others to as well.  As always the phone lines were open and we received a phone call from a gentleman who decided that our definition of evolution was wrong because the origin of the word doesn’t have anything to do with biological evolution.  Of course Professor Stephen schooled him and called out his game of semantics.

Could It Be Matt Slick?

Yes, the Matt Slick, founder and CEO of  At some point in the show we received a phone call from “Nathan” a resident of Central Florida.  His command of the English language and his arguments set many of our listeners spidey senses to tingling.  To some his voice was familiar but to others it was his tactics.

His area code didn’t indicate Florida but instead Idaho, specifically Boise; home city for the CARM organization and home to Mr. Matt Slick.  I felt I’d come to a gun fight with a dull knife.  I am not well versed in Apologetics nor Counter Apologetics and felt overwhelmed a bit.  Thankfully Professor Stephen is much more versed in the subject and held his ground.

A simplified version of this Transcendental Argument (TAG) is that because logic exists, therefore God.  When I’ve encountered Christian’s using these tired arguments I often step back and ask,

“Let’s assume you are 100% correct, that without God we wouldn’t have logic, or any of the myriad of other arguments trotted out by creationists, let’s say you can prove this with certainty.  At the end of the day, you have everything left to prove, everything left ahead of you.  Which God?  Your God or can I pick from any number of the Gods that are worshipped today?”

This is where we find Presuppositionalists apologetics.  It’s the art of presupposing God exists from the beginning.  But first they must define God and then they must prove God.  Yet none of the Christian Apologists can do this.  They rely heavily on confusing and overwhelming their opponents with big words and previously argued and debunked Apologetic arguments and fallacies.

To me this can all be cured, it can be simplified easily.  If your God is real then prove it.  Provide the evidence.  Where else in life do we see apologetics?  I know of nowhere else.  Why does religion require this?  Well because they stand on shaky ground, they have zero evidence for their beliefs, they will not argue from faith as this would count them with the sheepish non-thinkers and because it’s all they have.  At first glance these arguments seem to be intellectually honest, they use big words, they often employ many logical bits, but when added up, there’s nothing.

If it was Mr. Slick who joined us, thank you.  If anything at all you served to boost my ego.  I’ve listened to you and Matt Dillahunty and your debate with Dan Barker (Co-President of and I’m no match for your level of apologetics, but if you would ever like to discuss the evidence for your God without employing the mind numbing apologetics, feel free to call in or contact us anytime.


Jim Dobler, one of our Patrons who supports the show won the painting of JT Eberhard by the artist Adam Brown.  Congratulations Jim and and thank you for supporting our efforts in raising funds to feed the inner city school children in Albuquerque, NM – the Highland Humanists.  If you would like to help them reach their goal, please donate here:

Professor Stephen graciously shortened his Woo Woo Science Segment due to the callers this week, all of which I’m thankful for.

Yes, we are still attempting to raise the funds in order to supply the FFRF memberships to those who can’t afford it right now.  Please help us, in what I believe is our biggest asset in the movement – The Freedom From Religion Foundation.


Rant Script

I’m going to give you a pass.  For the next 15 minutes or so, there is no judgement.  Specifically I speak about judgement from on high.  You must consider that your God gave you a brain for a reason and it certainly couldn’t be just for weight.


He must have given you reasoning skills for a reason, he must have wanted you to use logic and deduction.  Why else would he give you this fancy  brain.  For the next few minutes, all sins are upon me.  Let’s say I’ll take a double or triple dose of hellfire for your benefit and that you for this moment get a pass to use that god given brain for all intensive purposes, – exactly what it’s there for.


I know you feel guilt for even considering the possibilities that I will encourage, but for this moment, out of your entire life, Surely your God will understand if you stop and think, you actually use that big bundle of nerves, synapses, and goo that is your brain.


And if you really are struggling with this idea of thought freedom, think on this for just a second.  You believe you worship the correct God.  Over 7 Billion people on the planet and you are lucky enough to be counted in the 20 or so percent that worship the correct God.  But surely you know that if the other 80% don’t use their brains, as god intended, just as I’m asking here now of you…. then they will never know the truth and will suffer eternity for it.


So it stands to reason, that God gave them all brains and it is up to them to use them, to reason and use logic and to question it all.  Right?  Well I’m asking no more of you than you would of the over 5 Billion others who don’t worship your God and instead worship some other.


Fair enough right?


