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Breaking news: women have nipples!

The Dr. is back! And this time I come bearing Saturnalia gifts! However, you will have to read through to the end to find out how to prise them from my sweaty paws.

win at atheists on air

I can’t speak for religions other than christianity, since that is all I have experienced and studied with any great depth, but it is my understanding that all the Abrahamic religions have an heavy misogynistic bent. Christianity (and Islam, from what I understand about it), go to extraordinary lengths to regulate women. There are regulations about the appropriate forums are for them to speak, regulations about their worthiness as human beings whilst they’re menstruating, and even after menstruation. By my calculations, the old testament considers women unclean for at least two weeks of every 28 day cycle. So women are only fully human, and acceptable in the eyes of the christian and jewish deity, for half the time they’re alive, from puberty onward. I don’t need to go into the depths of insanity of the laws surrounding what happens to women who have been raped.

I think that, as a modern society, we have made a little progress in casting off the idiotic ideas about the worthiness of menstruating women, and at least in western society, rape is now unacceptable under pretty much any circumstances, despite what some judges and juries seem to think.

And there is nothing wrong with that…

The thing that still totally gets my goat is how we don’t seem to have made much progress in escaping from the regulations around how women should dress. The biblical regulations around how women should dress center around repressing their natural looks, and then alternately commanding them to dress to please their husband-owners, as well as commanding them to dress modestly in public, because men are weak, and may not be able to control their lust if they see too much ankle.  Nowhere in the bible are men treated with the same condescension when it comes to being told how to dress. Having women dress so that they don’t accidentally invoke the lust of some man who has no self control, is worse than making excuses for men. I think it actually sets the expectation that if a women does not dress modestly in public, then the most manly of men are the ones who take it as a signal to impose their sexual will on the woman.

braless and freeLook, lets be honest. Most guys, upon seeing a really attractive woman, regardless of her state of dress, will wonder what it would be like to have her naked, and to have sex with her. And there is nothing wrong with that, despite what the damn bible tells you. Just like the war on drugs hasn’t worked, primarily because it makes such a scene about banning drugs, making a fuss about having “impure” thoughts only makes the forbidden fruit sweeter, and the guilt afterward deeper.

But I digress. Let me loop back to the one thing I wanted to focus on in this post: the brassiere. For me, this is the one most potent symbol of male repression of females.

Remember what I said about making a fuss about banning things only making them worse? Well, here you have two glands, particular to the female of our species, primarily evolved to provide nourishment for babies.  There are several ideas that hypothesize about the evolutionary role of breasts, and that bigger breasts would indicate a more fertile woman, but we don’t really know for sure whether breasts have always functioned as objects of sexual attraction before the modern era. Even in the modern era, you only have to look at the lack of rape on the nude beaches of Europe to see that, once breasts being visible is normalized, and they are no longer objects to be hidden and venerated.

evolution-of-the-braMy point is that bras, and corsets, and other shaping devices before them, are basically saying that the natural female form is not desirable enough.  Lets get the support thing out of the way real quick: there is a strong case to be made for supporting large breasts during periods of intense activity or exercise. I get that. But why chose a bra, when you can use a compression top, or sports bra that supports, but doesn’t force them into an unnatural shape?

Bras shape breasts to conform with current social expectations. Looking at pictures of women from earlier this century, bras were, for example, far more pointy. They probably actually emulated the natural shape more so than current bras, which tend to go for the curvy shape, aided by copious padding. Outside of the support issue, if you’re just going out for dinner, or to the movies, or some activity which does not involve bouncing around, why not go braless?

Because, shock-horror, your breasts will move and sway and bounce when you move and walk?  OMG, can’t have that, right?  Because breasts never evolved to move around, right?

Or, even worse, people might discover that you. Have. Nipples!!!!

Seriously, what the entire fuck is it about American society that has made the nipple so completely and utterly taboo? Even if you have to wear bra, why does it have to be one with armor-plated cups to prevent any sign of nipples showing?

very few of us have applied that “question everything” mantra to the way we dress

I’m guessing that the primary reason that women don’t go out braless in public is that they’re worried about being slut-shamed. Moving breasts, with nipples, especially hard nipples, could be misconstrued as signs of sexual arousal, or sexual need, and women are not allowed to get horny. Because their men would not approve of them flaunting themselves and their arousal to anyone else than whom they belong to. And the slut-shaming doesn’t necessarily even all come from men: I suspect that its probably pretty evenly spread between the sexes.

types of nipplesHere’s the thing: breasts are normal. Women have them. They’re great for feeding babies. They’re fucking AWESOME for us adults to play with too. They’re great targets for cum-shots, or for being peed on, if you’re into that kind of thing. They have nipples, of different sizes, colors, orientations, and different propensities to being hard and pointy. They are nothing to be ashamed of. They come in all sizes and shapes, all of which are normal. Strapping them into constrictive devices smacks of male-dominated society’s desire to control what a woman should look like.

