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Max Mills Vs. Skeptic Cash Debate

MaxVs.Facts Debate

Does the old testament law take an unethical stance on slavery and rape?  My 2nd formal atheist debate was a little overwhelming.  Not only was I not prepared to rebut Max’s incessant appeals to other texts which attempt to soften the ideas of rape and slavery, I was probably out informed.

Although I’m very familiar with the KJV Bible, I’m not the chosen one for atheist debates with these squirmy apologists or those presuppositionalists.  However, I enjoyed myself and hopefully others will find some value in the prose.

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3 thoughts on “Max Mills Vs. Skeptic Cash Debate”

  1. Un-freakin’-believable! Within the first ten minutes….!

    Cash makes a statement about the “mental gymnastics” Christians must engage in to somehow justify and explain away all the crazy slavery and rape-related shit found in their divinely inspired holy book….. and the christian replies that he will NOT be engaging in any such gymnastics or justifications, before IMMEDIATELY launching into a 10 min. rebuttal which is literally 100% composed of such justifications!!!!

    Max Mills calmly explains why laws like “a rapist must marry his victim” aren’t REALLY so bad: it’s all within the context of their old-timey society, you see! And anyway it’s all fine because these ancient laws were only meant to be followed by fellow Jews! (It’s not so bad since only *Jewish women* were being forced to marry their rapists… and anyway it’s for the rape victim’s own good!!!!! No one wanted to marry a rape victim back then!!!! Didn’t you know that Cash???)

    And don’t forget that old chestnut about how slavery in the bible isn’t *REALLY* slavery! I mean, it’s not like SLAVERY slavery, you see…. it’s more like a non-coercive friendly indentured servitude! Yes….a non-coercive friendly indentured servitude where another human being owns you, owns your wife and children, and is permitted by god to severely beat you; as long as you don’t die, of course…. god doesn’t like you to beat your slaves all the way to death.

    Great job Max Mills! <3 <3 <3

      1. Cash, just wanted to add that your closing remarks were spot on. You point out that Yahweh had no problem dispensing all kinds of divine commandments about who to sleep with, what kind of work to do on which day…. and yet Yahweh (and Jesus!) couldn’t be bothered to enlighten humanity about more important matters like *not owning humans as slaves*… curious, innit!

        I was pleased to hear you throw in a couple “bulllshits!”. “It’s bullshit.”

        Max responded with a half-hearted “cool!”.

        Your comments really re-calibrated everything after listening to a half-hour of Max’s hoop jumping. These are good and decent laws in the context of their society, goddamnit!!!

        Max’s entire debate performance was basically one big argument for *subjective morality*, which is something apologists spend a lot of time adamantly disavowing. Btw, in Max’s response he flat-out states he does NOT find ancient Jewish society to be “barbaric”.

        A society which permits and promotes these “laws”, on holy authority from god or not, regardless of time or place, is a barbaric society, in my humble opinion… I guess that’s just a fundamental disagreement we have with Max 😉

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