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058 – Get Smurfed – Colloidal Silver

Sick and tired of being just white?  Want to cure what ails you?  Well then, get some Colloidal Silver and at least one of those things will be resolved.  Professor Stephen does debunks the bunk in the Snake Oil Science Woo Woo segment.

Play: Son of Man – A Jesus Play For Atheists

Our guest tonight was Alexander Nye.  He’s working on fundraising for a play about how Jesus adopted the virgin story to protect himself from wearing the “bastard” stigma.  Please check out the awesome video here and consider supporting his efforts.

See Video Here


We finally got to the voicemails and were able to play the past two weeks of kind words we’ve received.  We love our drunk fans and appreciate you calling in.


My fuck you rant was inspired by the thousands of children who are being caged like animals along the Mexico border.  I also kind of go after the dumb as fuck atheists who don’t recognize religions harms and only peek their heads out to complain when we are standing up and defending our secular government.  (script below)

Pastor Roy Prayer Line

Pastor Roy answered the calls from sinners and backslidden Christians everywhere.  If you have a question for Jesus, please call Pastor Roy’s Prayer line at 828.565.1262 and leave your questions or comments.

It Ain’t Over – FFRF

Two weeks ago on the show we decided to give away some memberships.  Last week we went crazy with an offer for 20 new members and this was matched by listener and friend of the show, Konrad Michels. The next day, several others asked how they could help and so I set up a GoFundMe page just for FFRF sponsorships.   (Get your FFRF membership)

If you aren’t familiar with the FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation) they are the best hope we have at righting the Religious Right’s wrongs.  You can learn more here: or you can just get the shorter version here:

Video From The Show

We had some technical difficulties last night that caused us to lose connection twice.  The audio above is perfect but the video will have two sections where we lost our connection.

Rant Script

In regards to the children who’ve fled abuse, rape, torture and child slavery to come to America, I’m very sorry.  I’m sorry that the number one excuse echoed on TV by those who demand you leave is, “Well they could bring disease and stuff”.  No, really during the fiasco on the border as the towns people barricaded access to the busses, the reporters asked, why are you concerned…?   “Well diseases and stuff.”


What kind of stuff are you talking about?  And disease, it’s your crowd of ignorant religious fucknuts who are against vaccines and you’re scared some child is going to bring in the whopping cough?  You’re worried that you’re almost nonexistent income taxes are going to be spent helping children?


Really, I know brainless, spineless jellyfish that contain more empathy and sense.  You ignorant dumbfucks, you are a spineless, heartless, cruel blight on humanity.


“See here, this imaginary line is our border.  These brown colored people don’t belong here, they be sneaking their children over here to steal our jobs and to live on our welfare.  No matter that they used to live here and we systematically killed them while chasing their forefathers off the land Jesus gave us, they are like beneath us, they aren’t worthy enough to live on this side of the line with us inbred white supremacist, imaginary sky daddy worshiping Christian folk.  “


I say let them come in, I’ll echo the poem engraved at the base of the Statue of Liberty:

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,

With conquering limbs astride from land to land;

Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand

A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame

Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name

Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand

Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command

The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she

With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”


No longer will you find a bigot to repeat those words, instead now they would write if they could:


Here stands the Mother of Freedom for white folks, blessed by Jesus to be born in the USA, those fortunate enough that the devil himself couldn’t put the curse of more melanin in their skin.  Her torch it burns the asses of any seeking refuge or freedom in our Christian land.  Those huddled, hungry masses eagerly plotting to live on our welfare programs can forget it, our welfare is for our children as we ignore science and revel in our ignorance and our children our forced to live from the works of others.  It’s their right, not yours… so take your brown skinned asses back home or we’ll shove this torch up your ass and light your bowels on fire.


In jesus name – amen.


