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052 – Your Saints Weren’t Great

Mother “fucking” Teresa inspired my rant this week and caused me to dig up dirt on these religious icons that so many think are just fucking awesome.

The Fuck You Rant

Mother Teresa – Required thousands suffer so they could be kissed by Jesus
Ghandi – A racist who slept nude with children to test his vow of chastity
Dalai Lama – Enslaved his people under the serf-based system
Joseph Smith & Brigham Young – Child marrying polygamist, polyandrous frauds

Yet millions will lie prostrate before their “heroes” while ignoring the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

(Rant Script Below)

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Woo Woo – Snake Oil Science

Professor Stephen rejoined us for the continuation on the power of “Earthing”.  This process allows you to exchange electrons with the earth thereby curing every ailment known to man – or not.


lucifers young ladies podcastMy beautiful daughters, Phoebe and Kalei have started their own podcast.  You can find them on Facebook and over at LYL.fm.  Their first podcast was released last week and already they have formed a following of over 200 and have had almost 300 downloads on Spreaker. You can find them now on Stitcher.com and soon on iTunes.

I believe this is the first every atheist teen podcast and I think it will encourage, support and help other teens feel more comfortable in their disbelief.  This upcoming episode they interview a local high school junior. Mia Renee Cole is a writer and blogger and is working on her paper about Abstinence Only Programs in our public schools.

ReAsonCon II Speakers Announced

  • Tracie Harris
  • Beth Presswood
  • Matt Dillahunty
  • Heina Dadabhoy
  • David Fitzgerald
  • Phil Ferguson
  • Roast by Scathing Atheist team
  • No Religion Required
  • Lucifer’s Young Ladies

Snake Oil Science – Woo Woo

Professor Stephen finally joined us again to finish up his “earthing” and “grounding” report from two weeks ago.  It’s the cure all method for anyone and soon you will see our hospitals all gone.

Catfish Creek Trailer Park

Cecil calls in to tell us why Rupert got thrown in jail.  Pastor Roy takes off his hat for a little politicking.


Show Notes

Your Saints Weren’t Great and We Are the Savior

This week a study conducted by Canadian academics who painstakingly wallered through 96 percent of any and all original literature on the Catholic Icon known as… Mother Teresa was released.  The study confirms that what many have said and collaborates the evidence presented by the late Christopher Hitchens in his book entitled The Missionary Position.


For those seeking the truth, the evidence is overwhelming, most of these famous religious icons are ass sucking scum.  Ghandi was a racist who also slept nude with children to test his chastity vow and would rid his followers of constipation with a short stroke in the brown eye, The Dalai Lama was a theological dictator who enslaved his own people through the serf-based culture he created and Mother Fucker Teresa was a scum sucking malevolent bitch.


It is estimated that she collected over 50 million in offerings for her cause, most of which built indoctrination centers for new nuns and the rest went to the Vatican.  She collected millions of dollars that would have gone a long ways to help the impoverished in the worst areas.  Her entire operation was run on an idea of pain and suffering being the keys to putting you close to God.  From stories of those who died from curable ailments such as urinary tract infections to those who were terminally ill and in great pain left to suffer.  She would administer only prayer and instruct the workers to do the same.


You can watch recordings from inside these hellish hospice type centers she built.  Hundreds lie on blankets or makeshift cots, all dying and all in pain.  It’s been witnessed, her using the same needles on multiple patients while delivering a useless saline injection.

And I quote:  “I think it is very beautiful for the poor to accept their lot, to share it with the passion of Christ. I think the world is being much helped by the suffering of the poor people.”


And another:  “Pain and suffering have come into your life, but remember pain, sorrow, suffering are but the kiss of Jesus – a sign that you have come so close to Him that He can kiss you.”


Well Fuck you and White Jesus can keep his kiss!  She spent much of her time raising funds, visiting world leaders and dignitaries.  Flying from one fundraiser to another in the comfort of her catholic jet all the while bowed over with her monkey bread wrinkly ass face looking so humble and pure.


So what do the religious leaders do, they bend the rules and they make her a saint.  Just like every goddamned super hero from every sect, they are touted as saints, as holy – as direct sewage pipes to god himself.


The Mormons have Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, two leaders who abused women, killed those who disagreed and robbed their followers.  Every religion I can think of has some mythicized wise man type and if you research it, they all were narcissistic fucktards who caused others harm.


What bothers me most is that they’re still held in the highest regard.  They are idolized and worshipped regardless the facts to the contrary.  How can this be?  We aren’t talking about some mythological jesus man who walked on water and the lack of evidence to contradict the claims.  With these fucknuts, we have the evidence, overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  We know Joseph Smith was a fraud, we know Mother fucker Teresa was the epitome of evil and we know that L. Ron Hubbard was completely full of shit.


Yet millions will gather on holy days, they will lie prostrate, they will give of their hard earned money and they will encourage the continued cycle of the indoctrination of fear.  These are adults, with brains and yet they care not for the facts.


