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Principal Correlates Homosexuals With SSA Request

According to the student at Pisgah High School in Canton, NC – Mrs. Weeks, the Assistant Principal informed him that he could not start an SSA (Secular Student Alliance) group on campus.  Apparently confused after asking the student for time to research the SSA, the student informed us that Mrs. Weeks later said,

“Homosexuals go to school in Asheville, not here.”

According to the student, Mrs. Weeks explained that there were plenty of other groups and that this group would only serve to create problems.  Presumably explaining that it’s why you don’t find homosexuals in our school.

The student reported the incident to the Secular Student Alliance and they in-turn sent the school a letter requesting it reconsider and that the principal contact the SSA.  The SSA reports they’ve never received a response.

FFRF To The Rescue

The legal team at the Freedom From Religion Foundation was contacted and the violation was reported.  Another student has taken up the fight and now the NC ACLU and FFRF have sent a letter to the Superintendent of Schools.  (See below for copies of the SSA letter and the most recent FFRF/ACLU letter.)

Haywood County Schools Has Other Problems Too

Several complaints have been filed over the past few months against the Canton Middle School and Pisgah High School.  Violations such as these were reported:

  • Wrestling Coach has team photo with scripture printed on it hanging in machine shop classroom
  • History teacher speaks of Methuselah as been real and the oldest man to ever live
  • History teacher speaks of Adam & Eve and the Garden of Eden as real events
  • Teacher requires student to swear while placing hands on a Bible
  • Teacher requires 6th grade student to run lapse as punishment for using the Lord’s name in vain
  • Teacher takes a religious survey before playing a movie with religious songs
  • Teacher requests students pray for sick teacher

All Parents Should Be Outraged

It is the sacred right of the parent to indoctrinate and teach their child to believe in whatever imaginary Sky-Daddy they choose.  A school that has teachers promoting religion and one specific religion is in direct violation of the First Amendment and leaves children believing that their school endorses one specific imaginary friend.

Words Of Encouragement

Although not an official group yet, the Secular Student Alliance of Pisgah High could use your support.  Tell the students you support them, leave a comment or like their Facebook page.


Click to read both letters in full.
Click to read both letters in full.

Support the FFRF and their work here.
Support the NC ACLU here.

*We have spoken with both students responsible for the attempt to start the SSA club.  The student that met with Mrs. Weeks took notes during their conversation and related the information above, from these notes.

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