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045 – Coexist – Dave Silverman – American Atheists – Blood Moons

Super Gay Soldiers prepare to kill the Christians, Jesus is coming back soon (so says the blood moon and Hagee), Homeless Jesus, Obama needs to be removed so Jesus can save ‘Merica, It’s now a crime to be a Christian and much, much more.

Mr. Atheist Pants

Our guest tonight was the one and only Dave Silverman the President of American Atheists.  Dave shared much about the upcoming American Atheist Convention.  Tickets are now only available at the door, but they still have plenty available.

Dave also shared the importance of COMING OUT!  Eat babies at the table with the rest of us.

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We received a comment on the atheist on air blog this week.  And I quote:  Atheist and Theist should stop arguing about who is right or wrong. The world will be a better place if we all just start being better people. Love your fellowman and show him that you do. Stop blogging about it and start being about it…..that goes for both sides

In short:  Why can’t we all just get along – lil doggies?

This argument that it can all be fixed with tolerance and maybe the displaying of a Coexist bumper sticker on your car is absurd.  The religious have a code that’s represented by the dogma of their particular set of beliefs.

In most religions and for the sake of brevity, I’ll stick to one, the Christian Dogma.  It says that unbelievers are to be killed, that’s new testament red letter jesus said i and I believe it shit right there.

From the beginning, the Bible pours our a litany of codes and edicts that if adhered to, then it makes impossible the concept of getting along.  The dogma is completely contradictory to that goal.

So the blog commenter is unknowingly telling the Religious to stop believing and following their doctrines, which is exactly what the fuck we atheists are already doing.

He’s simply preaching to the wrong crowd.

These types of remarks and comments cause me to throw up a little bit.  Sure you can claim that you believe we should all get along, but in order to do so you must first destroy their coveted and strongly held beliefs dictated by an invisible man in the sky.

Another one that causes me more angst, is the ignorance behind those touting religion as a force for good upon the earth.

What good?  I’ve heard the arguments given by the likes of Tony Blair, Dinesh D’Souza, John Onaiyekan, Anne Witacum and others.  Yet not one reasonable claim.  All claims are borrowed from the works of mankind and touted by religion.


Their works are manifested in the gold laden halls of their churches and synagogues, their works proudly stand as temples and churches across the land, they own ranches, cattle, theme parks, planes, mansions, cities and power.

None of which bolster or improve humanity.  Sure, good people within a religion can do good things but for religion to claim their works –  as the source —- is dishonest.

One could say that Love and I do good works and then Hanes and Victoria Secret could claim reward because we wear their undergarments.

Religion could do good works.  It could funnel all funds back into the community via it’s members and their works.

Some will claim that the church helped pay the electric bills of the elderly, that it helped find it’s members jobs, that it runs a food bank feeding others and that it has built homes in other lands, but all those works are but insignificant compared to the volumes of funds collected.


If religious organizations disappeared today would humanity suffer?  Would anyone notice their absence?  I’m asking would there any significant ill effects?

The largest religious organizations, The Southern Baptists, the Mormons and the Catholics hold huge reserves of wealth.  Any of these could provide the end to Worldwide hunger and death by starvation tomorrow if they chose.  Yet largely their efforts are to influence public policy, to restrict who can do what with whom in what way and in the privacy of their own bedrooms.  Instead they use their wealth  influencing policy that restricts the rights of others, that inhibits a woman’s abilities to do with her body as she chooses, to challenge science, to encourage ignorance and to create guilt from thin air so as to guarantee the coffers are overflowing.


Combined these religious groups and sects are the largest recipients of public welfare.  They contribute annually to the debt of the nation while schools, science, exploration and humanitarian efforts are lacking funds.


Religion is the welfare queen that Ronald Reagan should have denounced.  Instead he set the blame on the shoulders of the least able.

Religion is the real gateway drug, it’s administered liberally to those least able to reason, it’s responsible for the inerrant ideologies and superstitions about demons, witches, evil, the devils, crop circles, aliens, area 51, homeopathy, ion cleansing, ghosts, goblins and the list goes on and on.


They indoctrinate the young minds and create a cycle of ignorance that’s harm becomes perpetual.


To say religion does good while ignoring it’s bad can be likened to the Nazi sympathizers who tout the breakthroughs in science during the war.  The Nazi party invested much time and lives into discoveries such as rockets, hypothermia, forensics, pharmaceuticals and more.


To claim a benefit from religion one must remain willfully ignorant or be immoral.  Religion is responsible for the rampant aids epidemic, for inequality and racism in America, Religion is responsible in the resurrection of disease over the past few years, religion is responsible for untold amounts of psychological damage to children in their threats of hell and eternal damnation, religion is responsible for most of the lack in sex education and the overwhelming evidence that these lacking children have much higher occurrence of teen pregnancy, STI’s, drop out rates and child abuse.


I could go on and on and show that almost every ill of society can be attributed in some way to religion and it’s corrupt doctrines.


Dare not to inform us that religion does good and that belief is beneficial and don’t think for a second that your idle ignorant babble about coexisting and peace mean a god damn thing.  These useless statements stand only to demonstrate your overwhelming ignorance and your unabated fucktardedness!  You are either immoral or a fool and either way:  FUCK YOU!

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