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062 – Tracie Harris Noah Lugeons Dave Foda – Moral Dilemmas

Tracie Harris, Noah Lugeons and Dave Foda joined us live for this incredible discussion on Moral Dilemmas.


Imagine This

Runaway train is barreling out of control.  It’s path: 5 small children playing on the tracks ahead.  You are standing near the switch and can divert the train saving the children…. But this new path would send the train into broken down car with an elderly man inside… What do you do?


Moral Dilemmas!


You think you know… You’re probably thinking that saving the children is the best plan… and you may be right, but first consider this moral dilemma.


You come upon a bad wreck.  You find amongst the five lying helpless bodies that only one will survive.  The other 4 would only survive with the organs donated by the only one with a chance at surviving.


Do you sacrifice the one to save the 4?


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My fuck you rant is in response to a link the ignorant and zealous red hat on backwards Joshua Feuerstein posted up.  The link is from todaychristian.net and is the catalyst behind much of the stupidity spewing nonsense making headlines on facebook news feeds everywhere.


I mean he literally scours the inter webs for the most incredible stories and presents them as if he’s some wise reincarnate of christ.  One recently was of the little tick called a Fasuka.  Once popped it’s goo can be used to fix pottery.  Of course Lil Joshey says that it’s the blood of the Fasuka and he makes an attempt at allegory.  He describes christs blood being just like the Fasuka blood and can fix a person’s broken life.


Of course he gives credit for this marvelous discovery to the israelites from the bronze age periods.


Digging and finding nothing, I go to Reddit Skeptics and seek help.  Turns out there is no such creature, never was.  There is however an insect that the Native Americans used to repair pottery but all in all, the story Josh used is complete and utter bullshit.  It’s a modern Christian parable to demonstrate the “lamb of God”.

Now back to my rant…  10 questions for every atheist – questions atheists cannot truly and honestly really answer.  Yes, that’s the subtitle.



1.  How did you become an atheist?  Well this is going to be easy, maybe the first question is just a teaser, you know like the hook used in sales pitches.  Well I read the goddamned bible and realized that the god I worshipped was not only unreliable and inconsistent, he was demonstrably evil.  He condoned slavery, child abuse, murder, genocide, rape and incest.  Any one of which would have been plenty, but thanks to the good book I had more than enough to encourage my further religious studies and eventually conclude there probably isn’t any gods and in fact it appears that they are all man made.  I can’t take credit for the english language or it’s words so once I decided that there was no evidence for a god, I found an existing definition that fit my disbelief.

Therefore: Atheist


2.  What happens when you die?   Probably the same shit that went on before I was alive.  Others will live and die and I won’t be the wiser of anything.  How did you feel in 1927, well that’s how I will feel when I’m dead.  Nothing.  More specifically, based on millions of other deaths, I believe the science, my body will rot and the atoms that once comprised the me that is here now will return amongst the innumerable atoms already everywhere.  Oh and before I wrap up question 2, my religious family will probably mourn over the belief they share that their all loving God will punish me eternally in the pits of hell.


3.  What if you’re wrong and there is a heaven and a hell?  Oh crap!  I suppose I would hope that whatever god is over the whole thing won’t be yours and will instead respect those who didn’t follow blindly behind the indoctrinated beliefs of others.  I would hope this God would respect the fact that I required proof and evidence and held sacred the ability to logic and reason.


4.  Without God, where did you get your morality from?  Morality is ever changing.  Societies morals have evolved and have superseded those of even the Gods.  God nor his Jesus ever condemned slavery and instead supported it.  Morals and ethics can be found in 1000’s of species and to think that your morals, that the human species morals come from a God is ignorant, in fact insane.  Would you rape and murder if today you found out that there was no God?  Probably not, or at least I hope not.  I’ve ranted in depth on this before, but it’s your group, your religious nutters, specifically the christians who have the highest rates of teen pregnancy, spouse abuse, incarcerations and sexually transmitted diseases and if you’re morals are superior and from a divine source, shouldn’t we expect to see the opposite?


