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054 – Faith – Interview An Atheist At Church Day

An atheist can go clean a street, we can go do other charitable works, but until they meet us, talk to us and learn that we don’t really eat babies (often), that we don’t breathe fire or worship Lucifer and we are actually aren’t any different than they are; the stigma remains.

Imagine That – Stigma Free Atheism

kile b jonesWe sat down with Kile B. Jones of Interview An Atheist At Church Day to discuss his plans going forward.  Kile has been a one legged man in an ass kick’n contest.  He attempts to schedule with pastors to have an atheist come and speak, answer questions in an attempt to rid the world of the horrible Atheist Stigma.

Kile is dead set on removing that stigma or at least softening it around the edges.  Kile holds two degrees and has lots of letters behind his name and none of which are Jr..

You can watch past videos of Kile’s master plan coming together as over 23 churches have accepted and have invited us heathens in.  Visit Interview An Atheist At Church Day here.


The secret ingredient to believe any bit of shit you like.  It’s the universal solution to reason and logic.  Get faith and wonder no more.  I rant a bit…

Gay, Atheist, Vegan Trifecta!

Free Thinking HorsemanAnd smack dab in the Bible Belt.  Kerryn Armstrong called in to share her story about growing up in a secular home only to move to Jesus-ville, Florida.  Surrounded by the non-thinking faithful, she and her partner run a business training horses and their owners.

Kerryn hails from Australia and was a blast to have on the show.  We look forward to having her on soon to discuss equality and gay rights.

Please check out Kerryn’s website at Free Thinking Horseman and if you ever need help with that horse, give them a call.

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Woo Woo

Professor Stephen had a great lesson for us this week.  Bread, yes bread.  Check it out below or above by clicking play.

Catfish Creek Trailer Park

Has a Facebook page now.  Cecil admits to the britches thievery.  Pastor Roy shares on 535 AM – community report.  A brand new CCTP resident, Coach LeRoy calls in.

Watch It Here

Show Notes etc…


Faith? The dictionary defines faith as belief that is not proof based.  It’s the pretending to know things that you do not know.  Faith is the requirement, it’s the prerequisite to believe the unbelievable.

Faith is not needed, not required and not the logical position for anything else in life.  You don’t need faith to know that your brakes will work, you don’t need faith to expect your spouse to return home today, you don’t need faith to cross the bridge.  These things don’t require faith at all.  I am confident the bridge will hold up because thousands of cars go over daily, engineers, these scientists used science to insure it reliability and it works.  I don’t need faith because I have a reasonable expectation that it will hold up because of the overwhelming evidence.


But faith is the only way you can accept the possibility that there is an invisible man in the sky who is watching over every move you make, that although you are a sinner that you can live with this invisible sky daddy in a paradise for eternity.  It is faith that is required to trust the preacher begging for your dollars, it is faith that the church is turning over a new leaf and will be hard on child molesters from this point on, it is faith that is required to ignore any and all evidence to the contrary of your indoctrinated and strongly held beliefs.


Faith in it’s blindness leads millions to pray for that which will never be magically answered.  Only we humans, us mere mortals actually get shit done.


Would you sell a car to a stranger and accept on faith that he’ll be true to his word and promptly deposit the funds into your bank account?  Of course not.  In all of life we require, hell – we demand proof.  We want it signed, press hard there are three copies and goddamnit I want it notarized too.


Would you take the strangers word for it that it’s been checked, the gun is not loaded and then proceed to pull the trigger while pointing it at your head?  Hell no, you wouldn’t I wouldn’t and no sane adult human would.  We would definitely check ourselves.  Fuck that faith bullshit.  I want to look down the barrel, I want to remove the clip, I want to view the empty chamber before I would ever point and click.


But when it comes to religion, we forgo reason and logic, we exercise faith in order to even attempt to believe one iota of the nonsense.  Religion figured this out long ago, they can indoctrinate the youth, they can embed beliefs that a thinking person would never accept.


They can exalt the value of faith so that when that child begins to think, when he or she begins to question, they can fall back on the only thing that will keep the believers beliefs in tact.  Faith.


