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Professor Uses Atheists On Air Woo Woo Segment For Students

This isn’t just fun and games anymore.  Shit just got real!  After hearing Professor Stephen’s Snake Oil Woo Woo segment, Prof. Nick decided to use it for his class of students and interns.

Thank you for making my lecture today a little more exciting for my students/ interns. The “wo-wo” segment on Chelation by Professor Stephen was a big hit. My students laughed their asses off, and I don’t think a single student played on their iPhone during the entire lecture.
The subject was a basic overview of how Chelating compounds binds too and expels heavy metals from the body.
I have decided to make this a regular part of my class as long as it relates to the subject matter.
Many, many thanks.
Please find attached a couple of pictures you are welcome to use if find them a fun as I do.

If you missed the show from last Monday, here it is.


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