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Atheists Offer Exorcisms For $10

Demon-free for half the price…

and in much less time.  Evangelical Pastor, Bob Larson reports he has done over 20,000 exorcisms, but he can now do more thanks to the internet and Skype. Reverend Bob says that for only $295 he will perform an exorcism of your demons via Skype and in only one hour.

So for the price of a decent attorney, Bob will rid you of the Bogeyman or any other unwanted demon possession.  We were unable to find a guarantee or warranty about his services.

For the love of Humanity!


Love and I have decided for the love of humanity to perform exorcisms for 96% of the price.  That’s right, for 3.5% of the Reverend Bob’s going rate, you can be demon-free.

60 Seconds Or Less!

With an Iron-Clad guarantee and lifetime warranty, Cash & Love will expel the demon(s) in less than sixty seconds.  For only $10. you can be demon-free and for $10/monthly you will never again worry about them returning.


After an Atheist On Air exclusive exorcism you will be demon-free.  Our process ensures instant success and in the event it doesn’t work or you remain possessed by a demon or demons; you will receive a 100% refund.  To process a refund or claim of ineffectiveness you must provide scientific evidence for possession and no less than nine signatures confirming the possession by scientists or medical doctors;  signors must provide the scientific method used to determine possession and these methods must be repeatable by our own team of demonologists.


This is not a limited lifetime warranty.  Your exorcism will remain effective on the exorcised demon(s) and will remain effective on all future demons for the entirety of your life.  You will never again be hindered or affected by any supernatural demon(s) again.  In the event your are possessed again and upon confirmation via the same scientific methods mentioned in the “Guarantee” portion, we will issue you a 400% refund on your purchase price.

Demon-free For Life!

To schedule an exorcism, please click here and make payment.  Once payment is made you will be contacted by AOA to schedule your guaranteed lifetime warrantied exorcism.  http://aoa.fm/LxqFRT


$10 Down / $10 Monthly – you can be demon-free for life!  Don’t delay, get rid of your demons today.



009 – AOA – The Penis Can Rid You Of Demons – Author Chuck Hall – Santa Penguin

playing chess with pigeons 1White Santa Clause, can he be a penguin?  Fuck no!  Penguins can’t carry all those presents. Author and fellow Carolinian, Chuck Hall joins Cash & Love with his new book, “Playing Chess With Pigeons”.  We also poke fun at the Fox and their friends, especially Megyn Kelly and her white Jesus.  Hickory Humanists decide not to pursue action against the bigoted and discriminatory T-shirt company that has refused to print anymore of their T’s.

Atheists on Air is going live soon and invites you to mark the date on your calendar.  You can get the most recent updates by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Author and pursuer of Applied Ecopsycology Phd’s, Mr. Chuck Hall has a cool website at www.CultureArtist.com  His brand new book, Playing Chess with Pigeons is available on Amazon and I would encourage you to read it.  It’s one of my favorites and will be referred to frequently to counter the Christian ignorance that abounds here in the mountains.

We covered:

  • White Santa
  • Black Santa
  • White Jesus
  • Hickory Humanists
  • Megyn Kelly Fox News
  • Dave Silverman
  • Dave Muscato
  • the Salvation Army
  • Polygamy
  • Wisconsin State Capitol – Flying Spaghetti Monster display
  • Harold Camping died… awwwww
  • Rev. Billy Graham is almost dead… double awwwww
  • Preacher removes demons with his dick
  • Muslims warn of 40 lashes if you sell beer
  • AHA – Humanist Charities needs your help for Haiti – YES GODDAMNIT they are still living in tents!