The fear of hell and the fear of reprisal from the imaginary is too much!  How immoral, how dishonest and how insane!  You have the opportunity, the information is but a click away to understand you’ve been duped, that the invisible and the nonexistent are synonyms and you could join us in ridding the world of these horrid and harmful doctrines.


But wait there’s more.  With your new found knowledge you get peace, you get understanding, you get to love and cherish every moment of every day knowing there is no afterlife, no virgins, no glory, no singing and no worship.


You’ll be a part of the solution now.  You’ll understand the value of life like never before.  No more praying for those in need, you’ll be a part of the people that actually get shit done.


No longer will you spread the propaganda of lies, no longer will you instill fear and no longer will you fear.  There is no sin, there is no devil and there is no hell.  You get this one life, this one opportunity to make a difference, to help your fellow woman and man.  You can leave a legacy thats effects ripple for all time, that kind gesture, that support of human rights, that love that extends beyond your religious group – those deeds will be the ones that are felt for throughout the centuries.  You’ll be a part of the smaller group who actually made a difference.  Your encouraging others to think for themselves, to live for now and to use reason and logic are what will help us all.


You weren’t here for the before and won’t know about the after, but your life here matters immensely.  Far grander than the saintliest saints, your self aware and meaningful actions will be what the future humanity worships.  No stone tablets, no golden books, no magic stones and rosary beads – no one will lie prostrate before an image of you – instead they will be free and free because you and me.





Well this common core education program has the panties of the old church bittys all bunched the fuck up.  And you may be asking, what the hell is common core:  State education chiefs and governors in 48 states came together to develop the Common Core, a set of clear college- and career-ready standards for kindergarten through 12th grade in English language arts/literacy and mathematics. Today, 44 states have voluntarily adopted and are working to implement the standards, which are designed to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to take credit bearing introductory courses in two- or four-year college programs or enter the workforce.



You know, they can’t stand it.  How dare they teach children sex education.  My daughters Phoebe and Kalei are working on this weeks Lucifers Young Ladies Podcast and had a guest for the show with them yesterday.  They discussed the harms caused by abstinence only programs and how the rightwing fucktnuts are opposed to the facts, the contradictory evidence that shows this harm.  I can promise you will enjoy the show.  So check them out , lyl on facebook or lyl.fm


Prophet Glenn Beck says we will be begging for dogs to be sicced on us.  http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/beck-it-becoming-badge-eternal-dishonor-be-american-citizen  You don’t want no American Passport


In the I has a retarted sperm and you can hear him preach segment:  The Rev. John Hagee’s son tells us that the weather is a sign of jesus’s return.  So give now muthafuckas and buy yourself some salvation.  http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/hagee-it-not-climate-change-its-imminent-return-jesus-christ


The defense attorneys for the Catholic church stated that they are no liable for the molesting priest because it’s not part of his official duties.  Well goddammit.  I thought with as many cases as we hear each month about pedophile priests that it had to be in their contract somewhere.



In California, a church which is part of the Southern Baptist convention has switched which Jesus they worship.  Becoming a part of the Third Way church that withholds judgement on the LGBT community.  This after the pastors son came out as gay.  members voted to keep the pastor.  http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/06/02/ca-baptist-congregation-changes-view-on-homosexuality-after-pastors-son-comes-out/


By the way, I was reading the annual profile report for the Southern BC and saw that in 2013 they took in 11 Billion 209,655,950   Now worries though, they gave back over 1 billion to the mission work.


In weird news coming from the Huffington Post…



SC just held their Superintendent of Education republican debate a few days ago.  Here is the answers given to the question about the states science curriculum.  37:57  and 40:58 thru… end of hers.  Then to 44:39   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucOWPaavmP0&feature=youtu.be&t=41m35s


Opponents of candidate Heidi Cambell in Oak Hill TN where she is running for the commissioner seat have found her out.  On her website they’ve found she likes a group called secular humanist.  http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2014/05/30/theres-an-anti-atheist-smear-campaign-going-on-against-a-candidate-for-oak-hill-tn-commissioner/



The remains of 800 children were discovered



042 – The Cognitive Dissonance Crew – Gods Inept

Episode 042 – The Cognitive Dissonance Crew – Gods Inept
With the subtlety of a bulldozer we annihilated the Christian God.  Sure, you can dismiss it all and hold to some feely good ignorant idea that your God has his reasons for allowing such harm but we recognize this as equally immoral.  Your justification and rationalizations are what is wrong with religion and its horrid belief system.

Fame & Fortune Are Ours Now

Having the likes of Cecil and Tom on our show bolds well for our credibility.  Tom & Cecil have been podfucking your ears for years and they bring with them many new listeners to the AOA podcast family.  You could liken their appearance on our show with Christopher Hitchens debating some obscure apologist.

The reward in their appearance was certainly one sided and for that we are pleased.  Cognitive Dissonance is one of my all time favorite podcasts and it’s crew, Tom & Cecil are brilliant.  They are funny, sarcastic, skeptical and have an uncanny ability in making the best out of the worst.

