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Atheists On Air Podcast

Dave Foda Breaksdown The Debate

If you missed the debate Friday, Cash & Love debated with Jason Reenie of the Christian Meets World podcast.  You can listen to hit here.


Jason Rennie is the host of the “Christian Meets World” podcast (, a long-running podcast dedicated to promoting Christianity.  On the evening of January 17, 2014, he was the guest of “Atheists On Air,” hosted by Cash Atheos and Jennifer Lovejoy, broadcasting (online) from western North Carolina.  I was not a featured guest on this episode, but I had some interest in the content, and graciously, “Cash and Love” did invite me to put in my two cents.  For that, and for the chance to talk to Rennie, I am appreciative.  I had the opportunity to spar with Rennie (lightly), and here are some of my observations on both his presentation and his theology.  (Note:  I was unable to catch the entire show, which started at about 7:00 p.m. EST.  I tuned in at around 8:15 p.m., so my comments relate to the show content from that point forward.  These points are probably not in order, but you’ll be able to get a feel for how this particular Christian – Rennie – thinks.)

Without going into introductions or flowery set-up (because I don’t have the mental mojo to be introductory or flowery tonight), here are my points:


1.) At one place in the broadcast, Rennie accused Cash of making a positive claim about Biblical contradictions, when Cash’s statement was an observation, not a claim.  Even though I pointed this out to Rennie, Rennie still insisted that Cash’s statement was a “claim.”  What Rennie didn’t seem to logically understand is that a “claim” is made usually before evidence is offered, because evidence is offered IN SUPPORT of a claim.  Cash was commenting on evidence that had already been presented (i.e., the Bible).  He was not making claim of refutation, he was observing the material offered in support of Rennie’s claim that the Biblical material is not contradictory; when, in fact, it is CLEARLY contradictory.


2.) Rennie kept trying to mischaracterize what I (Dave Foda) was saying about New Testament (Greek-speaking) authors who misunderstood the words of Old Testament (Hebrew-speaking) prophets.  He surmised my words as being a position that I was accusing New Testament authors engaging in an “illegitimate use of the text, based on the way the text was used at the time.”  No, that isn’t what I was saying, at all.  And, even when this was pointed out, Rennie still kept referring to my position as “illegitimate use of the text.”  My point was that regardless of the motivations or accidents that led to the mistake in a Greek-speaking author misusing or misinterpreting a Hebrew-speaking “prophet,” the “mistake” is still present, so the cognizant Christian still needs to come up with a way to reconcile these obvious inconsistencies.  To refuse to do so – or to avoid the challenge – is a surrender.


3.) In response to my illustration of of faulty interpretation of Old Testament “prophecy” (the prophecy of Jesus’ birth in Isaiah 7 by the writer of the gospels), Rennie actually – and fatally – agreed with my anecdote of Henry Morris III’s words to me, when I asked him about Biblical literalism and prophecy, and Morris told me that “Sometimes, God has to fulfill prophecies more than once.”  EVEN IF THIS WERE TRUE, it certainly does not apply to Isaiah 7, simply because the continuing Biblical narrative in Isaiah 8 shows unequivocally that the “prophecy” had nothing to do with Jesus at all.  Period.  End of story.  But, Rennie, without actually understanding the text itself, agreed with a Young-Earth Creationist apologist (Morris III).


4.) “I don’t think that they’re contradictory in the way you think they are.”  This was Rennie’s response to Cash’s position on the discrepancies in the gospel accounts of events in Harry Potter’s life……sorry, JESUS’ life…..and Cash’s observation of the disagreement in the lineage of Jesus between two gospels.  What amused me is that the way Rennie worded his response ironically accepts that there ARE contradictions, but he didn’t bother to explain the contradictions that Cash noted, nor did he actually try to delineate the difference between his understanding and Cash’s understanding of “contradiction.”


5.) With regard to the Resurrection, Rennie stated, “…..You’ve got something that happened two thousand years ago and you need to account for it.”  Shortly thereafter, he stated, “……unless you have good reason to think that a resurrection is impossible, I don’t think the alternative accounts I’ve seen that attempt to cover the bits and pieces of evidence are convincing.”  This is a sublime example of presuppostionalist smoke-and-mirrors:  It automatically assumes, based on uncorroborated and untestable assertions, that an event happened.  He’s adopted an idea, presupposing (without evidence) that Jesus’ Resurrection actually happened.  Then, he suggests – no, INSISTS – that ALL other possible offers of explanation are unworthy, presumably because they do not meet the demands of a miracle.  Get that?  In the process of presupposing a miraculous resurrection, he inadvertently – and accidentally – admits that there’s no evidence to support it, either.  Thusly, he’s “making shit up.”