5.  If there is no god, can we do what we want?  Are we free to murder and rape?  While good deeds go unrewarded?


Really, what the actual fuck?  Yes, with or without a god you are free to rape and murder.  Fortunately for us, evolution has created us as a social species which thrive on the ability to get along.  With or without your God those who don’t lend to safety and harmony in our societies are removed or expelled.  No good deed is unrewarded.  We all feel good when we help another.  This is reward enough for me.  I don’t rape and I don’t murder, not for the promise of heavenly reward or fear of eternal hell fire, I don’t rape and I don’t murder because I can’t.  I’m not capable, naturally, biologically, morally and ethically, I can’t do it.  Only a sociopath would require the aid of imaginary reward and punishments to curtail a desire to harm another.


6.  If there is no god, how does your life have any meaning?  Again, we are a social species.  I enjoy the company of others, I love helping my fellowman, I love sunsets, friends, family, my children, bourbon and Krispy Kreme donuts among many many other things.  This is more than enough to overwhelm my life in meaning.  I require no prize at the end, no fanciful tale of gold streets and mansions and naked cherubs playing shitty music.  I am here now and I’m enjoying every second.


7.  Where did the universe come from?  I love this one, because although most of these questions are ignorant, this one is super duper ignorant.  So there is no god, then where did the universe come from.


Well let’s say you could prove a god made the universe.  Now which God would it be.  You still have everything left.  You’ve accomplished nothing.  Proving someone made the universe still doesn’t add any credibility to your horrid little god concept.


But to answer, scientists are still searching, testing and studying and each day brings us more information and more data.  We’ve only mapped a portion of the universe and of that it’s still shrouded in complexities.  The current accepted theory is that there was a big bang of sorts.  There is mountains of evidence to validate it as well.  But still they continue to learn more and hopefully one day we will understand better.


At one point and time a bunch of semi literate goat fuckers thought there was a firmament or covering above the earth and that the starlight was holes in that firmament, they also thought the sun revolved around the earth, they thought the thunder meant God was mad, these same fucknuts are who wrote your holy books.  Yet today, most christians will rely upon the sciences for medical treatments and not sacrificing two goats and dove to Woogey Boogey Boo in the sky.


8.  What about miracles?  What about all the people who claim to have a connection with Jesus?  What about those who claim to have seen saints or angels?  If I may, I would like to answer with a question or two.

It’s a fact that where you are born will determine you’re religious beliefs, so why are we watching the Muslim religion explode in membership in the middle east if Jesus is who they see and feel in their sacred moments?  Why aren’t they seeing Jesus?  Why do the Hindus often see loved ones in cows, while Near Death Experiences for Muslims often entail Muhammad.  Bottom line, science has answered this, specifically neuro science.  Miracles don’t happen and if you prove one, please register to win the standing 1, Million dollar price from the JREF foundation.


People who believe in martians often see martians and people who believe in Muhammad often feel Muhammad.  It’s actually pretty simple.  We live in Jesusland and so it would be more of a miracle if your sheep’s brains didn’t deliver spiritual experiences with Jesus.


9.  What’s your view of Dawkins, Hitchens and Harris?  Another easy one, just in case I wasn’t going to finish – I guess.  Well, I love them all.  I can’t say I agree with every single idea they pose, but all in all, they are and were 3 brilliant minds.  They are and have been critical of religious batshittery and do and have done their parts in making the world a better place for all.


10.  If there is no God, then why does every society have a religion?  Well you got me there.  1,000’s of societies and hundreds of Gods worshipped, which one is correct?  One day your god will be added to the myths of years gone by.  Gods and their religions came when mankind’s knowledge was at it’s weakest.  When not a single person knew to wash his hands after wiping his own ass.  Mankind has always wanted answers and for each gap that exists in our knowledge, man has invented Gods to feel the void.  Your God is on his last leg.  100’s of years have brought forth facts that have filled many of those gaps.  Your God has precious few left.  And when he’s out of gaps, he’ll be out of the minds and humanity will be all the better for it.


