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010 – Duck Dynasty – Free Speech – Live Shows

duck fuck dynastyAtheists On Air is now LIVE!  Due to our skillful editing, you’ve been missing all the bloopers from our shows; now with our going live, you will no longer have to want for the “ums” the long “ands” or the errors.  We’ve built them right in.

Important links, phone number updates and info below.

Tonight we talked with Gene from the Hickory Humanist Alliance, we spoke with Love’s BIL in Washington State and were even graced with an appearance from Big Bang Betty McGee.

Christmas Eve wasn’t going to stop us from bashing the conservative media who’ve come out in full force to defend Duck Dynasty’s Patriarch and his bigoted, racial and homophobic views.

Don’t miss Cash’s “TWAS” poem.


We’ve launched our Daily shows and have just finished our second one.  These can only be found on Spreaker or you could listen live at either Spreaker or Blog Talk Radio.

Live Call In Number: (646) 716-6404 (during live shows only)
Leave a message: 828.565.1262