If I had the money or the power, I would change this immediately.  Instead of living in cages, instead of wanting, these thousands of children would fear nothing.  I’d clothe and feed them all, I’d house each and every one, I’d use the Houston Astro Dome, not for a Rick Perry Rain Dance Prayer service but for a playground and I’d ensure each one a citizenship, a lifetime member of my family and a fantastic education.  We spend trillions in other lands, we give 3 Billion a year to Israel while they provide full medical to each of their citizens – over 233 Billion over the past 60 years, The US spends 1/2 a trillion dollars annually on defense.  Which I think they should call “offense” as it is us who are invading other countries and establishing lifelong bases and operations.  Over 500 Billion annually, 3 times what China spends.  Couldn’t we instead have a humanitarian budget of 250 Billion which would still leave us far above the other developed countries in military spending?


I know I’m mostly ignorant to the intricacies of our Federal Budget, but never should we deny a child safety, security and a helping hand.


But that’s not all…


This week after posting a picture of the round memorial roadside signs that bear names of individual victims of auto accidents, an atheist comes out, prick in hand to bash those with brains for daring to care or encourage the replacement of roadside crosses for the secular round signs.  He says, and I quote:  “Im an atheist not a vampire crosses dont bother me. Judgemental pricks do. Live and let live.”


Judgmental pricks bother him, I assume he hates competition.   I responded, Rob, crosses are a medieval torture device, but more importantly they represent the Christian religion. Crosses everywhere, especially on public, state or Federal owned land gives the impression of a state religion. An endorsement of a certain religion. It’s illegal and they shouldn’t be there.



The conversation went on as he states he knows what the crosses stand for and how most christians are judgmental pricks, but why in the fuck would he act just like them?


Well Rob, I don’t know why you would act just like them…  Calling out their illegal displays is not being a judgmental prick, nor is posting images of the replacement signs on facebook.  But calling Atheists, “Judgmental Pricks”  for recognizing and responsibly taking action to remove crosses on public lands is exactly that:  An ignorant judgmental prick.


I find that the only Atheists that I take issue with, the ones that piss me the fuck off, are these that upon hearing you are taking up a fight to stop preferential treatment to religious organizations, or they find that you oppose a cross at the courthouse steps, or they hear you complain about a public school teacher who is bashing evolution and replacing it with sky daddy magic, And then they crawl from beneath the blanket of ignorance to cry, Live and let live, Kumbaya, Coexist or why can’t you just ignore it?  These dumbfucks piss me off!


They are the not a part of a solution, they are like sleeper cell incognito christian cheerleaders who only make appearances to stop you from demanding equality and secularism in our government.  They not only lack a belief in God, but they lack common sense, they lack knowledge and they serve only to disrupt beneficial change for all.


When I’m unfortunate enough to interact with this ignorant sect of atheists, it always takes me off guard.


It’s like eating butter to only find out it’s margarine.  It’s like meeting a biologist who describes the evolution of a species and then follows up with, Isn’t it amazing what the Lord has done.


It be like talking with Neil DeGrass Tyson and finding out he thinks he was abducted twice by aliens and both times received the butt probe treatment.


It’d be like eating bacon and learning, nope, it’s not bacon, that is actually cardboard.


You’d stand in awe, you’d be amazed and that’s how I feel when I’m scolded by a self proclaimed atheist about coexisting or joining in their kumbaya circle dance.


What?, you are a real atheist and you don’t know about the harms, the demonstrable and wide reaching harms of religion that effects us daily?


Each time I’m forced to admit that just because you’re an atheist doesn’t mean you can tie your own shoes.  I did a rant a while back on coexisting where I tear apart the concept and expose it’s opposition’s blatant ignorance, but apparently not everyone heard it, I know Rob didn’t.


It’s the birds of a feather deal.  I tend to find friendships among ex mormons and ex christians who abhor religion and they actively fight against the ignorance that promotes this protected status.  So when among friends and one of these dumbasses pokes out his head to complain that we are being too loud, I am reminded that there are shit eating monkeys among us who also don’t believe in God and that – that is the only thing we have in common.


So to my fellow Americans who would rather see a child raped, enslaved and abused than to offer the tiniest fraction of your tax dollars to ensure their safety and wellbeing, FUCK YOU!  And this isn’t a false dichotomy, these children have escaped the worst life has to offer and your answer is to throw them right back into whence they came.


