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060 – Atheism Is – Atheists Are

Become a master, last week we learned about atoms and this week we learned about Quantum stuffs.  So next time you sit down with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Lawrence Krauss or any of the other brainiacs, you’ll feel right at home.  Thanks to Professor Stephen we are getting what our Science Teachers thought we were.

Other Stuff

We learned another fallacy, another cognitive bias and we forged on with callers, Pastor Roy and Catfish Creek Trailer Park and the entire time we were graced with the beautiful bald man, David Michael from the My Book Of Mormon Podcast.

Shujin Tribble joined us too!  Little Tribble is having a birthday soon and we even sang her a song.  Thanks to generous donors over at http:aoa.fm/joinffrf we were able to sponsor 5 more people and one of those being a family.

The show was interrupted with a bad internet connection and we lost the feed, but fear not.  Clicking play above will allow you to hear the entire show with no interruptions, even the 22 minutes we ran over and heard from several AOA callers to our voicemail line.  You can leave a message too: 828.565.1262

Rant Script

Atheism ain’t an ism!  To be an atheist only requires disbelief in invisible, immoral and narcissistic sky daddies – in other words: A God.  We don’t believe in a god.  That’s it.  We are not a religion, just like the fans of your high school football team aren’t a religion.  Religion is by definition a set of beliefs which include a superhuman, supernatural and invisible sky daddy, in other words: A set of beliefs concerning a god.

Atheism is a religion like off is a tv chanel, like abstinence is a sex position, like bald is a hair color and like not collecting stamps is a hobby.  Atheism doesn’t make a statement of fact, it doesn’t say, there is no god or gods.  It simply denotes disbelief.  I don’t believe in a god, therefore I’m an atheist by definition.

Gnosticism deals with knowledge and yes, I’m a agnostic atheist.  Which means I don’t have any knowledge or proofs for a god, hence agnostic ( I do not know) and atheism, I don’t believe.  Agnostic atheist equals someone who doesn’t know and doesn’t believe in a god or gods.


Simple really.

And you ask why atheists seem so much alike, as in most of us our humanists and liberals?  Well that’s very simple.  Once you discard the ignorant and unsubstantiated claims, edicts, morals and rules religion imposes on your mind, you find that your priorities change.  We love more, we respect life more, we seek peace more, we know that there exists not one shred of evidence that anything exists for us personally after death and so we choose to take advantage and enjoy this one life, this one opportunity to enjoy the company of others, to help others, to secure the future of humanity and to experience anything we want that doesn’t harm another.  No conscience which screams out when we drink, when we masturbate, when we take on multiple sex partners or when we spend the day without reverence for imaginary beings.  Yes, we have many of the same ideas about equality, humanity, life, death and certainly we all agree that we don’t believe in a god, but we aren’t really a team.  To me, that is unfortunate, but there are conservative atheists who believe in aliens and I’d sooner not be in that group.  However, the majority and especially those who came from within the rancid belly of religious upbringings, we almost always agree and stand together and fight against the harmful religious dogma that exists.


Many of us our mad and it’s evidenced in our rants and in our attitude towards the continual indoctrination of future generations through blatant violations and ignorance towards the great wall of separation, towards the sciences and to those born to equally ignorant parents who happen to worship a different god than you.

We can’t leave it alone, we can’t just ignore it, we’ve seen what results when religion rules the earth – the dark ages provide all the proof one needs.


But we have more.  We have states which are teeming with the willfully ignorant, superstitious and zealous.  These states proudly ignore federal laws of separation, they often are led by equally ignorant religious bigots and the results are horrid.


These states, these bible belt states, where the majority are fervent christians, adhering to bronze aged morals and misogynistic ideologies, these states enjoy the highest per capita ratios of teen pregnancy, child abuse, spouse abuse, incarcerations and high school drop outs.  The effects of which produce the highest number of welfare recipients across the nation.


You’d expect to see just the opposite wouldn’t you?  Shouldn’t the most faithfully religious cities, towns, counties and states –  stand out for being the opposite of all those I mentioned?


