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073 – All Natural Medicine Woo Woo

What a show.  We discussed a lot but the theme by Professor Stephen was Natural Medicines.  Thank you all who submitted links and comments during the show.  http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/02/03/new-york-attorney-general-targets-supplements-at-major-retailers/?_r=0




Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus – The Lord Your God, not mine but yours has laid out 613 commandments in the Holy Book you know fondly as the Bible.  No where in this book, forward or latter does anyone revoke, undo or excuse your commanded compliance.  Jesus did not exempt you from the old testament laws and in fact demands you keep them, not once but repeats this 3 times.

You obviously already agree or you too, like me – would be offended upon seeing the archaic 10 commandments posted in schools, courtyards and on public lands as these of the top ten list are only found in the old testament.

Two commandments and abominations that stand out among the hundreds available, come not just from the old testament, but the new.  Both directly from Jesus, these two are:

1.  Thought crimes


2.  doubt – as in lack of belief

Jesus says in Matthew 5:28 – But I say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery – unless of course she is already one of your many wives or one among your 100’s of concubines.  The sin for adultery commanded by God – is death.  You are to be stoned to death.  He makes no mention of lusting after men though, so all of you gay men and hetero women – bottoms up.  You’re off the hook.

This scripture is to say:  Your thoughts are equal to the action.  Whether you thought of having sex with your neighbor’s wife or you actually went over and had sex with your neighbors wife – the crime the same and the punishment defined.

Yesterday I walked down to the beach.  It was sunny but still cool enough that only a few were around.  I began walking and enjoying the sound of waves as they broke against the sand.  Ahead I could see some enjoying the same while sun bathing.  As I got closer I noticed that it was two women.  Both without clothes, no swim suits, not even shoes.  I continued my walk, but slowed down so as not to approach too quickly- and as I did, these two women began to make out.  Completely naked, one climbed atop the other, butt in the air as she bent over in passionate kisses.

I was now to where they lie and could see their hands caressing each other as they squirmed and rolled around, completely unaware I was near.  The blonde slowly kissed down the others stomach until reaching her vagina and began licking and sucking while the other writhed in sweet pleasure.

Before I go on, I must ask you the listener.  Did you envision what I just described? Could you imagine the two lovers as I described their actions?  You then just committed a thought crime.  You committed an abomination before the lord.

Now I will agree, you had no choice.  The thoughts were instigated by my story, but Jesus offers no loopholes in his denouncing the act of thought.  I ask you now, do you control your thoughts or did I?

If you’re honest, you’ll admit and most readily that I controlled those thoughts.  But do you ever have control of your own thoughts?  Reality and the natural world control most of what you think and feel but some of our thoughts are hastened by innate responses due to our biological physiology.

As a male teen a bumpy road, an attractive girl or absolutely nothing known could cause an erection.  A physical result of something completely uncontrollable and not aided by thought.  Thoughts though, even more so are influenced by the physical world surrounding us all.

Like walking into a room where a beautiful woman is getting undressed and any attempt to sway the thoughts of your mind are overwhelmed by more powerful innate responses within.

You can not think for a second that you control your thoughts completely.  And if God be who they say he is and if Jesus be true, then not only has he asked the impossible, he’s made you this way and demanded the exact opposite.  This omnipotent one on high, must know that your thoughts can not always be controlled, yet he has commanded you to control them with threat of everlasting separation and eternal torture.

No matter how devout and committed you are – a suggestion from outside can immediately override your will to control thought.  Could one be more sinister, more devious than to demand the impossible?


The thought experiment above in my story from the beach proves that others can control and manipulate your thoughts.  Couple that with innate autonomic chemical responses in the brain and you find quickly you have no control.

Now I’d like to discuss lack of belief and doubt, the other major crime in the new testament.  Religions require you abide because doubt and reasoning, which is a product of doubt are enemies of faith.  Spiritual faith being the default position required to believe something when there is zero evidence to support.

Can you control your beliefs?  Belief only follows after much convincing or indoctrination, but it can not and will not appear through sheer will.

If I was to hold a gun to your head and demand your allegiance and loyalty to the all mighty and invisible flying spaghetti monster god – you either could choose a martyrs ignorant death or you could appease my psychotic demand and agree – if only to extend your life.

But if I were to hold the gun and demand BELIEF in the flying spaghetti monster, his heaven of beer volcanos and stripper factories, you may reply with, yes you believe, but only to protect your life.  I could not with gun or bomb control your beliefs anymore than I can control the spinning sun. No matter how real and imminent the threat, beliefs are not decided at will.

One does not just believe. Beliefs can only grow with consistent affirmations, propagandist styled indoctrinations or both.  You can study gravitational theory and trust the data collected and confirmed by scientists worldwide and form a belief in it’s truths, but I can not demand you believe the earth to be flat and expect true belief.

Religion has done this to billions.  They have indoctrinated since birth, they’ve paraded out evidence to confirm these biases and they have amassed huge followings – most of which honestly believe.  This is seen in every religion and is why so much effort is invested into the children.

But you dear Christian, could you be forced to believe that Islam is the one true religion and that Muhammad its one true prophet?  Of course not, because belief is not a product of your will and desires.

Some of us begin to doubt, some of us seek the facts and want to know the truth.  Some miss the indoctrinations all together and as young adults and adults exposed to religion – would never believe without proofs and evidence.

Here we come to the painful realization that your omnipotent God must know this.  He must know how beliefs are formed and that threats of hellfire, gnashing teeth and eternal torment are not forces that encourage real belief.  Like the gun to your head, the threat is irrelevant, belief can not be turned on and off like a switch.