Imagine right now as an adult, assuming you’ve never been exposed to religion and a Christian attempts to share the gospel with you.  What thinking person could accept these promises, these hopes and these ridiculous stories and immoral laws on faith?  I would say no thinking person could.


Religion prays on the weak, the young, the hungry, the imprisoned, the helpless and it’s evidenced in all their missionary programs.


Atheism does not require faith.  Do you have faith that there aren’t invisible fairies working in your yard to align the chakras of your family?  No, why not?  Had you been raised to believe that under penalty of eternal torture – faith would be required to hold on to that belief.  Yet you weren’t and therefore it requires no faith not to believe that nonsense.


Your religious and god faith is bolstered like a newly planted tree with ropes and stakes to ensure it stays put until the roots can find new ground.  Religion uses ropes too but it’s ropes consist of teaching that questioning is bad, that much is out of our understanding and is only known by God, that your lack of faith is punishable with isolation for eternity and that although contrary to everything else in life, you will reap a righteous reward in heaven for your steadfast faith.


This makes no sense whatsoever.  It’s ludicrous.  Faith is a trick played by the intelligent on the weakest of minds.  Teaching others to use faith is immoral, regardless of what the Bible says, the bible was written with many ropes to hold you firmly in place until you could submit to faith.  Until you were rooted in good enough to stand before the contradictory evidence and with a ridiculously dishonest pride, proclaim by faith your beliefs.


Every single religion necessitates its adherents subscribe to the dogma of faith.  No religion can say, look here’s our god, watch what he can do, see this and this, and now look at those, talk with anyone and verify each that I tell you, call on him yourself, test him, see him, touch him, our god is real.

None profess with proof.  They all must rely on faith.  Well if you had enough faith, well if your faith was stronger, if you felt what I felt inside, you’d know that it’s by faith we know the truth.


Each religion can claim the same truth.  Each can say, you just need faith.


Imagine your loved one falls over dying of a heart attack.  You scream help and ask if there is a doctor present.  Every single god damned person yells back, yes, I’m a doctor.  What are you going to do.  Take it on faith?  Or are you going to ask for some evidence?


This is what religion does.  They all scream they have the truth, but like the crowd who all claim to be doctors, none can offer proof.  They don’t even attempt to substantiate the claim.  They only demand faith.


You select a doctor from the crowd and ask, where’s your proof.  Well I don’t have my ID. where did you go to school?  That’s not important.  Just have faith.  What are you a doctor of?  Again, not important.  Bottom line, I have no proof, no proof of schooling, no evidence I am who I say I am – I have nothing.  But if you have enough faith we can proceed.


Are you going to let them proceed?  You must be satisfied with nothing and I mean nothing if you want to work on faith.


If religion was just getting started today, it would be the laughing stock of humanity.  It would be the most ludicrous thing we’d ever could imagine.


Many may say, like my father, he’d rather not know the truth if the truth is that there is no God.  Well would you want to know if your spouse was cheating?  Or would you ignore the facts offered, dismiss the evidence and proclaim faith in your partners absolute devotion to you?  I know for me, as uncomfortable as it would be, as bad as it would hurt, Id want the truth.


You grabbing the bible and quoting some nonsense about how faith is a virtue would be like me picking up our wedding vows and proclaiming that it says that my partner will remain faithful.  See she agreed to it right here.


That’s all the proof I need.  Right here in these words.


In every single debate I’ve had with a religious person, once I’ve painstakingly debunked each claim, each scripture with a contradictory one and each indoctrinated idea exposed, they all run back to faith.  It’s the one place that says, hey, I have no evidence, I’m a doctor, trust me.  They’ve admitted their guilt however unaware, that they are resolute in sacrificing fact for fiction, myth for truth, an afterlife for a real life and surrendered all reason and logic for grandiose fairytales of ghosts, goblins, gods and glory.


One life.  That’s all you get.  And you choose, deliberately to sacrifice it all for the promise of a next.  You ejaculate the same immoral shit into the ears of those in your care and you destroy my hopes for better lives of the generations to come.  Faith is the evidence of fools, it’s the self-righteous pride of the most ignorant and deluded.

To that I say Fuck You and your Faith.