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008 AOA – Dr. David Hawkes – Making Love Invisible – HPV Vaccine

David Hawkes VirologistDamned if Fox’s very own Gretchen Carlson isn’t pissed off at those damn atheists and Satanists who put up a Festivus tree at the State Capitol.  What is the world coming to?  I can’t even see baby Jesus in the manger what with all the heathen displays.

We welcomed Dr. David Hawkes and his fucking PHD.  Virologist, Neuroscientist and Australian voice of reason, Sir Dr. Dave is fantastic.  Not only did he deliver, in bite size pieces, the madness that is Viral Vectors, he also shared his plan of making Love invisible.

It’s amazing.  Imagine dialing up a scientist and asking them to join you on a podcast that is known for it’s lack of fucks given and it’s obscene use of language – imagine them hanging up on you and hoping you hadn’t spread your seeds.  But not Captain Dave.  No sir e g bob.  He came anyway, without hesitation and actually attempted to educate us a bit.

Dr. Dave is absolutely brilliant and we appreciate his patience while teaching us.  If you would like to be the first to know about becoming invisible or curing the no exercising, eat a lot fat plan, then follow Dave.

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The Baker is ordered to make Gay Wedding Cakes, Love isn’t loved on Facebook, Did Jimmy really crack corn and a Festivus Pole goes up in State Capitol Rotunda.