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037 – Atheists Call In – No Religion Required

The damn atheists are calling.  We interview Missionary Bob and later Brother Bobby.  Two unrelated guests who shared their transformation stories with us all.

Brother Bobby

You can follow along as Bobby dissects the Bible stories for us.  He has a new blog where he is taking critical look at all those stories we were taught growing up. He also shares some of the stories the preacher purposely left out.  Bobby writes from Savannah, GA and has recently come out of the closet.

No Religion Required Blog

CASH – Coastal Atheists and Secular Humanists

Missionary Bob

After spending 17 years as an evangelical missionary, he decided to read the damn Bible.  Big Mistake!  Listen or watch below as he shares his story.


Pisgah High SSA club

Yes, we had some news but the biggest story for us and I promise we are only a wee bit biased, is the Secular Student Alliance club at Pisgah High.  Kalei Wilson, my own flesh and blood opted not to report her school under the cloak of anonymity as I suggested, but instead came out like bull in a china shop.

She’s just recently turned 15 and has the guts of a UFC fighter.  She’s faced some horrible threats and mean ass words from the Christians but overall has been overwhelmed with the support and kindness she’s received.

SSA Pisgah Secular Shirt

Recently she made national headlines after her school, Pisgah High, denied her Secular Club.  She reported it to the Secular Student Alliance and then to the FFRF – Freedom From Religion Foundation who in turn reported it to the NC American Civil Liberties Union.

HUGE THANKS TO SSA, FFRF, ACLU, the media and our supporters.

Short story; the school got schooled and Secular Student Alliance Pisgah High was formed and has scheduled their first meeting.  Immediately the Facebook page was flooded with happy comments of support and one gentleman, Anton Richards sent Kalei $100.00 to fund her first Pizza Party meeting.  Mr. Richards is a professor who apparently started his Facebook profile just to be able to contact Kalei and make the donation.  (Feel free to friend him as he is brand new to Facebook)

Others have asked if they could make a donation and so Kalei set up a GoFundMe page yesterday.  Her goal is to use the funds to get some T-shirts for members, get supplies for demonstrations (skeptic and science stuffs) and to promote the group.  Make a donation here.

Kalei has received many messages of support and recently was told about the CFI – Center For Inquiry Campus Affiliates which will surely help her create some wonderful topics for discussion at the meetings.

Amongst all the news reports, Kalei was so happy to actually speak with Hemant Mehta of the Friendly Atheist Blog.  He recently did a story on the denial and then has included 2 followup stories.  Story One    Story Two    Story Three

The Secular Student Alliance has invited Kalei to the conference in July to speak.  She’s also been invited to attend the FFRF mini-conference in North Carolina and will get to meet Dan Barker and hopefully Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-presidents of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

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035 Former Pastor Ryan Bell – Year Without God

Can A Christian Go A Year Without God?

Imagine devoting your life to your faith, to your church and to helping others, then to abruptly do a 180 and test your beliefs.  Now imagine finding your church in opposition to fundamental differences regarding equality, specifically marriage equality.  Imagine the trauma after investing your entire life in obtaining three degrees in Theology and being asked to quietly step down.

Imagine wondering if there is a God, then why he didn’t protect you from it all.  Former Pastor, Ryan Bell joined us live.  He graciously answered all our questions and was very candid.  Not once did he employ the tactics of his fellows, the mental gymnastics one must perform in order to skirt the painfully obvious problems.

atheists on air love

You can follow Ryan’s blog at and if you are feeling especially Christian today, click the donate button and help a brother out.   A huge thanks to Mr. Dave Foda for his efforts in arranging this interview and for helping us all out.

Real Good News

Ryan will be updating us weekly on his journey.  We will bring this to you each Monday via the AOA live podcast.  There is also talk that Ryan will participate in the first ever ReAsonCon event to be held in Hickory, NC on May 3rd, 2014.  You can sign up for free with the link at the top right of this page.

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