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007 AOA – Dave Foda – Elephant Shit – Noah’s Ark – Bird Seed – $36 Cures Aids

Artist: Angelo Madrid
Artist: Angelo Madrid

Warning this show contains bigot bashing, foot stomping tirades against zealous religious bigotry and is accompanied by some of the worst language known to the First Bapticostal church of truth.  Tonight we learn that 1/3 of Noah’s ark was filled with bird seed, how to get 4300 lbs of elephant shit out of a one cubit window daily – that Misogyny is second only to Mistersogyny – Big girls  vs. Little ones – Is Love pregnant – Dave Foda attempts to smarten us up – Real Christians don’t get PTSD – A Preacher will bank draft your tithes, hugging is illegal, they found a $36 dollar cure for AIDS – Sharia Law Police are working to eradicate the world of fun and much more.

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Again we must throw out the Hoo-Haa to the Retar Crew for the brilliant music.

006 AOA – Easy Bake Snack Making Vibrators – Hagee-fied – Rosaries Save The Philippines – Big Bang Betty McGee

What could be better than a vibrator that bakes you a brownie while you get your cookies?

According to Big Bang Betty McGee and Love – NOTHING!  We get hate and love mail, we ask Christians a question or two and we cover a plethora of religitarded news from this past week.

Kick ass music and clips are from The Retar Crew.

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Watauga County Schools Approve “Non-Christian Nation” Posters

Almost 3 days since our first request/offer to provide the Watauga County School System with posters for each school, we received a call from the Director of Public Information, Mr. Marshall Ashcraft.  He stated that the WNC Humanists could send nine (9) posters to his attention for placement in the public schools.

Kudos to the Watauga County School Officials for coming to such a quick decision and immediately allowing our educational posters displaying such important insight into our American History.

The poster.

Watauga School District Poster


Upon placement of the posters we will have a local member take some photos.  Stay tuned.

A big thank you to the Watauga Democrat and it’s reporter Kellen Short for reporting the stories.

Watauga County Schools Get Another Donation Offer

Watauga poster American legionWe were so excited to hear that Watauga County School System’s, Interim Superintendent, Dr. David Fonseca had approved the American Legion’s generous donation to help students with American History that we were encouraged to pay it forward as well.

Originally reported by the Watauga Democrat, the school decided not to allow the “In God We Trust” posters on the advice from their attorney.  See story here.  About a week later, the school board after hearing from the public and finding a North Carolina law to bolster their position – decided to allow the posters.

Already this has made the headlines at TheFriendlyAtheist site and we are sure that this most recent offer to the Watauga County schools will bring forth more exciting news.


Watauga School District PosterThe Myth Understood Alliance and specifically the Atheists On Air heathens have donated the funds to the WNC Humanists for the procurement of some American History posters for the Watauga County schools.

“We are sure that the school system will approve our childhood indoctrination educational donations based on the same NC Statute they used to approve the other posters.”  ~ Cash Wilson

N.C. General Statute 115C-81(g)(3a) allows for the posting of images and documents that reflect U.S. History in public schools.

When the President of the WNC Humanists, Jennifer Lovejoy heard about the flip flopping of the school boards decision she was excited.

“I’m so excited!!!! This is an awesome day!!!” ~ Jennifer Lovejoy

The Offer

This morning, 11/19/2013 we sent a letter to the Interim Superintendent with our offer to provide the posters for all schools in the Watauga County district.  We shall soon see if the school board, superintendent  and the supporters of the posters offered by the American Legion did in fact make this decision based on the ideas of teaching children American History or IF THEIR MOTIVES are of a sneakier persuasion – such as religious indoctrination and attempts to tear down the wall of separation.

Either way, the WNC Humanists and the Myth Understood Alliance are happy to provide posters that teach American History or to sue the school system on the basis of religious discrimination (if declined).