Your question isn’t a bragging point, it’s an embarrassment to humanity.  It’s proof that many will stop at nothing to satisfy the egos desire to know something or at least think they do.


Now you see clearly I’ve answered all those questions you ignorantly assumed unanswerable.  Of course if you had an IQ higher than a plant you could have helped yourself to answers just like these by using the great and powerful wizard called Google.


Sadly though, your goal isn’t to get answers and it’s obvious in the mind numbing article you posted.  Your goal is to feed the sheep.  It’s to appear smart to the most ignorant among us.


Your goal is to pitch a strawman to your sheep as if it’s evidence for belief.  How awfully fragile ones faith must be that you dare not look anything up before infecting others with your nonsense, you refuse to debate, listen to or respond to the myriad of facts that annihilate your position.


This is immoral and unethical.  Your goal is to gain followers, sell shirts and swag that demonstrate the worst humanity has to offer.  Fuck you, from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head, fuck you.  You are nothing more than a dishonest 2 bit self aggrandizing carney hocking your stupidity to those you find are more stupid than you.


You could end it all, if only you could provide any evidence for your invisible friend on high. But there is no evidence and from you and others like you, we can only expect more insane, illogical and straw man fallacies for the duration.  This infuriates me, it angers me to my core.  It’s not that you’re an imbecile, it’s that you feed that insatiable ego by harming and deluding others.


So again, fuck you!  And although you may never read, listen or respond, some of your followers will and hopefully some will raise their heads to view further than the sheeps asshole in front of them.

024 – Sexpisode III Saved Herself For Marriage – Oral Sex?

Satan Barbie on Atheists on AirToo Much Sex?

There are so many edicts about sex.  Tonight we discuss chastity, waiting until your married to have sex and the value of multiple partners.  Does the Bible condemn or condone oral sex?

We interview Satan Barbie about her first sexual experience and we even get a brave guest caller who shares her story about waiting until marriage to have sex and the nine years that followed without an orgasm.

But it was supposed to be beautiful!

Dave Foda Gives Insight On Sex Offender

Remember the pastor we reported on who molested some children in Haiti?  We speak to Dave who is very familiar with the story and shares some insight about the crime and punishment.

This Friday – Our First Public Debate

On Friday’s live show we will be talking with Jason Rennie from the Christian Meets World podcast.  Among other things, he asked:

I want to discuss the strange preoccupation atheists have with getting incredibly upset about the actions of a non-existent being and the demands he makes on their life. I mean, i’m not over concerned about the problem of unicorn poop in my front yard.

Join us live at Spreaker or BlogTalkRadio – Call in at 646.716.6404

007 AOA – Dave Foda – Elephant Shit – Noah’s Ark – Bird Seed – $36 Cures Aids

Artist: Angelo Madrid http://madridtoons.tumblr.com/
Artist: Angelo Madrid

Warning this show contains bigot bashing, foot stomping tirades against zealous religious bigotry and is accompanied by some of the worst language known to the First Bapticostal church of truth.  Tonight we learn that 1/3 of Noah’s ark was filled with bird seed, how to get 4300 lbs of elephant shit out of a one cubit window daily – that Misogyny is second only to Mistersogyny – Big girls  vs. Little ones – Is Love pregnant – Dave Foda attempts to smarten us up – Real Christians don’t get PTSD – A Preacher will bank draft your tithes, hugging is illegal, they found a $36 dollar cure for AIDS – Sharia Law Police are working to eradicate the world of fun and much more.

Thanks to Dave Foda for gracing us with his sexy voice and wisdom.  You can follow Dave on Facebook here.

Again we must throw out the Hoo-Haa to the Retar Crew for the brilliant music.