Christians Support Pisgah High School Decision

It was to be expected, the negative comments and personal attacks for the student attempting to start a SSA (Secular Student Alliance) club at Pisgah High School in Canton, NC.  Kalei recently took up her brother’s quest in having a secular club at her school.  But what she didn’t expect was the many at her school that would support her efforts.

“The good outweighs the bad so far.”


pisgah high students


You can immediately understand the importance a group like this would have.  Reading the above statements made by other students you can see that many are painfully ignorant.  “but I thank My God he has a son who continues to love those who turn against him”  Really?  Your God is worshipped by about 2 billion people, which leaves about 4 billion who’ve been indoctrinated to believe in a different God or who don’t believe at all.  This person makes the assumption that all who aren’t Jesus-ites must have turned against him.  And doesn’t God say he will kill the unbelievers, and didn’t Christ say to bring all unbelievers to him and slay them before his eyes?  Yes, that’s in your Holy Book.

Another writes that, “Starting an atheist club is the worst thing I could think of doing at a school.”   Hmmmmm… Worse than using the students for drug trials or chemical war tests?  Worse than teaching them that Muhammad is the one true god and all others shall be slain?  I can think of many things that would be worse.

Another writes, “that’s not gonna fly”.  Watch and learn.

Like Parent – Like Child

From the adults, the comments get no better.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 4.21.31 PM


It requires no Rocket Surgery degree to see why so many students are ill-informed – their parents are often no wiser.

Enter the intellectuals, the skeptics, the humanists…

One student contacted Kalei and decided to do a story on her blog.  Mia Renee Cole is a student at Pisgah High, she is the DECA chapter VP and an alumni with the Washington Journal and Media Conference.  Her blog post today inspired me.  It gave me hope seeing such wise youth using their voices in defending the rights of others.

Her article on Kalei’s quest for the Secular Student Alliance club impressed me so much that I began to read some other articles she’d written.  One jumped out at me because it’s on Feminism and her support thereof.  You can read that here: Man, I Feel Like A Woman!

Thank you Mia!  You’re awesome.



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