You can follow them at www.DissonancePod.com

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Hillbilly Rant

I don’t understand how you can rationalize or flat out dismiss the problems here.  If we are to believe your God exists, then we are to understand that your God is all good (omnibenevolent)  – all powerful (omnipotent) all knowing (omniscient) and is everywhere (omnipresent).


Yet we see innocence shattered in the rape and murder of children.  How does your God who is everywhere, specifically at the scene of the crime, knows the outcome, is all good and can prevent the violence and destruction of life, – but does nothing? Is this possible?


Let’s say that you and I are grilling out on the balcony of my home.  Below we see the dilapidated home that was recently vacated by it’s previous owner after the bank foreclosed.


We see a van pull in the driveway and watch a man pulling a child from the sliding door.  The child is tied up and is still kicking and screaming as the man takes her over his shoulder and heads into the home through the back door.


We watch as he tosses her inside and returns with tape to cover her mouth.


We see him begin to unbutton and unzip his pants as he kicks off his shoes.


We can only think the worst, this man is about to rape this little innocent child and may possibly kill her afterwards.


What would we do?

a: Call the police

b: Run to her rescue and attempt even at the risk of our own lives to save her

c: Continue grilling our burgers as we watch the horror unfold


A moral human being, regardless of religion and regardless of which deity we are affiliated would act with options A and B.


Yet your God, your omni benevolent, your omnipotent, your omnipresent, your omniscient God would do nothing.  Save for possibly putting hesitation into the conscience of the attacker that his actions may cost him an eternity in hell.


However this has been shown ineffective in the shear volume of kidnappings and rapes globally.


Your God goes one step further as well.  According to his holy writings and the translations spoken by his sacred mouthpieces on earth, he provides an escape plan from this eternal damnation.  He says, repent and all will be forgiven, follow me, believe on me and all your sins will be washed away.


If this act goes unwitnessed (as thousands do) and the abuser repents, then never will there be justice.  We will only have a destroyed life, we will only have parents without child who grieve forever.


Can you imagine you and I choosing option C.  Eventually finding the body, the police canvas the neighborhood and ask if we have seen anything.  We tell of how we watched the events unfold from my deck and how we didn’t want to get involved.  We excuse our inactions with the rhetoric of destroying the free will given to the abuser by God.


What sane being would allow such?  What person or deity with the power to help would choose to allow such an act?


Yet, your God does.  Daily your god will watch as children are taken to never be seen again, he’ll watch as thousands of children below 5 years of age suffer for weeks before succumbing to the effects of starvation and dying.  He’ll watch as 1500 innocent women and girls will be raped today.


I was friends with Ted Bundy.  He was my idol and although I didn’t like the brutal rapes and murders he did, I knew he had his reasons and that I couldn’t understand them.  He did so much good too.  He helped the elderly cross the road, and often committed random acts of kindness.  He told how he took a little girl in Lake City Florida and how he forced objects into her vagina, how he bit her and how he killed her.  He shared the details with me of how he took the two girls in Tallahassee and inserted a broom stick into their vaginas rupturing their internal organs, how he bit off their nipples and how he continued torturing until their deaths.  It saddened me and even sickened me, but I forgave him when he told me he wouldn’t do it anymore.  I knew he had his reasons and that I just couldn’t understand.


Does that sound just completely bat shit crazy?  Of course it does!  Yet you will use the same reasoning to dismiss the atrocities allowed by your God.  You will rationalize it with the immoral rhetoric that those victims are now at peace, that God works in mysterious ways and that his ways are beyond us and unknowable.


I didn’t know Ted Bundy, but I did go to school at the same time in Lake City when that man took Kimberly Leach and brutally murdered her.  I didn’t understand it then and don’t understand it now, but if I knew that someone could have prevented it and didn’t, I would consider that person the same as Ted Bundy.  I would consider them just as malicious and malevolent as the abuser themselves and certainly wouldn’t excuse their inactions.


You may say that it’s the work of the devil, but who made the devil?  Would your parents who love you unconditionally be moral if they slipped a venomous snake into your crib as you slept?  Then how can God be moral for slipping Satan into our world?


Your free-will argument is invalid and immoral.

Your blame on Satan is just one fictional character away in the hierarchy of evil and your willful dismissal is unthinkably immoral.


If after hearing this you can still rationalize your God’s inactions, if you can still worship him, love him and dismiss such fatal flaws, then fuck you.  Fuck you from the bottom of my heart.  I say fuck you for every child abused, raped, murdered, starved and neglected.


Quote from your God:  I form the light, and create darkness:  I make peace, and create evil: I the lord do all these things.  Isaiah 45:7


If you were hungry and I made you a sandwich that included ham, lettuce, turkey, bacon but also included a slab of human shit, would you eat it?  Would you rationalize the good to overcome the bad?  Hell no, you wouldn’t.

So why would you choose to eat from the shit sandwich of religion which includes rape, murder, slavery, abuse and molestation?