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072 Atheists And Death

Aren’t you scared of death?  You don’t have Heaven.

How did you feel in 1834?   What’s that?  You didn’t exist then and therefore didn’t feel anything – well that is exactly how I’ll feel when I’m dead.  NOTHING.  In this episode, the largest turnout of listeners, commenters, callers and guests joined us for a lively discussion on death, memories, Near Death Experiences and the challenge it is for some after they’ve believed for years they will join friends in family in Heaven – to only discover that in fact – they won’t.


A con-job of enormous proportions, religion for centuries has used the afterlife to manipulate and rob us from this one life, here and now.  This afterlife has two parts, the carrot at the end of the stick to motivate blind allegiance, unquestioning loyalty and of course your hard earned cash; the other, the stick – no carrot but a threat of eternal torture for the sin of not worshipping how and when they like.

Easily, the case can be made that religion has inflicted the most cruel and inhumane ideas on humanity.

I’ll Never See Them Again

Yes, it’s true – I’ve accepted it.  I’ll never see my brother or my sister again.  It was the biggest challenge for me to overcome once I realized that there was and is no God.  But I like many others, suffered through and quashed the anger from the lies we had been told for decades and now appreciate life much, much more.

Incredible Guests

Rachel, Professor Stephen and I we were joined by some very intelligent fans who shared much on this broad topic and we hope you enjoy it as well.

The Raw Video

The Rant

Awwww it’s ok – Jesus needed him.  Awwwww She’s gone to be an angel now with Jesus in Heaven.  It was just her time to go.  Jesus called him home.  They’re in a better place now – don’t you worry dear.

Well fuck you!  Is all death – Gods Will?  As in, this God of yours, this invisible Sky Daddy has a plan and it includes the 17 year old to die just before her graduation from high school?  His plan is that the 6 year old drown on the family’s summer vacation?

I’ve experienced the loss of family and friends.  The weeping and wailing from the most religious among them has always discouraged me.  Surely we are sad, surely they will be missed, surely it took us all by surprise, but if your faith wasn’t so incredible brittle -would there be need of such sorrow?

Don’t you really believe that they are in a better place now?  Don’t you think it far better for the tens of thousands of children that die today – for them to be in heaven and avoid the suffering and possible demon possessions here on earth?

The rhetoric of those comforters is I’m sure of good intention but is there any value in it at all?  If it could be known that you were going to die next Tuesday at 3:19 PM – would you do differently over these next days than if you were completely unaware?

Surely, if unaware, you’d go to work, school etc… continuing your day to day tasks without any concern.  But if you knew that the end was nigh, wouldn’t you spend those remaining days differently?

Most of us prefer the facts.  Most of us prefer the truth.  And the facts about the afterlife is that there are no facts.  Not one shred of evidence for anything beyond this time – here and now.  If one could claim any fact at all, it is the fact that we only know this process called death, we know that all will die, we know that death is inevitable and we know what happens to our physical bodies after death.  What we don’t know and have no – as in zero reasons to believe – is in anything afterwards.  Your brain is the you  – and it dies as well.

So wouldn’t you spend this life differently if you knew that at your death it was all over.  No afterlife, no reincarnation as a lady bug or head lice – it’s done.  Wouldn’t you do things different from now on out.

I assume – Yes, yes you would.

These religious concoctions of spirit and souls are just that – they are make believe, myth and superstition.  They are tools to which to influence you here and now, they are tools in which to rob you of your time, your money and this – the only life you are guaranteed.

These lies create false hope, however frail and fragile that hope may be – these lies rob and cheat us all.  The men and women who abstain from sex for promise of rewards after death, the wife that endures the violent and abusive spouse for the rewards in heaven, the missionaries who forgo or delay educations to delude the minds of others for promise of spiritual reward and the countless others all forgoing some part or parts of this life in hopes for the non existent next.

A preacher once said to me:  We must weep upon a child entering this sinful world but celebrate the death of a loved one gone to be with Jesus.

Well fuck you too.

I want the truth, I prefer the facts and you should too.  Break that horrible cycle of inbred ignorant ramblings of the insane and join the living.  Mourn and miss those that have died, but celebrate this time here and now.  Shed these harmful and stagnant ideas that prevent you from exploring, from having anal sex and swallowing – spend Sunday with friends and family, not in reverence but enjoying the day and time.

With all we know and understand about life I’m angered that the majority are living it with hopes for the next.  Feeding the delusion and false hope to younger generations who most will unwittingly sacrifice the now for a fictitous spot later.

Most honest men and women, regardless how faithful would admit secretly their fear of death and their lack of faith in this promised afterlife.  But lack of faith and doubt are sins and thus must be quashed beneath the veil of superstition.

Be as the biblical ancients, the fathers of your bastardized religions – they knew nothing of this afterlife.  The Old Testament makes no mention of a heaven or hell.  Continue in your delusions but give up this one part.  Know this – when you are dead you’re dead and the only remaining bit of you will be in the memories of those alive.

The false promises of reward, multiple wives and streets paved of gold leading to your heavenly mansion on high are just fairytales and fiction to rob you now.  The only ones rewarded now for these lies are those offering guarantees after death.  Stealing your time and money, your peace of mind – they are fulfilled in full right here and right now.

To those among you who delude for gain – Fuck you.  From the bottom of my heart to the top of my brain, fuck you and without faith or beliefs in heaven or an afterlife, I will do as my preacher friend suggested and celebrate death.  Specifically the death of ignorance that you and yours spread.