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The Bible…So Many Things Are Just Wrong

Howdy folk!

Professor Stephen Here.

In our last podcast I mentioned this email:

Hey Cash, Prof.Steven and Rachel,

I really enjoy your podcast and listen to it regularly.

After decades of evangelical brainwashing and once reading the Bible from cover to cover seven times in a two year period, I have become a full blooded atheist. The attached Word document contains some organized talking points that I originally prepared for myself for the frequent discussions I have with various Christians. I thought I would share it with a few people for whatever it is worth…maybe just a couple of quick talking points.

Keep up the great work. You all take care.


Tim Zeak

Well, I was remiss in that I said that I was going to post the document that was attached in a blog post after the show, and then it slipped my mind. Well, Tim was kind enough to remind me so here it is. Definitely worth a read.

Here is the link (click on it and it will take to another page where you can download the document):

The Bible…So Many Things Are Just Wrong


-Prof S

074 – Playing Yahweh’s Advocate at ReAsonCon 2015

Professor Stephen Goes to ReAsonCon and plays Yahweh’s Advocate with all the drunken atheists that are willing to talk to him. This includes:

Andrew Garber of Atheist Roundtable

Andy Cowen of O’RLY Radio Show

Heretic Woman of Atheists on Air: Beyond the Trailerpark

The Weeb

Callie Wright of Gaytheist Manifesto

That Sandi Girl of The Imaginary Friend Show

Bobby Carry and miss Ashley of No Religion Required

Phil Ferguson of The Phil Ferguson Show

Matthew TheApostle of In The Name Of god – The Podcast

Zachralidge Law

David Smaley of Dogma Debate

Rene Davis Pelt

Noah Lugeons, Heath Enwright, and Lucinda Lugeons of Scathing Atheist

Bill and Susie of Barroom Atheist

Cecil of Cognitive Dissonance

Hugh Mann