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It’s Crazy To Be Atheist – One Simple Question Proves It!

Someone messaged the show with proof that it’s crazy to be atheist.  I was so excited and clicked play immediately.  What wisdom and insight could one question offer, that would prove us Atheists to be crazy?

“Dude, you’re an Atheist, you don’t even believe God is real.  How can he offend you?”

Atheists Are Crazy!

Well Goddammit!

He got me.  Here I was reading the Bible and questioning the morals of God, studying religious history and all the while I could have just asked myself this one simple question and realized just how “crazy” it is to be an atheist.  Now I feel like a fool.

Brad Stine

‘God’s Comic’ – that’s his self inflicted trademark and not of my design.  Brad is Christian, Conservative and “PROUD”.  His popularity among the un-thinkers has risen over the years due mainly from the common sense approach to the challenges Atheists raise.

He’s in post production on his new movie, Persecuted.   He’s figured out that the Christians will pay  to hear shit that confirms their biases and doesn’t require them to think.  FOX’s own Gretchen Carlson has a role in Persecuted along with several other names you will know.

About That…

Obviously I can’t speak for all atheists but I’ve never heard any of them say that God offends them.  This is what we in the real world would call a Strawman Fallacy and a non-sequitur.  IT’S NOT GOD, it’s his ignorant followers!

Your God is painfully absent.  It is only his die-hard fans who feel they must force us to relegate our secular country over to this largely hypocritical group of fucktards.  You demand your god honored on our money, our court houses and our government and how dare we complain.

Enough is enough and we are calling you out on every violation of church state separation.  We are not offended by your god, we are offended that you have the audacity to force it upon us.  Keep that shit to yourselves and we will likely be less visible.

I don’t get offended by that which is non-existent, I’m offended by those who have childish indoctrinated beliefs in invisible sky-daddies and demand my government recognize, support, endorse and fund their ever-changing moral system.

The Video


In A Nutshell

Brad is just another batshit crazy rightwing conservative evangelist who uses comedy to sell his shit.   He has video packages you can buy at a website, patriotdepot.com and he tours for a fee.  All for Jesus.

One video he states, you should believe just to stay out of hell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHmjqhp9dZ8

He has a promotion video to sell his video set on how to teach young men correctly.  Guess who narrates… Kirk Cameron.  So you know it’s gotta be worth every penny.  http://patriotdepot.com/boys-passage-mans-journey-set/

If you want to get your blood pressure up and feel like screaming at your monitor, go and watch some Brad Stine comedy.