To those monkey brained shit slinging Atheists singing kumbaya around the campfire and only appearing to defend the insanity that is religion and it’s harms, I apologize for not recognizing your ignorance for what it is.  I’m sorry for assuming you’re capable of rational thoughts beyond disbelief but I still must say:  Fuck you – if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.

055 – The FFRF – Our Savior – Holy Quran, Holy Crap

Standing at the wall, armed with the Constitution and a legal team that would scare Jesus, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is our savior.  They stand protecting our secular government from religious intrusion, even for the folks that don’t think they need the protection. Christians would cry fowl and call for help if say the Muslims and their holy scripture was being used in our government.  But for now the Christians have the majority and they systematically attempt to push their religious dogma into the secular halls of government.

Annie Laurie Gaylor – FFRF Co President

For almost an hour, Annie Laurie took our questions and shared the work that the FFRF is doing daily.   If you listen to nothing else, listen to the first part of the show, find out the demonstrable problems and special privileges the churches get and at our expense and then join us.  Come over today and join the FFRF and let’s stop the harm religion is doing.

Join Here

Free FFRF Memberships and Godless Dollar Bills

in ffrf we trust dollar bill


As promised, 5 of those who submitted questions for Annie Laurie will receive a godless dollar bill and a one year membership to the FFRF compliments of Atheists On Air.  You must send your name and address via email to me by June 29th, 2014.

We also opened up the offer to 5 additional people who made the request via our Facebook page at

Mr. Q

Mr. Q, the man behind the QuranifyMe podcast joined us.  Too many times I hear the whinny ass Christian complain that no one says anything about Islam.  Well now you can point them to the site and let them whine no more.

Snake Oil Woo Woo

Professor StephenProfessor Stephen downs 175 doses of homeopathic medicine at one time.  Does he survive?  You’ll also find out where you can get razors that don’t cut, all natural medicines and purple dildos all from one store.

Pastor Roy

All the way from Catfish Creek Trailer Park in Cleo, SC – Pastor Roy takes on the “theory” of evolution and destroys it.  Thanks to Google, Youtube and one Red Hatted Religitard, Pastor Roy is going to crush evolution.

Emails & Voicemails

This past week we received several messages from fans of the show.  We even got our first hate mail.  Thanks to you all for participating and supporting the show.

Live Show

Below you will find the video from the show.  We welcome you to join us.  You can watch live each week at 7:PM EST on Mondays.  For more info and our phone numbers, please visit (complete list)

madridtoons how homeopathy works

The FU Rant

I was pissed off when I did my rant and it will be fairly obvious.  The stupid ass 1920’s rehash of an argument using tornados and junkyards had me all spun up.

The Rant:

And they wonder why we’re pissed off.  I ran some promotional ads announcing our special guest tonight and although the ads were to be displayed on the facebook pages of fans of the show and their friends, the Christians answered.


That tells me some of you have Christian friends and that’s ok, I do too.  What’s incredible though is the arguments you hear.  One lady who posted several comments and tagged all her equally intellectually impaired friends to join in making some horrible arguments with her..  said…

[whiny ass girl]Why don’t atheists just start spending your money on finding cancer cures instead of trying to take down our ten commandment monuments?  To which I responded, why don’t you stop spending money on expensive rocks with bronze aged ignorant ramblings about their only being one God and he is to be worshipped and using my public property to display it and just spend the money on fighting cancer?


One of the fellers she tagged responded with a horrible rendition of the junkyard 747 argument.  Which by the way is from a much older and thoroughly debunked argument started in the 1920’s.  He said if two old ford trucks were hit by a tornado and made a lamborghini, blah blah blah…  we ain’t no accident, god did it and specifically my god, the one my parents and community are convinced exists.  So there!


Well first, this isn’t an argument about origins you ignorant twit.  And you do know that evolution doesn’t answer or even attempt to answer the question of abiogenesis nor the big bang?  Right?


You’ve obviously been eating cheetos and watching that stupid ass video from the dude with the red hat who says he can destroy evolution and thus atheism in 3 minutes and concentrating more on the cheetos than the ridiculous shit coming from Captain dumbass.


Here’s the thing, let’s say you do destroy evolution.  Let’s say you take it all the way to it’s knees with some argument about your trailer park and a luxury sports car / tornado thing.  Then what do you have?


