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The Chapel Hill Murders Rant

The Chapel Hill murders this past week pissed me off, it hurt my heart and I like many others empathized with those who’d lost loved ones.  Fortunately the media didn’t hesitate with some sort of revenue generating headlines:

Atheist Kills Muslim Students!

atheist kills muslim studentsI was floored, my first thought, he can’t be an Atheist – this most be a Christian.  After-all Christians are brutally and systematically killing Muslims in Africa right fucking now.  I mean what caused them, the media to say, “Atheist kills…”?

Maybe he’s an Atheist like the kind Curt Cameron was… you know the non-existent type.  Did this Atheist go in singing the Atheist Battle Cry holding the Atheist Bible in one hand while aiming and firing the gun in the other?

And why did it say “Muslims”?  Were they wearing a sign?  Why not crazed gunman kills three students, instead?  Well that doesn’t get people clicking or reading… but atheist – ATHEIST – well that my friend makes headlines.

And before you wag out the “no true Scotsman Fallacy” rebuttal – hear me out.  Please.

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Chapel Hill Muslim MurderHowdy folks – Stumpy Winkerbean here.  We have a problem, it’s not just Houston’s problem either.  This past week, 3 non-pork eating people were killed in cold blood.  The suspect, a known carnivore has posted on social media and has made comments to friends about loving the pork.  He has been seen enjoying the bbq – like many of us do – but this here feller is different – he has killed innocent non-pork eaters.

This is our problem friends.  This isn’t one of those:  no true pork eater fallacies – There is a rampant problem in the carnivore community – it’s called racism, bigotry, misogyny and other words that are hard for me to spell.  We can not just hide from the fact that this crazed psychopath lost his shit after months of arguments regarding a parking space and killed these people.  It’s not a parking space issue.  This is an issue with Carnivores everywhere.

When the news first hit, we thought he was just a wacked out ATV nut job but nope – he’s been eating the pork.  There’s nothing wrong with eating pork and being a carnivore – hell fire – I’m right now sucking chocolate milk through my bacon straw.  But humanity folks.  There’s too much hate.

The atheists are trying to get some “me” time in the news claiming the guy was also an atheist and anti-theist.  They are even saying that those killed were Muslims to bolster their argument.   Hell, they say the suspect even posted on social media about how religion was the cause of many deaths – but that’s all anecdotal – this problem lies in one place and it’s at our feet folks – the carnivores.

I know we carnivores don’t have a worldview and we don’t have rule books, but it should go without saying, you don’t kill people.  Most of us are peace loving, rifle toting, hog eating all around good folk – but there are among us some, some batshit crazy fucknuts that are making us look bad.  We can’t stand idly by, we must as a community denounce this horrid action by one of our members, who really isn’t a member but did eat meat and rode ATV’s and wore blue jeans and had two eyes and ears, but it’s more than likely possible that it’s 100% a – carnivore problem.  We need to get out in front of this thing, we need to say enough is enough – Carnivores are good people and would never condone such violence unless of course it’s an animal.  which doesn’t even really count as violence.

So please everybody with your carnivore groups, and carnivorous facebook pages and blogs and radio shows – take a stand and denounce this fucknut Craig Stephen Hicks.  I’m stumpy mc faddy  – thank you for doing the right thing.


You know, Stumpy makes a great point but I noticed some other things that one might call very unique in this case.  The victims all had brown eyes and the perpetrator is blue eyed – could this be a blue on brown eye crime?  I’m not saying it is, but just let that stew around in your head a bit.

What’s fucking just downright stupid fucking crazy to me, this crime committed was immediately pushed as an Atheist kills muslims.  Three people died and that is horrid, it’s sad and I don’t know a soul who would argue differently, except maybe the American Sniper fucker.

But had the victims been white, would there have been a different story?  Had the victims been atheists, would they have led the stories with Atheist kills other Atheists.

As far as we know so far, the fucktard that committed this violent act was not a proponent of violence.  He had nothing on his facebook page that would indicate hate for other humans.  He did have the typical anti religion shit like many of us do, but for fucks sake – all the evidence gathered was that this was an argument that has been going on for some time involving a parking lot space.

The media could have just as easily said, Chevy Fan kills three non-Chevy fans.  The media and some of the family of the victims ran to the most vitriolic inducing claim, right from the get go.  “This is a hate crime”  I heard this quote and sound byte over and over as the media took the proverbial ball with the most potential to revenue and ran with it.

Some atheists and atheist groups immediately issued statements denouncing the horrid act by this freethinking lunatic, but to me, that does more harm than good.  To me it’s like you’ve accepted the stigma and now are attempting to defend it.

Atheists don’t have a world view you stupid fucking reporters.  Again – atheism is a lack of belief in god.  That’s the only thing that you can definitely say we (atheists) have in common.

Now granted, you’ll find many atheists helping others and working to make the world a better place while millions prefer to pray to their invisible sky daddy which results in nothing more than wasted time.  Many of us atheists are also humanists, we value lives, the lives of all  – not just atheist lives.  Many of us atheists eat ice cream too, but it’s not a deal breaker to join the club.

Many atheists are also pro science and employ the scientific methods before concluding on ideas, but neither science nor humanism are parts of atheism.