Let’s get started.  I want you to think and reason without the indoctrinated dogma that you’ve become so accustomed to.  Just pretend,  so to speak  – that you are ignorant to it all and are given the case for your God and you must decide if it’s rational and logical to believe based on these things.


Several thousand years ago, after man had been on the earth for over 194,000 years, God decides it’s time he get involved.  Now I’m basing this off of solid facts and mountains of evidence to back it up – that homosapiens have been on this planet for about 200,000 years.


He inspires a man to write down and teach his commands.  Of course it has to have a beginning, so this God tells of creation.


God creates the earth, heavens, stars etc…  He then creates man by not just speaking him into existence, but a very specific method.  He forms him from the dust of the earth.


Unbeknownst to him, this man wouldn’t find a partner among the animal kingdom as it states in this Book of Genesis Chapter 2 verses 18 through 22 so he puts him to sleep and instead of creating a woman from the dust, he takes a rib from this man and creates a woman, a help meet as it were.


He gives them a garden, a perfect place to live free from sin and danger with a couple exceptions.  In the middle of the garden he puts a tree that they are not to partake of it’s fruits and he also puts in a serpent to confuse the innocent and ignorant minds of these two.  So not really a perfect place, but almost.


They not even knowing what sin is, partake of the fruit anyway.  They are kicked out of this almost perfect place and are punished with a curses that will extend forever throughout all generations to come.  So basically he punishes the entirety of mankind for the actions of two people.


These two have children and one of the children grows crops and the other raises animals.  This God commands they each give of their first crops, which they graciously do as a sacrifice to God.


We are to assume that God desired and commanded that perfectly good wheat crops and perfectly good baby lambs are to be slaughtered, not eaten and instead burnt as an offering to God.


But God is pissed at one of the children because he only brought grains while the other brought baby lambs.  Later we learn that God loves the smell of their flesh as it rises into his nostrils, but at this time we aren’t given that info.


So the one brother, the grain farmer kills the sheep farmer.  He is forced by God to leave but only after he marks him somehow so everyone will know he is a murderer.  The mark assumed a darker skin color and the antagonist for thousands of years of slavery and racism.


Well this one son, he goes to the land of Nod where he meets a wife.  It doesn’t say if this was a cousin or a sister but it certainly was an incestual relationship.


Humans become so bad that God wishes he’d never made them and pains for his mistake.  Yes, god admits to making a mistake.


To fix things, he decides to select the only righteous family in the entire world, a drunkard named Noah, his wife and their sons and wives; and kill the rest.  A total of 8 people he found worthy of saving.


So out of the entire population, tens of thousands of which we can safely assume were babies and children.  Many pregnant women with the unborn, many handicapped and elderly, he drowns them all.


Instead of blinking them out of existence, he decides to torture them until death.


This righteous family with a drunk for a patriarch is all that’s left and are forced to have sex with their children and children’s children in order to re populate the earth.  But one son, before he’s given an opportunity, for the crime of finding his father naked and drunk is punished for eternity with a mark upon his skin.


This must be the dark skinned people who would serve at the feet of white people for millennia to come.


But shit hits the fan so to speak and over 2 million wholly chosen people are later captured and enslaved by the Egyptians.  But God sends a man, Moses to rescue them.


And just as the Egyptian king agrees to let them all go, God hardens his heart and makes them stay.


Over the next while, God punishes the king by killing every animal in the country.  Then to make matters worse he gives all the dead animals boils.  And to show his strength again, he kills them all again.  All in all he killed the animals, the same animals three times.  And although the king agrees to free the slaves, God stops him and hardens his heart again and so God kills all first born children.  Tens of thousands of innocent people killed and if it wasn’t for lambs blood on the doors of the chosen peoples houses, god would have killed their children too, you know, just by accident.  You can get wrapped up in a good murder spree and start killing the wrong children, but lambs blood makes a great reminder.


God loves his chosen people and he commands that they kill neighboring villages but he makes some very specific rules of war.  He demands they keep alive all the virgin women for themselves as a kind reward for their efforts in battle.


God has many prophets over the years, many chosen men to whom he favors.  One man, elijah a bald headed prophet is walking and some children tease him about being bald.  God sends wild bears from the woods to kill the children. 42 little children killed by bears for daring to call the prophet bald.


I have more so bear with me please.


There was a godly man named Job, he was perfect in the sight of your God.  But during a meeting, God asks Satan to destroy all Job had.  Satan kills his children, his wife and his animals and then gives Job boils from head to toe.  It’s the only time in the Bible where Satan kills.  He kills 10 people but only at the encouragement and behest of God.