You still have no proof for your invisible sky daddy.  He’s only one of the hundreds of gods currently being prayed to by faithful idiots worldwide.  You and your ilk are what brought us the dark ages, it’s what’s responsible for most of humanities ills.


Evolution has nothing to do with atheism.  They are not mutually exclusive but one does not beget the other.  Now yes, you will find that most thinking people who enjoy using their brains for more than creating fanciful arguments requiring the wearing of aluminum foil headdresses also accept the undeniable evidence presented by the scientific community on the facts that are evolution.


Your argument, even if it contained one iota of common sense, one sane presumption would still be useless in demonstrating an invisible man who lives in the sky.


Using poorly formed arguments to refute atheism is like proving that most atheists have two eyes, therefore – GOD!  Why not simply prove your God, why not show evidence for your position and avoid entertaining us with 3rd rate previously debunked arguments that only stand to demonstrate your complete and utter willful ignorance.


You heard some moron on YouTube with a red beanie cap regurgitating nonsense and altered the story from a junk yard to only two ford vehicles and think you have created the ultimate argument.  You fool.  And I mean that in the most sincere way.


Your red hatted friend changed the decades old argument from a 747 to a Lamborghini and thinks he hit the jackpot.  This shit may work for the sheep, but the freethinking, well reasoned and logical human sees the game before it’s fully played.


If I thought it’d help I’d pray for you and the scarecrow, a brain can be a useful thing.  You stand in confidence around the equally ignorant and think you’re on to something because you have a fan club.  Fuck, we expect that.  Same as I’d expect to see a lot of hugging at a downs syndrome convention.


If I were to attempt to convince you that there a fairies that live in the trees in front of my house and that several times a year they make my electric bill go down, I’d expect you’d want some real proof.


But what if instead I attacked and argued that my proof is that your momma wasn’t married when she conceived you and I could demonstrate that most pregnancies occur outside of wedlock and it makes no sense that out of all the vaginas, tornados and laborghini transforming 747’s that she was married at that time- Bam!  I win, now you have to believe in my fairies.


See how incredibly stupid, how retarded you have to be, to think that your batshit crazy argument against bluejeans has anything to do with atheism.  I promise you could garner more followers and more attention if you sat in your own shit and flung it at paserbys.  At least it would be an honest action.


Instead you fail to grasp that google or youtube would possibly have anything that refutes your ignorance.  Hellfire, I bet just beneath the fuckedness that is that video you attempted to regurgitate was a video in response.  How devilishly clever of those youtube folks.


Yet somehow you avoid it.  Like an inbred monkey sitting in a tree eating his own shit, you care not for the world around you.  Your content with remaining ignorant.  And I even hate to bring a monkey into this because I would bet if had the opportunity and the mental power to seek other activities, the monkey probably would.


I mean really, save yourself the trouble, grab a picture of a jackass or a retarted monkey and post that as your reply, no comment other than the picture and I promise, we will know.  You won’t have to bother copying and pasting the mental diaharehea of an argument and instead can go on looking for new child porn or ways to make home made ruffies for the upcoming family reunion.  We will just look at the picture you posted and know what your argument would have been and thusly save you huge amounts of time.  I’ll go ahead and tell all the thinking folks right now and it won’t be long and we’ll all know that those images stand for your arguments against all science and facts.


You’re welcome.


So until you have evidence, real demonstrable evidence of this Jewish water walking, water to wine, zombie feller or his equally invisible and non existent daddy, then shut the fuck up.  Fuck you and your fellow shit lickers.


054 – Faith – Interview An Atheist At Church Day

An atheist can go clean a street, we can go do other charitable works, but until they meet us, talk to us and learn that we don’t really eat babies (often), that we don’t breathe fire or worship Lucifer and we are actually aren’t any different than they are; the stigma remains.

Imagine That – Stigma Free Atheism

kile b jonesWe sat down with Kile B. Jones of Interview An Atheist At Church Day to discuss his plans going forward.  Kile has been a one legged man in an ass kick’n contest.  He attempts to schedule with pastors to have an atheist come and speak, answer questions in an attempt to rid the world of the horrible Atheist Stigma.