I find it interesting, and somewhat distressing that, as atheists and (hopefully) skeptics, very few of us have applied that “question everything” mantra to the way we dress.  It is such a vicious cycle, that preys on the insecurities of puberty. Girls are expected to dress in a particular way, to be considered attractive. For me, bras are akin to heavy makeup: its all about putting on a facade, pretending to be something we aren’t. And us males buy into it, and perpetuate it. And of course, male-dominated religion supports this cover-up, because it not only cleverly controls a woman’s sexuality, but also turns the men into sheeple, convincing them that a woman’s natural shape is evil and undesirable.

uncomfortable brasI’d like to challenge all of you out there, male and female, to think about it the same way you think about religion now that you’re a non-believer. Put yourself in a world that has not yet developed the concept of altering the female form with a bra. Lets pretend, for a few minutes, that we wear clothes for practical purposes, to keep us warm, and perhaps gently support our flappy bits. What sane reason could we come up with to suddenly have women start shaping their breasts in a particular way, or start hiding their prominent nipples? These things have not been an issue before: what thing is there that would compel that kind of society to start thinking that women had to conform to a particular standard?

Just like diversity strengthens evolution, and just like a wide diversity of kinks being accepted as normal, a wide variety of breast shapes and sizes, and the accompanying wide variety of nipple sizes, colors, and orientations, is completely normal. Wanting all breasts to look the same, and hiding all traces of nipples, is completely and utterly abnormal. Slut-shaming women for any reason is abhorrent, but slut-shaming women because they are not ashamed of the breasts they have, or any other physical characteristic, is particularly abhorrent. We frown upon people judging others by other characteristics of outward appearance, such as skin color: how is it any different judging others by them choosing to not wear a bra?

Lets have your comments: other than the support factor, why do you wear a bra? Do you ever go braless in public? If no, why not?

braless trialAnd, a challenge: I’d like to encourage as many of the ladies in our community as possible to try going braless. What I’m looking for is stories about you going braless in public, and how it felt. Did you feel embarrassed, liberated, confused, horny?  The best story we receive, which includes pictures, will get a hand-crocheted AoA sheep, a one year FFRF membership (or extension to existing membership, and a $100 Amazon gift card, as a reward for being brave and trying it out.  To be clear, we’re not after nekkid pics of you, although we definitely won’t say no to them: we’re after you being proudly, and obviously braless in a public place.  And please , be sensible about this and don’t go do it somewhere where there is a preponderance of people unable to control their impulses. This is about challenging your own boundaries, safely. Do it in a safe and controlled environment.

To enter submit your story and/or experience via email to 

Kinks & Fetishes = Sexual Diversity

First of all, thank you Cash for allowing me to throw some verbiage at people. I’m going to be writing as often as I can, and I’m going to be writing about my favorite topic: sex. I’m no wordsmith, so it will likely not be as erudite as the musings of some of the greats of the skeptic and atheist movement. But I’m very passionate about this topic, specifically because of the incalculable harm that has been dealt to human sexuality by religion.

And the reason this is a big problem is because it is my somewhat informed opinion that sexuality is the most fundamental characteristic of being human. It is the primary reason we have been so successful as a species, from an evolutionary perspective. The strength of human sexuality is also very clear, when you consider how it has mostly survived, albeit in a distorted form, the millennia of abuse by religion.

We are, I assert, fundamentally sexual creatures.

When you strip out all the decoration, fluff, and other bullshit we surround ourselves with, human sexuality is what will remain. And religion knows this. it either scares them completely shitless, or the more cunning religionists realize the potential of this most base of all human instincts. Both factions react similarly: they do everything they can to control human sexuality, distorting and deranging it.

“…fucking. And wanking.”

My blog posts are going to be straight talking. I will call a cunt a cunt. And we will talk plainly and openly about fucking. And wanking. And all kinds of other topics that religionist leadership insist are evil, unethical, and immoral outside of the specific context(s) defined by them. The tl;dr is that most things sexual are normal, despite what you might think. The only thing that we have to insist on, is that whatever kind of sex you chose to dabble in, that it is consensual sex. And yes, consent from both parties.