God finds two cities full of evilness and decides to destroy the two cities but he first must warn the only Godly and worthy family to leave at once.  So God sends two angels to warn Lot, his wife and two daughters.  Well the townspeople see the angels enter Lot’s house and they demand he send the angels out so they can rape them.


Lot being a godly man, a moral and ethical man says no and instead says, here’s my two virgin daughters, have them instead and leave my angel guests alone.


It works and they escape the following day but in opposition to what God commanded, lot’s wife was turned to a pillar of salt for the huge crime of turning her head to see the destruction of the city.


Lot and his two daughters seek shelter in a cave where they get their father drunk and rape him so they can become pregnant.


David, a man after God’s own heart as stated in the bible, kills his fuck buddy’s husband.

Abraham the father of the gospels, the father of Christianity, Judaism and Islam married his sister but gave her to a king to fuck because he was so righteous.


The prophet moses was brought a man found to be picking up sticks on the one day a week that god demands you do absolutely nothing but worship him and being semi moral doesn’t want to kill the man as it is written in scripture.  So he asks god, but God being a man of principals says, Kill that evil fuck for picking up sticks.


Moses obeys.


God finds the world full of sin again and decides to impregnate a virgin woman who was already committed to marriage.  He gets her pregnant so he, God, can be born on earth.  For over 30 years the Bible is silent on this God child incarnate but he appears in his 30’s to tell everyone to follow him and it would be the only way to return to heaven.


He demands all to hate their fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers, to sell all they have, to kill unbelievers and to follow him.


He performed some miracles, like healing a blind man.  Why he didn’t cure blindness all together, we aren’t told.  But this Jesus, this God incarnate tells you to not ever protect yourselves but instead if you are getting beat, to take it like a man.  He tells his closest followers, his apostles that he will be killed but will return before they see death.

That was over 2,000 years ago according to the timeline given by the bible.


So in order to fix the world of it’s sinful ways, God becomes father to himself and then sacrifices himself to himself to save us from himself.  He’s made a plan for everyone, if you believe a certain way, the right way, which is still very much debated by his followers, you can avoid the eternal fires of hell and worship him forever in a secret invisible place.


His most wordy and most prolific follower, Paul, who never met him and never mentions him as ever being on the earth, writes laws and commands including that women should shut the fuck up and listen to their men.


But before God incarnate left the earth, he not once but over 6 times explains that all the laws written are to be followed.  Not just the 10 commandments, but all 613 laws.  Including the one that demands you kill those found to be working on the Sabbath.


In this, what should be a perfect book given by God, it tells how to cast out demons that cause blindness and disability of all sorts.  Yet in over 2000 years, not one demonstrable case has been shown.


Almost 2 Billion Christians and not one fucking miracle to show for it.  And the truth is, you most likely wouldn’t believe any of this as an adult if it wasn’t for the heavy indoctrinations from your family and society.

It’s simple really.  had you been born in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, you’d most likely be Muslim and had you been born in India, you’d most likely be Hindu.


I beg that you would consider it all.  I beg that you wouldn’t take my word for it, nor the word of those in the Jesus fan club, who are equally indoctrinated, but instead read the Bible.  Read it from cover to cover.


Find within it’s pages a God who is jealous, who thinks that other gods exist, who is threatened by their presence, a god who condones slavery, he condones rape and torture, he encourages incest, murder and genocide, your God.  Yes, your God.  All this time you thought him moral but it is the opposite.  You are moral, it is you who decides which scripture, which commands to ignore while accepting those that already fit your moral ideologies.


I could give you a sales pitch on the joy that comes after you realize it’s all fiction, but instead I encourage you to find truth.  No matter how painful it may seem, no matter how wrong you feel, the truth is amazing.  the truth will set you free and the truth will help humanity.


Doubt and questioning is not a sin.  If I’m wrong, wouldn’t your God respect someone who believes after careful examination rather than one that is only counted among the sheep who follow blindly?  If he is moral, then yes – A moral god would respect the use of reason and logic rather than blind faith.  After all, blind faith is what gets you millions of Hindus worshipping false gods, Almost 2 billion muslims worshiping false prophets and millions upon millions of others who’s indoctrination include belief in one of the hundreds of other Gods currently worshipped.


It’s up to you now.  As for me and my fellow free thinkers, we will continue to mock and ridicule the unintelligible.  Fuck religion and fuck those who chose to follow it blindly.  Your faith is not respectable, it’s abhorrent and it’s use – is –  what fucks us all.