Kile is dead set on removing that stigma or at least softening it around the edges.  Kile holds two degrees and has lots of letters behind his name and none of which are Jr..

You can watch past videos of Kile’s master plan coming together as over 23 churches have accepted and have invited us heathens in.  Visit Interview An Atheist At Church Day here.


The secret ingredient to believe any bit of shit you like.  It’s the universal solution to reason and logic.  Get faith and wonder no more.  I rant a bit…

Gay, Atheist, Vegan Trifecta!

Free Thinking HorsemanAnd smack dab in the Bible Belt.  Kerryn Armstrong called in to share her story about growing up in a secular home only to move to Jesus-ville, Florida.  Surrounded by the non-thinking faithful, she and her partner run a business training horses and their owners.

Kerryn hails from Australia and was a blast to have on the show.  We look forward to having her on soon to discuss equality and gay rights.

Please check out Kerryn’s website at Free Thinking Horseman and if you ever need help with that horse, give them a call.

A Big Thanks!

I want to publicly thank all those who support the show.  Either by spreading the word, rating us on iTunes, Stitcher or Spreaker or those making a per episode donation.

Last week Konrad Michels donated $500 to help kick off the billboard campaign and I’m busy trying to get one approved and scheduled.

You can help us by making any size pledge you would like, from 25¢ and up.  I promise, every penny will help.  Visit to become a sponsor.

Woo Woo

Professor Stephen had a great lesson for us this week.  Bread, yes bread.  Check it out below or above by clicking play.

Catfish Creek Trailer Park

Has a Facebook page now.  Cecil admits to the britches thievery.  Pastor Roy shares on 535 AM – community report.  A brand new CCTP resident, Coach LeRoy calls in.

Watch It Here

Show Notes etc…


Faith? The dictionary defines faith as belief that is not proof based.  It’s the pretending to know things that you do not know.  Faith is the requirement, it’s the prerequisite to believe the unbelievable.

Faith is not needed, not required and not the logical position for anything else in life.  You don’t need faith to know that your brakes will work, you don’t need faith to expect your spouse to return home today, you don’t need faith to cross the bridge.  These things don’t require faith at all.  I am confident the bridge will hold up because thousands of cars go over daily, engineers, these scientists used science to insure it reliability and it works.  I don’t need faith because I have a reasonable expectation that it will hold up because of the overwhelming evidence.


But faith is the only way you can accept the possibility that there is an invisible man in the sky who is watching over every move you make, that although you are a sinner that you can live with this invisible sky daddy in a paradise for eternity.  It is faith that is required to trust the preacher begging for your dollars, it is faith that the church is turning over a new leaf and will be hard on child molesters from this point on, it is faith that is required to ignore any and all evidence to the contrary of your indoctrinated and strongly held beliefs.


Faith in it’s blindness leads millions to pray for that which will never be magically answered.  Only we humans, us mere mortals actually get shit done.


Would you sell a car to a stranger and accept on faith that he’ll be true to his word and promptly deposit the funds into your bank account?  Of course not.  In all of life we require, hell – we demand proof.  We want it signed, press hard there are three copies and goddamnit I want it notarized too.


Would you take the strangers word for it that it’s been checked, the gun is not loaded and then proceed to pull the trigger while pointing it at your head?  Hell no, you wouldn’t I wouldn’t and no sane adult human would.  We would definitely check ourselves.  Fuck that faith bullshit.  I want to look down the barrel, I want to remove the clip, I want to view the empty chamber before I would ever point and click.


But when it comes to religion, we forgo reason and logic, we exercise faith in order to even attempt to believe one iota of the nonsense.  Religion figured this out long ago, they can indoctrinate the youth, they can embed beliefs that a thinking person would never accept.


They can exalt the value of faith so that when that child begins to think, when he or she begins to question, they can fall back on the only thing that will keep the believers beliefs in tact.  Faith.


Imagine right now as an adult, assuming you’ve never been exposed to religion and a Christian attempts to share the gospel with you.  What thinking person could accept these promises, these hopes and these ridiculous stories and immoral laws on faith?  I would say no thinking person could.


