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082 – Joey Kirkman & Creationist “Kinds”

Atheist on Air 082 Joey Kirkman & Creationist “Kinds”

Professor Stephen
Rachel Nanon Brown
Jason Comeau

Special Guest:
Joey Lee Kirkman:

Professor Stephen rants about Facebook memes posted by bigoted christians. Andrew Jennings joins the group to listen to Rachel tell the tail of an infuriating encounter with a creationist and his use of the ill-defined word “kinds”.  The Jason and the Prof have a long Chat  with Joey about his new book “PR Pope” and all things Catholic.

Get your tinfoil pope-hat on for this one!

The Bible…So Many Things Are Just Wrong

Howdy folk!

Professor Stephen Here.

In our last podcast I mentioned this email:

Hey Cash, Prof.Steven and Rachel,

I really enjoy your podcast and listen to it regularly.

After decades of evangelical brainwashing and once reading the Bible from cover to cover seven times in a two year period, I have become a full blooded atheist. The attached Word document contains some organized talking points that I originally prepared for myself for the frequent discussions I have with various Christians. I thought I would share it with a few people for whatever it is worth…maybe just a couple of quick talking points.

Keep up the great work. You all take care.


Tim Zeak

Well, I was remiss in that I said that I was going to post the document that was attached in a blog post after the show, and then it slipped my mind. Well, Tim was kind enough to remind me so here it is. Definitely worth a read.

Here is the link (click on it and it will take to another page where you can download the document):

The Bible…So Many Things Are Just Wrong


-Prof S

080 – Guest Aron Ra + Carbon & Radiometric Dating

080 Guest Aron Ra + Carbon & Radiometric Dating


Rachel Nanon Brown
Professor Stephen

Special Guest: Aron Ra (need we say more):

Professor Stephen opens with a fulmination that leads to Aron and our hosts talking about the whitewashing of American history by religious conservatives, and their general anti-education nonsense.

Pastor Duncan Waters sends in a sermon about how America is a christian nation, and his grandson causes it to be much more entertaining than he intended it to be.

In the second of three Snake-Oil Woo Woo segments about creationist’s supposed debunking of radiometric dating, Rachel and Stephen double team the topic, laying down the basics, so that we can get the meat of the subject. And yes…this includes the ONE dating method that everyone knows and thinks is the only one that exists and is used to date everything….carbon dating. Spoiler: Its not!

Some awesome callers get to talk to Aron Ra and we are also joined by Rosco from The Rosco Show:

This show is packed with science, history, and passion for the truth!

Max Mills Vs. Skeptic Cash Debate

MaxVs.Facts Debate

Does the old testament law take an unethical stance on slavery and rape?  My 2nd formal atheist debate was a little overwhelming.  Not only was I not prepared to rebut Max’s incessant appeals to other texts which attempt to soften the ideas of rape and slavery, I was probably out informed.

Although I’m very familiar with the KJV Bible, I’m not the chosen one for atheist debates with these squirmy apologists or those presuppositionalists.  However, I enjoyed myself and hopefully others will find some value in the prose.

Next Podcast Live

We’ve changed things around a bit and will now be broadcasting, starting December 14th – on the second Sunday of each month.  You can find all the details and info here:

Be prepared for a fantastic show with new content segments and lot’s from Pastor Roy.  Our special guest is Rachel Nanon Brown and we will be taking your live calls.  Join us.

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