The only reason we have a term like atheism is because of the fucking religious nutters.  If the majority believed in fairies who directed their lives and granted forgiveness for their transgressions via vicarious redemption – and also attempted to force their beliefs on our government and our citizens, then we free thinkers would probably be called afairiests.

Another quick example, because I want to make sure that you get this.  If the majority believed that their underwear was magic, sort of like the mormons believe and then you attempted to force your batshit crazy ideas and  your morality on the rest of society with the you can’t do this and you can’t do that because the magic underwear says so, then again, we freethinkers who demand evidence, who fight against your encroachment into our laws and onto humanity, we would probably be called aunderwearists.

Someone wrote me stating that most certainly atheists have a big problem in it’s community with misogyny and racism.  Really, we also have a big problem with obesity.  Is that a bi product of atheism too?

No dumbfuck, it is not!  You could say humanity has a big problem with racism, you could say, the white people club have a big problem with racism, you could say that republicans, tea party fucks and southern christians have a huge goddamened problem with racism, hate and bigotry.

Atheists aren’t pitching tents and picketing the government to make anti-sharia laws, atheists aren’t electing politicians that will help us reduce the rights and freedoms of the gay community or hinder the access to medical treatments for women – no – that’d be fucking religious fucktards doing that.

Atheism doesn’t have a anti-feminist problem or an anti equality problem.  yes, there are some, there are few but still some people who don’t believe in God who are also racists, bigots, homophobes and misogynists – but that doesn’t make it a group problem.

Atheists all over, the majority will and have stood up for equality for all.  The vast majority are humanists too.  You don’t hear from the elite atheist bloggers,   “Goddammit Houston, we have a problem – too many in our group are obese.”  Nope, but if one fucking misogynistic pig makes a insensitive remark at an atheist convention – hold the fucking phones!   

Goddammit, we need to solve this crisis, there are atheists who are also misogynistic pigs.  And the bloggers go to town with the new frenzy.

No!  and yes.  WE always need to be the protectors of equality, feminism, personhood and the list goes on – and you know what? – we do.  The majority does, even without the narcissistic you tubers plea for a movement to stop something that isn’t an atheist problem.

How bout this.  Instead we call it what it fucking is.  How about we blame the perpetrator instead of everyone that also owns a goddamed ford pick up.  Blame humans, blame a system called religion that spreads hate daily, that is so fucking big and powerful they control our lawmaking processes.  If tomorrow, some fucknut stabs the UPS driver with an ice pick, I’m not going to blame all ice pick fans, if he’s a Christian, I’m not blaming them either – unless of course the UPS driver was gay and the ice pick stabber was a devout conservative Christian who subscribes to the “lets kill all gays” club.

I hope you’re following here.  There are real deaths everyday, thousands weekly – Christian groups systematically going from village to village, town to town in Africa, killing Muslims.  Christian on Muslim hate crimes in America are at an all time high according to the FBI.  When a group spews hate and actively pursues actions against another group and then one of the members acts on it, then you can say: Christian kills Muslim.

But Atheists are individuals, mostly humanists and none are gathering with hateful messages, none are attempting to cause laws that would restrict the equal rights afforded another.  None of our well known and outspoken stand on platforms with fist in the air and the God Delusion in hand screaming, that this group of people don’t deserve marriage equality or that that group of people are abominations before Our No God.  We as a collective group of likeminded folks don’t scream any hate.  If you hear us yell or scream it’s towards those who are hurting others.

Dear Ad- Revenue starved piece of shit, low life media – we see what you did.  We know what you’ve done.  This never was an atheism or atheist issue.  You made it so and it is why you who are the most untrusted fucks in the entire world.  We believe none of what you say and only half of what we see you display.  You are the catalysts for hate and with your fallacious stories you damage the work done on behalf of atheists worldwide, you demonize good people in efforts to fill your accounts – you promote a stigma that physically, emotionally and financially injures over 15% of the population.  You cause the reasons why we can’t come out, why many remain closeted and why we all suffer more.  Fuck you!  There is not anyone with an IQ higher than duck shit that doesn’t recognize your game.

To you who think, with what evidence has been presented so far – that this crime has anything to do with atheism or atheists in general – well fuck you too.  If after you heard all I have to say and you can still attempt to justify your stump speeches and mindless rhetoric that this was some sort of atheism problem – then you’re a goddamn fucking moron.

There is more reason to believe his anger was inspired by pork.  If there ever comes a day when atheist groups are spewing hate or undermining equality and one of them does something as horrid as this fucking psycho did, then yes, you’ll hear from the majority, we will denounce that person and the group – as it would not be representative  But in this case, you have a man, a crazy, hostile, mentally unstable man who loved riding 4 wheelers, who ate Pork like it was going out of style, who wore blue jeans and had blue eyes, but somehow you chose from all of this – atheism as the problem.

That’s just simply fucking retarded.  Now if evidence is forthcoming that this fucker was driven by hate of religion, I’ll still tell you that yes, in every club, group or population, there is some who are fucking nuts – but don’t represent the whole.

The boy scouts have a overeating problem, you know – because some are overweight – the NFL a teeth brushing problem, because some have cavities, but to think for a second that one fucking idiot, one complete psycopath murderous man who happened also to be atheist – is indicative of an atheist problem – well fuck you.

I’m cash and I couldn’t wait for the next show, I simply had to get this off my chest.  I love you, yes you and you too and I’ll see you on the show very soon.