Religion prays on the weak, the young, the hungry, the imprisoned, the helpless and it’s evidenced in all their missionary programs.


Atheism does not require faith.  Do you have faith that there aren’t invisible fairies working in your yard to align the chakras of your family?  No, why not?  Had you been raised to believe that under penalty of eternal torture – faith would be required to hold on to that belief.  Yet you weren’t and therefore it requires no faith not to believe that nonsense.


Your religious and god faith is bolstered like a newly planted tree with ropes and stakes to ensure it stays put until the roots can find new ground.  Religion uses ropes too but it’s ropes consist of teaching that questioning is bad, that much is out of our understanding and is only known by God, that your lack of faith is punishable with isolation for eternity and that although contrary to everything else in life, you will reap a righteous reward in heaven for your steadfast faith.


This makes no sense whatsoever.  It’s ludicrous.  Faith is a trick played by the intelligent on the weakest of minds.  Teaching others to use faith is immoral, regardless of what the Bible says, the bible was written with many ropes to hold you firmly in place until you could submit to faith.  Until you were rooted in good enough to stand before the contradictory evidence and with a ridiculously dishonest pride, proclaim by faith your beliefs.


Every single religion necessitates its adherents subscribe to the dogma of faith.  No religion can say, look here’s our god, watch what he can do, see this and this, and now look at those, talk with anyone and verify each that I tell you, call on him yourself, test him, see him, touch him, our god is real.

None profess with proof.  They all must rely on faith.  Well if you had enough faith, well if your faith was stronger, if you felt what I felt inside, you’d know that it’s by faith we know the truth.


Each religion can claim the same truth.  Each can say, you just need faith.


Imagine your loved one falls over dying of a heart attack.  You scream help and ask if there is a doctor present.  Every single god damned person yells back, yes, I’m a doctor.  What are you going to do.  Take it on faith?  Or are you going to ask for some evidence?


This is what religion does.  They all scream they have the truth, but like the crowd who all claim to be doctors, none can offer proof.  They don’t even attempt to substantiate the claim.  They only demand faith.


You select a doctor from the crowd and ask, where’s your proof.  Well I don’t have my ID. where did you go to school?  That’s not important.  Just have faith.  What are you a doctor of?  Again, not important.  Bottom line, I have no proof, no proof of schooling, no evidence I am who I say I am – I have nothing.  But if you have enough faith we can proceed.


Are you going to let them proceed?  You must be satisfied with nothing and I mean nothing if you want to work on faith.


If religion was just getting started today, it would be the laughing stock of humanity.  It would be the most ludicrous thing we’d ever could imagine.


Many may say, like my father, he’d rather not know the truth if the truth is that there is no God.  Well would you want to know if your spouse was cheating?  Or would you ignore the facts offered, dismiss the evidence and proclaim faith in your partners absolute devotion to you?  I know for me, as uncomfortable as it would be, as bad as it would hurt, Id want the truth.


You grabbing the bible and quoting some nonsense about how faith is a virtue would be like me picking up our wedding vows and proclaiming that it says that my partner will remain faithful.  See she agreed to it right here.


That’s all the proof I need.  Right here in these words.


In every single debate I’ve had with a religious person, once I’ve painstakingly debunked each claim, each scripture with a contradictory one and each indoctrinated idea exposed, they all run back to faith.  It’s the one place that says, hey, I have no evidence, I’m a doctor, trust me.  They’ve admitted their guilt however unaware, that they are resolute in sacrificing fact for fiction, myth for truth, an afterlife for a real life and surrendered all reason and logic for grandiose fairytales of ghosts, goblins, gods and glory.


One life.  That’s all you get.  And you choose, deliberately to sacrifice it all for the promise of a next.  You ejaculate the same immoral shit into the ears of those in your care and you destroy my hopes for better lives of the generations to come.  Faith is the evidence of fools, it’s the self-righteous pride of the most ignorant and deluded.

To that I say Fuck You and your Faith.