The cherry on top for me was this:


6.) At one point, while talking to Cash, he referred to yours truly as “your caller.”  He doesn’t really know who I am.  😀  (I’m okay with that.)


Cash may show up on Rennie’s podcast.  Rennie may show up on Atheists On Air again.  In either case, it promises to be a pretty entertaining transaction.


Overall, in summary, it is not enough for atheists and non-theists to know THAT apologetic arguments for Yahweh are false, it is necessary to know WHY those arguments are false.


Follow Dave Foda on Facebook and on Twitter.  Dave Foda is an atheist, a writer, a researcher, and a sometimes-activist. And, usually, a know-it-all asshole.


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029 – Sexpisode IV – Scathing Atheist – Steve Wells SAB

Circumcision = Genital Mutilation

Probably one of the best podcasts ever.  Anytime you can join great minds for intelligent discussion and have it moderated by two hillbillies from the mountains of North Carolina – you are sure to have success.

We had the honor of hosting the show with Noah Lugeons of the Scathing Atheist podcast, Mr. Steve Wells author of the Skeptics Annotated Bible, Adam Reakes of the Herd Mentality podcast and the hosts of the Funny To The Moon podcast.  A huge thanks to our callers, listeners and our guests.

In true form we got derailed a few times and our topic of genital mutilation turned into conversations of masturbation.  We failed to entertain a caller who would defend the position for male circumcision.

The Consensus

Adam Reakes probably made the most succinct argument.  “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!”  (imagine that in a sexy Australian accent)  All of us agreed, regardless of gender, genital mutilation should be a crime.  Another brilliant comment was from one of the hosts of Funny To The Moon who said, “…we are against child abuse in America but our moral laws only begin after we have mutilated the genitals of a child.”

Listener Questions

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024 – Sexpisode III Saved Herself For Marriage – Oral Sex?

Satan Barbie on Atheists on AirToo Much Sex?

There are so many edicts about sex.  Tonight we discuss chastity, waiting until your married to have sex and the value of multiple partners.  Does the Bible condemn or condone oral sex?

We interview Satan Barbie about her first sexual experience and we even get a brave guest caller who shares her story about waiting until marriage to have sex and the nine years that followed without an orgasm.

But it was supposed to be beautiful!

Dave Foda Gives Insight On Sex Offender

Remember the pastor we reported on who molested some children in Haiti?  We speak to Dave who is very familiar with the story and shares some insight about the crime and punishment.

This Friday – Our First Public Debate

On Friday’s live show we will be talking with Jason Rennie from the Christian Meets World podcast.  Among other things, he asked:

I want to discuss the strange preoccupation atheists have with getting incredibly upset about the actions of a non-existent being and the demands he makes on their life. I mean, i’m not over concerned about the problem of unicorn poop in my front yard.

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019 – Beth Presswood – Feminism – Masturbation – Sex Part II

atheists on air sex masturbation guiltSex Part II

After Beth Presswood schooled us on Feminism and “context” we moved onward to the second part of our Sex discussions.  Every Monday you can join us live for the Sexpisodes.

Beth Presswood

After hearing Love and I discuss feminism, Beth offered to help us understand it better.  She also explains the many varying degrees of feminism and it’s advocates.  From the “male to female sex is rape” to the “I am a feminist who supports equality among men and women”

I actually learned a lot and feel much more capable when discussing the topic.  Beth is a Tennessee native now residing in Austin, TX.  Beth is a member of the Atheist Community of Austin, wife of Matt Dillahunty and a huge voice in the secular community.  It was an honor to have her on the show.

You can find Beth on Facebook and follow her podcast, “Godless Bitches“.

Lets Talk About Sex – Baby

After last week and our discussion and scripture readings on what God has to say about sex, we explore Sexual Sin, Masturbation, Sex Addiction, Pornography and Control through Guilt on Sexpisode II.  Click play above.

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