Your delusional ideas of afterlives with golden streets and cherubs hinder progress.  It’s your team of religious nutters who fight against the sciences that allow you to live longer, to drive faster and eat better.  It’s your crowd of sheep who fight against progress at every turn.

Christians scream as if they are being persecuted because now, many are stepping forward to stop your illegal encroachments, your unfair tax breaks, your demonizing of the sciences, your distortion of education and your constant proselytizing.  It’s a new day, with the proliferation of knowledge has come social media, wikipedia, online dictionaries, educational programming and much more.  These wonderful inventions have made it possible that the firmly indoctrinated teens will be exposed to the contrary.  They, from their smart phones and tablets will be exposed, they will be introduced to facts, logic and reason.

As the years go by, more and more will find truth and will discard their childhood beliefs and as we are seeing now, change will come.  It will come in the shape of groups like the American Atheists, groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the Secular Student Alliance, these groups who fight against the violations, the inequality and the abuse by religion.  The member rolls will grow and the voices and support of many will fund the legal battles to stop it all.  To rid our money from in god we trust, this motto of the united states, a modern addition from 1956 and a very illegal one will eventually be removed.


Eventually teachers will be able to teach about evolution without the fear of angry parents launching attacks and teachers will be able to exclude those hypothesis and theories that are absent evidence.  In the US, there are hundreds upon hundreds of public school teachers forced to teach about creationism.  This fairytale of how things got started that has absolutely no evidence for it’s claims is taught with our tax dollars to young impressionable minds and it’s absolutely 100% bullshit!


In our public schools we have teachers who can’t teach proper sex education and instead must preach abstinence.  Meanwhile these schools, these public schools enjoy the highest teen pregnancy rates and the highest STD rates in the nation.

Yet, the preachers and pastors will ignore the facts and continue to support the ignorance that is written inside their holy books.


Religion does harm, it harms children each and every day.  Teaching a child about heaven and hell and the immoral edicts of your imaginary sky daddy – Is evil, it’s child abuse and it should be made a crime.


I’m all for allowing anyone one to believe anything they want, worship zeus, thor, Jesus, muhammad or a tomato – I couldn’t give two shits less.  But these inhumane, these misogynistic, these racist and bigoted beliefs are enforced, encouraged or begin to be accepted by society, I draw the line.  Standing proudly on the shoulders of our founding fathers and stepping atop the great wall of separation between church and state, I’ll scream, I’ll sue and I’ll call you out for each and every single incursion or attempt made.

This is when your religious teachings encourage actions that violate another – they should be stopped.  It’s when you can’t be satisfied enough by deluding your own children and you attempt it on mine.  Hell, you shouldn’t be able to promote hate and intolerance with your own children.  When your teaching a child, whether yours or not that homosexuality is bad, that premarital sex is a sin, that a devil exists and can get them, you are committing child abuse and that shouldn’t be allowed… period.


Have you ever considered your beliefs at all?  What religion was your parents or their parents?  What religion is most abundant in the city or town in which you live?  There is a over a 90% chance that – that is your religion too.


Ever consider what religion you’d be if born in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia?  Why is it that most every single Pakistany is Muslim?  They have the spiritual experiences that solidified the indoctrinations they received as children, just as you do.  Almost 2 Billion of them, all have some personal story or feeling that they can’t deny about Muhammad.  The Hindus, they do too.  But actually those experiences and feelings, they are just life, but if your life was like mine, they served as confirmation of my beliefs all the while I ignored anything to the contrary.  Those unanswered prayers that were far more common, those atrocities committed on innocence and the facts when they opposed my beliefs, all those, simply relegated to the back of my mind, dismissed and ignored forever.


No one has come back from death and shown proof of anything.  Near Death Experiences can be duplicated with magnets near the brain.  They are in fact only a product of a dying brain.

How is it that when Hindu sees a loved one who’s passed, it’s often in form of a cow, how come Muslims see Muhammad, how come is it, that you know with such conviction that all other religions are false but accept the evidence-free religion you’ve chosen.