053 – When Dad Comes Back He’s Gonna Be Pissed – The Rapture

I’d never really given it much thought, but after I was told that I’d probably convert to Christianity after the rapture, my brain began to whirl.  But before I go into my Fuck You rant, I must give a huge thanks to those who have been and continue to support the show.  Our most recent Patrons are:

Valerie Nusskern
Vrad Vodrazka
Konrad Michels

Three new Patrons this week and THANK YOU!


Our newest Patron, Konrad Michels messaged the show and asked if he could donate to the billboard campaign.  Of course I said yes.  Moments later, there was a $500 donation and I can’t begin to tell you how overwhelmed I am.  Five Hundred Fucking Dollars, someone worked their ass off and then donated that to us! Konrad, we thank you!  Every cent will be spent on the Billboard Campaign that we are soon to start (thanks to you).


I know, look at us talking intellectual shit.  Robert Baty and Dave Foda joined us at about the 100 minute mark for this important landmark case that will eventually find it’s way to the Supreme Court.  The case deals with the tax exemption that pastors receive.  Yes, the basketball pastor, the 100+ lay pastors at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC and all the others as well.

Robert Baty (pronounced B-eighty) is a retired IRS investigator and a Christian.  He supports the State church separation and feels these religiously biased tax laws are unfair.

Haywood County Schools – AGAIN!

A sixth grade teacher handed out Vacation Bible School invitations in class on June 9th, 2014 (yesterday).  Long story short, the assistant principal called me back this morning and stated that the Haywood County School Superintendent approved the distribution by the teacher.  The FFRF’s – Freedom From Religion Foundation legal team have been notified.  I will update on progress as I receive information.

UPDATE: in short, it’s vague, but from FFRF:
1. Does the school district have a written fliers policy? Was the policy followed in this instance? Sometimes, teachers or parent volunteers take it upon themselves to distribute fliers on behalf of religious organizations without getting approval from the district. It is important to know whether the school granted access to the forum.
2. Who assembled the take-home packet? Was the religious flier handled by a paid school official? A public school teacher may only have limited involvement in the distribution of religious fliers. Please note that the rights of students to pass out literature to their classmates are more expansive than those of third parties.
3. Look at the fliers’ content. The flier should have a disclaimer disassociating the school from the religious group. The flier should not contain any proselytizing language, i.e., bible verses, Psalms, or other religious sayings. Likewise, the flier should not contain any religious symbols or imagery, i.e., a cross, depiction of Jesus, or images of children praying. Finally, the flier must notify the parents that permission slips must be signed in order for students to participate.

I so wish I was a Muslim representative at times.  Imagine attempting to get approval to pass out Muslim summer camp flyers at the public school.  What about Camp Quest?  I think we will work on finding a Satanist group who wants to distribute flyers via the school teachers and see if the Superintendent decides to discriminate or take on the angry mob of Christians who get pissed when their child comes home with a flyer for Satan.

My daughter Kalei found her name tag on her desk altered yesterday with the addition of, “fuck u blu hared bitch” with a picture of a penis and balls   The Assistant Principal of that school is investigating.

Woo Woo

Professor Stephen helped us understand the difference between a hypothesis, a theory and a law.  Of course the scientific definitions and not the layperson’s understanding.  We weren’t able to finish the entire segment including the all natural stuffs that are sooooo good for you, but will pick up where we left off next week.

Catfish Creek Trailer Park

Has a Facebook page now.  Cecil updates us on Rupert’s incarceration.  Pastor Roy gives an update during church services.  The screaming and moaning, it wasn’t the demons.

Imagine Having No Country To Call Home

Tonight I read part of a letter I received from a listener.  She has no home country, no state – she’s stateless.  Read the rest of the letter here.

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Fuck You Rant – The Rapture

I was talking with some adults the other day.  I assume they were adults with brains and everything because they were the right size, their voices didn’t sound like a child with half a tongue and they were capable of conversing with me.


Religion was the topic and they knew I wasn’t of their kind.  One lady, I’ll call batshit Brenda only because that’s her name was telling me that I probably wouldn’t go to hell.  In fact she was confident that after the rapture, that’d I’d most likely convert and be given the opportunity to follow her God man.


