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065 – You Are NOT Alone – Atheists

You’ve just realized, you’ve accepted it, you’re an Atheist.  Now what?  Are there others?  Are there any Atheists near me?  It can be an isolating feeling.  But really, you’re not alone at all.  Most of us will attempt backflips at the sign of a new Atheist friendship.  And although we have no morals and are without empathy, we are incredibly welcoming.

Fortunately, those that have come before us, have seen the need and started groups and meetups and online forums just for you.  You are NOT alone!

Meet More Atheists

Online you can find a plethora of groups to interact with and form new friendships.  Some are specifically for helping those make the transition and understand exactly how that feels.  Here are some helpful links:

  • Facebook groups – search atheist or humanist or agnostic ( I searched “recovering from religion” and found several groups, both private and open)
  • Atheist Nexus (A list with links to many great groups for the heathen in us all)
  • Recovering from Religion (http://recoveringfromreligion.org)
  • Meetup.com – It will search your area for possible groups and if you don’t see one – start your own (it’s easy)
  • Reddit.com – Many Atheist and Secular groups
  • One of my favorites: http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/forums/

If you know of others, please comment below.


The ExMoPo – 003 – LDS Splinter Groups – Fraud

It’s been two weeks since February and I could get our schedule aligned with the astrological signs and record a new episode of the Ex-Mormon Podcast.  (ExMoPo)  Tonight we discussed the many splinter groups that have formed from the LDS church, many of which came right after the fallout from Joseph Smith’s death.

We also broach the new story making headlines worldwide where the Mormon Prophet, yes the guy who talks to God regularly and receives new commands, has been subpoenaed to the U.K. for fraud.

Share, Comment and Join Us

We want to hear from you!  Contact the ExMoPo by leaving us a message at 828.565.1262 or emailing mormons@atheistsonair.com.  Do you have a story or experience you would like to share with others, do you have a topic that you’d like to join in on, either way, we welcome you to the ExMoPo.

Now On iTunes!

We finally added the ExMoPo to our Atheists On Air iTunes feed.  You can also follow us at www.Spreaker.com/atheists