On to my main topic for this post: kinks…

Read excerpts Bill Nye UndeniableI’ve been reading Bill Nye’s new book on evolution, and its actually pretty damn good. I know this should not come as a surprise, but I’ve actually learned so much more about evolution than I already knew. I would highly recommend it. One of the many things that he reminds us of in this book is about how much better evolution works when it has a diversity of raw material to work from. Evolution depends on mutations, and the more mutations occur, the more likely evolution is to be able to do something useful with at least one of them. Environments that are in a steady state typically don’t have much evolution. Mix things up though, and all kinds of new and wondrous things arise from the melee.

For me, “kinks” are to human sexuality what environmental diversity is to evolution.  Allowing yourself to explore sexual activities beyond what the religionist leaders will allow, will, I guarantee, enrich your life, and not just your sex life. All of us who have grown up religious, or spent any time as religionists, will know how guilty we’ve been taught to be about “deviant” sex acts. Many of us find it incredibly difficult to overcome the guilt, even when we know there is no reason at all to be feeling that way.

As an example, my wife and I have an open relationship. We’ve been married almost 23 years now, and we’ve been together for more than 25. We have no doubt that we are each other’s life companions, and our love for each other, and our trust of each other, is solid. One key feature of our relationship is openness, and honesty.

We have no secrets from each other. At all.  Ever.


We talk about everything.  She knows about all my fetishes and kinks, and I hers. We have no secrets from each other. At all.  Ever.  She knows which one of her friends I want to fuck, and she tells me when she has come across someone that made her pussy twinge and her nipples perk up.

tiny titties bralessLet me tell you, when she has a boyfriend, or is flirting up a new one, our sex is phenomenal.  Mind-blowing, frantic, carnal animal sex. Lots of it.  More of that at some other time. From my side though, even though I’m allowed to have girlfriends, the guilt drives me insane. It’s like being outside my head and watching the religiously-induced guilt fighting with my reason. I know I have no reason at all to feel guilty. And my wife tells me I have no reason to feel guilty, and yet I do. Fuck you, religion. Fuck you.

I’m going to go all out and give you a list of my “kinks”. They are all completely normal, and I know I’m not the only one that enjoys them. I am, however, the only person I know who has this particular combination of kinks.

  • Wife-sharing: there is nothing hotter than my wife getting her rocks off with another guy. Especially if I’m watching. It’s pretty damn hot knowing she’s doing it, but wow, watching her impale herself on another cock is incredible. And no, I’m not into the whole cuckold scene. At all. This is all about my wife and her sexual satisfaction. Some of it is about me: watching her get another man aroused is, in some weird way, confirmation that she is indeed as desirable as I think she is.
  • Pregnant women: specifically naked pregnant women. There are few things hotter than naked pregnant women. I know I share this one with a lot of other guys, and possibly a few girls.
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  • Small tits: the first thing that attracted me to my wife was her face and her gorgeous smile.  Immediately after that my gaze dropped to her nonexistent chest, and it was an OMFG moment. They are so small, she didn’t even fill the cups of a 34AA bra.
  • Bralessness: this is a favorite hobbyhorse of mine, and I will definitely be doing a separate blog post about it. Lets just say that a clothed, but braless woman, is several orders of magnitude more arousing than the same woman naked.
  • Saggy tits: although  prefer small tits, I’m not averse to larger sizes, provided they are saggy.  Saggy tits are freaking epic, in my books.
  • Hairy pussy: although I love shaved pussy, I love it when my wife grows hers out, especially in the winter. And by growing it out, I’m talking about not even trimming the bikini line.  The juxtaposition of that wild cave-woman bush with my mental images of her modern-woman shaved pussy is incredibly arousing.
  • Hairy armpits: again, not an “all the time” thing, but the same thing as the hairy pussy. The contrasts are so exciting.
  • Pee: this is a bit of a new one for me, and I haven’t explored it much yet. Suffice to say that the novelty of watching a woman piss gives me a boner that demands attention.

little tittiesI know, there are a couple of interesting items in that list. The point is that they are all completely normal, and OK. If there are any specific items that you’d like me to discuss further, or if there’s something you’d like to share, or comment on, or criticize or correct, please feel free to do so. I’ll probably loop back to some of these kinks in other themes, but for my next post, I’ll probably be specifically touching on bralessness, because, when you start unpacking it beyond it just being one of my fetishes, you’ll discover how wearing a bra is, IMHO, a sign of subservience.

Share your “kink” below.