I couldn’t really argue this because from what I understand of the rapture, it will be fairly obvious something major and possibly supernatural has occurred.  I mean,  there will be vaginaless chastity belts just lying in random places.  Shoes, clothes, cars all abandoned as Christians everywhere are exalted in all their nakedness.  Not to mention the rivers of blood and the demons running rampant.


So I asked her when this would happen and another gentleman spoke up.  He said, any day now.  We don’t know the minute or the hour, but anytime now.  So in our lifetime, I asked.  Oh yes, certainly.  The writings on the wall.


Well then, I suppose you have some heathen chauffeuring you around right?  What do you mean he asks?  Well, you must all be moral christians and wouldn’t dare think of causing harm to innocent people would you?  Well of course not.


Then you wouldn’t want to be driving your car and be raptured leaving an unmanned car careening down the road and risk those who may not have heard about Jesus yet.  What about pilots, day care workers, doctors, bridge operators, nuclear plant operators and all those workers who’s responsibility is to keep us safe?


I assume many are Christian and would be raptured up in a blink of an eye.  Wouldn’t this cause massive casualties among those left behind?  Wouldn’t millions of animals who’ve come to rely on humans for their food and shelter, starve and die?


Don’t you think it insensitive and immoral to work in a position that upon rapture could harm others?  Just the thought of all those cars with Jesus fish on their bumpers losing control and crashing into innocent people is worrisome.


So how can you justify having a drivers license, when you honestly believe, jesus is coming soon and you’ll be taken up without notice?


A few began to think of the implications but batshit Brenda had an answer.  Well that is out of our hands.  It’s up to the lord and his will be done.


But isn’t that like shooting into a crowd and defending the action with, “God’s responsible for where the bullets go.” ???


Would you do that?  No, well then why would you drive a 3000 lb bullet, knowing that you could be raptured and leave that bullet to crash wherever and in to whomever?


Wouldn’t all moral and sane Christians avoid all work and activities that upon their rapture could endanger the innocent?


She continued to argue.  She said that it was out of her control, that God would protect the innocent because he has control.  I quipped that her bullet into a crowd could be given the same defense but she didn’t agree.


This is Cognitive dissonance!  You will attempt to rationalize an insane and immoral act so that you can hold to this ignorant idea about a rapture.  Couldn’t the lord come up with a better plan, a safer method for extracting his loyal sheep?


You are no different than the person who kills their children to save them from the world.  It’s a irrational rationalization.  Your beliefs in talking snakes, unicorns, giants, angels, demons, justified rape as rewards for battle, moving mountains, floating zoos, resurrections, heavens, hells, stationary suns, water walking Jews and bread from the sky are all non sense!


Scientology catches grief over the completely absurd beliefs, but I must say, Christians, you have them beat.  When added up, your religious bullshit is overwhelming.


Imagine going to any society on the planet who weren’t indoctrinated from birth in this bullshit and proclaiming the gospels this way.


Well an invisible God made everything.  Then a talking snake convinced two people to eat from a tree of knowledge which ended up cursing everyone.  So this invisible man cloned himself, by impregnating a virgin who became a visible walking talking God on earth, he cured the blind but didn’t cure blindness, he healed the lame but didn’t heal lameness, and he died for 3 days so that you would be forgiven of the sins of the fruit eating man and women.  And if you believe this shit, God will come down and save you from the world he created while endangering everyone else who hadn’t bought into or heard this message yet.  So aren’t you lucky I am here now to share this glorious gospel with you?


None of what I said is an exaggeration, it’s all true – it’s your beliefs and yet if told honestly then no one, no sane person would accept it.  From the beginning to the end – it’s all completely immoral .


These ideas of a rapture are like the childish threats of young siblings.  When dad gets home he’s going to punish you for breaking my barbie doll.  Like some narcissistic sociopath who longs to see those punished that didn’t act in accordance to your ideas.


Oh you can eat peanut butter, but only this way, this much and this kind.  Otherwise later you’re going to be in trouble.


Well fuck you!  I’ve met diagnosed crazy people who are less crazy.  Part of me wishes you’d all be raptured the fuck out of here, but that whole reason and logic ability of my brain prevents me from considering the possibility and leaves me stuck in reality with the unthinking, amoral and superstitious fucktards such as yourself.