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074 – Playing Yahweh’s Advocate at ReAsonCon 2015

Professor Stephen Goes to ReAsonCon and plays Yahweh’s Advocate with all the drunken atheists that are willing to talk to him. This includes:

Andrew Garber of Atheist Roundtable

Andy Cowen of O’RLY Radio Show

Heretic Woman of Atheists on Air: Beyond the Trailerpark

The Weeb

Callie Wright of Gaytheist Manifesto

That Sandi Girl of The Imaginary Friend Show

Bobby Carry and miss Ashley of No Religion Required

Phil Ferguson of The Phil Ferguson Show

Matthew TheApostle of In The Name Of god – The Podcast

Zachralidge Law

David Smaley of Dogma Debate

Rene Davis Pelt

Noah Lugeons, Heath Enwright, and Lucinda Lugeons of Scathing Atheist

Bill and Susie of Barroom Atheist

Cecil of Cognitive Dissonance

Hugh Mann

042 – The Cognitive Dissonance Crew – Gods Inept

Episode 042 – The Cognitive Dissonance Crew – Gods Inept
With the subtlety of a bulldozer we annihilated the Christian God.  Sure, you can dismiss it all and hold to some feely good ignorant idea that your God has his reasons for allowing such harm but we recognize this as equally immoral.  Your justification and rationalizations are what is wrong with religion and its horrid belief system.

Fame & Fortune Are Ours Now

Having the likes of Cecil and Tom on our show bolds well for our credibility.  Tom & Cecil have been podfucking your ears for years and they bring with them many new listeners to the AOA podcast family.  You could liken their appearance on our show with Christopher Hitchens debating some obscure apologist.

The reward in their appearance was certainly one sided and for that we are pleased.  Cognitive Dissonance is one of my all time favorite podcasts and it’s crew, Tom & Cecil are brilliant.  They are funny, sarcastic, skeptical and have an uncanny ability in making the best out of the worst.

You can follow them at www.DissonancePod.com

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Hillbilly Rant

I don’t understand how you can rationalize or flat out dismiss the problems here.  If we are to believe your God exists, then we are to understand that your God is all good (omnibenevolent)  – all powerful (omnipotent) all knowing (omniscient) and is everywhere (omnipresent).


Yet we see innocence shattered in the rape and murder of children.  How does your God who is everywhere, specifically at the scene of the crime, knows the outcome, is all good and can prevent the violence and destruction of life, – but does nothing? Is this possible?


Let’s say that you and I are grilling out on the balcony of my home.  Below we see the dilapidated home that was recently vacated by it’s previous owner after the bank foreclosed.


We see a van pull in the driveway and watch a man pulling a child from the sliding door.  The child is tied up and is still kicking and screaming as the man takes her over his shoulder and heads into the home through the back door.


We watch as he tosses her inside and returns with tape to cover her mouth.


We see him begin to unbutton and unzip his pants as he kicks off his shoes.


We can only think the worst, this man is about to rape this little innocent child and may possibly kill her afterwards.


What would we do?

a: Call the police

b: Run to her rescue and attempt even at the risk of our own lives to save her

c: Continue grilling our burgers as we watch the horror unfold


A moral human being, regardless of religion and regardless of which deity we are affiliated would act with options A and B.


Yet your God, your omni benevolent, your omnipotent, your omnipresent, your omniscient God would do nothing.  Save for possibly putting hesitation into the conscience of the attacker that his actions may cost him an eternity in hell.


However this has been shown ineffective in the shear volume of kidnappings and rapes globally.


Your God goes one step further as well.  According to his holy writings and the translations spoken by his sacred mouthpieces on earth, he provides an escape plan from this eternal damnation.  He says, repent and all will be forgiven, follow me, believe on me and all your sins will be washed away.


If this act goes unwitnessed (as thousands do) and the abuser repents, then never will there be justice.  We will only have a destroyed life, we will only have parents without child who grieve forever.


Can you imagine you and I choosing option C.  Eventually finding the body, the police canvas the neighborhood and ask if we have seen anything.  We tell of how we watched the events unfold from my deck and how we didn’t want to get involved.  We excuse our inactions with the rhetoric of destroying the free will given to the abuser by God.


What sane being would allow such?  What person or deity with the power to help would choose to allow such an act?


Yet, your God does.  Daily your god will watch as children are taken to never be seen again, he’ll watch as thousands of children below 5 years of age suffer for weeks before succumbing to the effects of starvation and dying.  He’ll watch as 1500 innocent women and girls will be raped today.


I was friends with Ted Bundy.  He was my idol and although I didn’t like the brutal rapes and murders he did, I knew he had his reasons and that I couldn’t understand them.  He did so much good too.  He helped the elderly cross the road, and often committed random acts of kindness.  He told how he took a little girl in Lake City Florida and how he forced objects into her vagina, how he bit her and how he killed her.  He shared the details with me of how he took the two girls in Tallahassee and inserted a broom stick into their vaginas rupturing their internal organs, how he bit off their nipples and how he continued torturing until their deaths.  It saddened me and even sickened me, but I forgave him when he told me he wouldn’t do it anymore.  I knew he had his reasons and that I just couldn’t understand.


Does that sound just completely bat shit crazy?  Of course it does!  Yet you will use the same reasoning to dismiss the atrocities allowed by your God.  You will rationalize it with the immoral rhetoric that those victims are now at peace, that God works in mysterious ways and that his ways are beyond us and unknowable.


I didn’t know Ted Bundy, but I did go to school at the same time in Lake City when that man took Kimberly Leach and brutally murdered her.  I didn’t understand it then and don’t understand it now, but if I knew that someone could have prevented it and didn’t, I would consider that person the same as Ted Bundy.  I would consider them just as malicious and malevolent as the abuser themselves and certainly wouldn’t excuse their inactions.


You may say that it’s the work of the devil, but who made the devil?  Would your parents who love you unconditionally be moral if they slipped a venomous snake into your crib as you slept?  Then how can God be moral for slipping Satan into our world?


Your free-will argument is invalid and immoral.

Your blame on Satan is just one fictional character away in the hierarchy of evil and your willful dismissal is unthinkably immoral.


If after hearing this you can still rationalize your God’s inactions, if you can still worship him, love him and dismiss such fatal flaws, then fuck you.  Fuck you from the bottom of my heart.  I say fuck you for every child abused, raped, murdered, starved and neglected.


Quote from your God:  I form the light, and create darkness:  I make peace, and create evil: I the lord do all these things.  Isaiah 45:7


If you were hungry and I made you a sandwich that included ham, lettuce, turkey, bacon but also included a slab of human shit, would you eat it?  Would you rationalize the good to overcome the bad?  Hell no, you wouldn’t.

So why would you choose to eat from the shit sandwich of religion which includes rape, murder, slavery, abuse and molestation?