And if you think your morals come from the bible, then why would you pick up a dying child and seek help while your god will let it be.  20,000 children die daily from starvation and your god does nothing.

You and I would stop a murdering rapist from harming a child, even sacrificing our own lives, but if not seen by a man’s eyes, your God, he will do nothing and that child will be harmed.

You mean to tell me that without the Bible you would steal, kill, rape and harm?  Or could that be the well formed ideas you were indoctrinated with.


Your bible makes it very clear that we can own slaves, in fact your Jesus tells slaves to suffer the good and bad masters and to obey.  10 commandments and he didn’t have room for the abolishment of the cruel and evil slavery?


Would you own another human?  Why not?  Your God is perfectly fine with it.  Especially if they are from another region or tribe.


What about rape?  Would that be ok in your book?  Well it is!  Your bible and it’s God condones rape and even offers specific instruction on how to get it done and who to pay.


But somehow, unless you are mentally impaired or a sociopath, you wouldn’t rape, you wouldn’t own another human, you wouldn’t sell your daughter into slavery and you wouldn’t offer her as a sacrifice.  You probably wouldn’t kill an unbeliever either but your bible and yes, even your new jesus loves you most testament condones and even orders much of this.  In fact Jesus commanded you to abide and obey every single one of the 613 old testament laws.  He goes further to tell you if you find a non believer such as myself, you are to kill me.

Yet, here I am.  Your morals are innate and most certainly don’t derive from the Bible.


Here’s what you can do.  You can stop bitching and moaning as we take back our governments and return them to their secular nature, as we undo the inequality in our laws and morals, as we restore and encourage equality for all women, children and yes, even the brown ones, you can just sit back, pout all the way to church and all the way to home again, you can pray to magic JUJU or magic beans, to Jesus or Thor to stop our actions, you can complain to the other sheep, you can call it unfair, you can be the little bitches that you are and you can call it all evil, but don’t you dare think you are getting another inch of our rights and our space.  Don’t think just because you can rally the equally ignorant to cry with you that it will make one goddamn difference.  We are here and there are many more on the way. Not even once more will we stand by as you usurp our rights and our freedoms.


Fortunately for you, we don’t wan’t reparations or apologies, fortunately for you, we don’t even want revenge.  We simply want equal rights, we want your insane, bronzed aged, sheep fucking, goat herding, semiliterate, immoral, misogynistic, homophobic and racist beliefs out of our lives and off our fucking government.


And what you’ll find; your life and your worshipping invisible and imaginary beings will be ok with us.  We won’t ever attempt to reduce your rights.  You’ll find that we will carry on enjoying our lives and watching humanities achievements.  The fight will be over.  All over.  You’ll have your religion, you’ll have your rights, but you won’t ever again take ours.  Never again will your religious bullshit infect the disease of ignorance on society.  Children will be free to think, learn and reason outside your home and your control ——and all of humanity will prosper for it.  Women will be able to express themselves any way they choose, there will be no more glass ceilings, no more unequal pay and no more your meddling in their bodies.  Brown people, black people and the blue ones too will share equally in the available knowledge and opportunity  — for in the public sphere, there will be no more proud rantings from your insane crowd.  No longer will you demand, no longer will you enforce your morals and ideologies and your beliefs on another.  Babies will suffer no more medically unnecessary genital mutilations and no more holy men sucking on their penises.


It’s over.  Fuck you it’s over.  The writings on the wall, your jesus failed you, he doesn’t exist, didn’t exist and his fucking morals suck ass anyway.  From the bottom of my heart, fuck you, fuck your Sarah Palins, your Jimmy Swagarts, Your  Billy Grahams, your Ken Copelands and Joyce Meyers’s.  Fuck you all and good riddance.  While you’re rotting in a grave one day, while your atoms return to the universe, your children, your grandchildren and your great grand children will know and they will enjoy this one life.  Because right now we’ve taken a stand, and fuck you – if you don’t like it or like us.  Humanity will thank us later.