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036 – Dr. Darrel Ray – Sex & God

If you’ve been following the Sexipisodes then you know what God has to say about sex.  Tonight we have the Guru, Dr. Ray on and we discuss the power of shame and guilt amongst religions.  We discuss the evolution of the genitals and the distortions made by religion.

Have you ever taken a good long look at your sexuality, your views on sex and your sexual ideologies?  Have you ever reviewed what you consider moral and why?

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The God Virus Sex & God

A huge thanks to Darrel for spending nearly 3 hours with us.  This was better than having Jesus on the show.  We gave away some books, we talked with callers and challenged our views.

Dr. Ray’s current projects include the Recovering From Religion website and the Secular Therapy Project.  You can support their efforts by donating at either site or sharing with friends.  Consider starting a Recovering From Religion group in your area.  You’ll be amazed at how many people benefit from having others to help them through the process.

034 No Renting Of The Vaginas

TOPIC: Prostitution – Sexpisode V

Yes, you can rent a vagina, but only if you follow the rules.  Is prostitution a victimless crime?  Hear from 2 sex workers.  Tonight we will attempt to broadcast via Google Hangouts on Air. http://www.youtube.com/user/atheistsonair

Religitard News!

We also covered some current news stories:
1.  Mayor is more concerned with “who” reported his Christian crosses.
2.  Elevation church gets a threat and we learn they are using a public school
3.  No marriages in Oklahoma to avoid marriage equality
4.  Map shows which states are using your dollars to promote Creationism in public schools

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024 – Sexpisode III Saved Herself For Marriage – Oral Sex?

Satan Barbie on Atheists on AirToo Much Sex?

There are so many edicts about sex.  Tonight we discuss chastity, waiting until your married to have sex and the value of multiple partners.  Does the Bible condemn or condone oral sex?

We interview Satan Barbie about her first sexual experience and we even get a brave guest caller who shares her story about waiting until marriage to have sex and the nine years that followed without an orgasm.

But it was supposed to be beautiful!

Dave Foda Gives Insight On Sex Offender

Remember the pastor we reported on who molested some children in Haiti?  We speak to Dave who is very familiar with the story and shares some insight about the crime and punishment.

This Friday – Our First Public Debate

On Friday’s live show we will be talking with Jason Rennie from the Christian Meets World podcast.  Among other things, he asked:

I want to discuss the strange preoccupation atheists have with getting incredibly upset about the actions of a non-existent being and the demands he makes on their life. I mean, i’m not over concerned about the problem of unicorn poop in my front yard.

Join us live at Spreaker or BlogTalkRadio – Call in at 646.716.6404

019 – Beth Presswood – Feminism – Masturbation – Sex Part II

atheists on air sex masturbation guiltSex Part II

After Beth Presswood schooled us on Feminism and “context” we moved onward to the second part of our Sex discussions.  Every Monday you can join us live for the Sexpisodes.

Beth Presswood

After hearing Love and I discuss feminism, Beth offered to help us understand it better.  She also explains the many varying degrees of feminism and it’s advocates.  From the “male to female sex is rape” to the “I am a feminist who supports equality among men and women”

I actually learned a lot and feel much more capable when discussing the topic.  Beth is a Tennessee native now residing in Austin, TX.  Beth is a member of the Atheist Community of Austin, wife of Matt Dillahunty and a huge voice in the secular community.  It was an honor to have her on the show.

You can find Beth on Facebook and follow her podcast, “Godless Bitches“.

Lets Talk About Sex – Baby

After last week and our discussion and scripture readings on what God has to say about sex, we explore Sexual Sin, Masturbation, Sex Addiction, Pornography and Control through Guilt on Sexpisode II.  Click play above.

Where Are The Other Episodes?

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Why?  It comes down to time.  We still work for a living and once we went to a daily live podcast, we decided that we currently don’t have the time to upload each daily show.  We hope that in time we will be able to add those episodes here as well.

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