Surely you could just say that you believe –       but at the same time you would have to admit that whatever God demands such must be such an ignorant narcissist that he his not concerned in real belief but only the rhetoric of mindless sheep in order to bolster his ego.

Again I’ve demonstrated that your God is demanding through holy command that you believe and again it is encouraged with threat of eternal torture.  Your God must know the impossibility of such demand and yet we find throughout the gospels and on into the writings of Paul, that belief is a requirement of salvation.

Two sins, two commands – control your thoughts and hold no doubt but just believe – by what is touted as an all loving, all knowing, all wise, all caring and all encompassing God.  Both of which I have shown are impossible and therefore we are left with only a couple conclusions.

Either your God has set up over three fourths of the world’s populations to fail based on belief alone and he’s also setup everyone, including his most humble servants to fail on the grounds of thought crimes.  Either way you’ve failed.  And forget repenting as a Christian, because true repentance is absent the crime going forward and as I’ve demonstrated, you can not control your thoughts and therefore would never be able to truly repent.

We could conclude that your God is evil and as pointed out, he created you sick but demands you well – knowing all along the impossibility of the demand.

We could conclude the more likely though.  Your God is the fanciful creation of bronze aged desert nomads and sheep herders, that his scriptural commands to sell your daughters into slavery, to keep virgins as your reward for war and to kill those who pick up sticks on the sabbath or found to be wearing two different fabrics – are all apart of the evil within narcissistic psychotic men of ages long gone.

It’s simple really.  Either your god is a petty, narcissistic, self aggrandizing, homophobic, infanticidal, genocidal, racist psychopath ——————or he doesn’t exist at all.  Either way, for me and many – he doesn’t exist to control our thoughts, our actions or instill guilt where none belongs.

And if still it is your stance that he exists and his commands true, then I say – fuck you.  For it is the catalyst of my hate for religion that normal, sane and reasonable people consciously and willfully desire to remain ignorant, to spread your lies and hypocrisy, to delude the youth and force upon them the fallacious dogma which only works to hinder humanities progress and hopes for equality.

Add these to the already long list of reasons why atheists are mad, why atheists speak out and why we will at every turn and opportunity – call you out, exposing the ignorance of the impossible demands by your invisible and imaginary friend on high.  You can not intelligently counter the obvious problem with a God who commands the impossible.

The insane, inhumane batshittery of a thinking that would rationalize one to go inside the hospital to visit his own victim, the victim who is paralyzed due to a severed spine caused by an intentional gunshot wound – and there inside the room demand his victim to rise and walk and be paralyzed no more – to do this all with a loud threat of the torture to follow if the victim doesn’t obey.

Yet somehow you justify this.  Somehow you praise and worship, prostrating yourself before this your God while condemning those who recognize the insanity for what it is.  If there is such thing as evil, then your God is the epitome thereof.

Your religions and its beliefs deserve every bit of hostile ridicule it gets.  You can hide within the sanctuary of ignorance called church, but from the outside we aren’t surprised upon seeing a lot of hugging in a room full of people with down syndrome.  Your actions to reconfirm the biases with support from the equally ignorant are not impressive and will not dissuade our work towards educating all to think for themselves.

CVS Homeopathy Less Painful Than Bloodletting

CVS Pushes The Snake Oil


On the Atheists On Air Facebook page the comments have provoked a shit-storm.  Surprisingly there are Atheists aka freethinkers who haven’t applied skepticism, logic, reason nor science to some of their beliefs.

There is a misunderstanding between homeopathic medicines and natural medicines.  There is also, the “who does it hurt” bullshit.

If you are one of these who have a defense for homeopathic medicines, please first review:

1.  http://whatstheharm.net/homeopathy.html
2.  http://theness.com/neurologicablog/index.php/debating-homeopathy-part-ii/

…before even reading this article – as it will only serve to piss you the fuck off causing you to launch an ignorant defense of the demonstrably indefensible.


My previous post today is evident of my angst with CVS.  I’m sure the others, Walmart, Walgreens and Rite-Aid are doing the same but I know first hand that CVS is peddling the woo as if it was real medicine with real value and real results.  CVS Homeopathy is less painful than bloodletting but equally effective.

The allergy, cold and sinus section:
CVS Snake Oil Homeopathy

most expensive water40 Doses of Water for only $12.79

A whopping 6.75 ounces of water.  And best of all… “it works naturally with your body” – as water often does.  No matter your cough dry or wet, this concoction includes remedies for all those pesky symptoms your child may experience.  And if it doesn’t work, you can always try bloodletting.

Or you could pray over an 8oz. glass of water for about .01 percent of the cost.  It’s magic – who ya gonna trust, Jesus or CVS?

Oh look!  It’s the Multi-Symptom Formula… It contains just enough of nothing to fake treat all those pesky symptoms.

With the addition of real honey, they have created the ultimate cure all – sugar water for only $1.80 an ounce.  It’s a wonder they can stay in business with deals as good as this.

CVS Homeopathic Product Ingredients


Sugar water for only $12.79


A quick refresher course:  “C” represents hundreds as in 1 part per hundred, but 6C is the same as 12X or 1 part in 1,000,000 (one part in one million).

  • Antimonium tartaricum – (Antimony tartrate) – the double salt of potassium.  You probably have heard of Ipecac – well it’s used to induce vomiting but deluded to this level is equivalent to pouring one gallon of bourbon into a 1 million gallon swimming pool – drinking it and hoping to get drunk. It is so heavily diluted that it’s rendered completely useless.  But just imagine undiluted how effective it would be on your young offspring at loosening mucus.  Nothing quite like uncontrolled and violent vomiting.
  •  Bryonia – (Bryony) – a poisonous plant that is so lethal that the Royal Navy named a couple of war ships after it.  From the root of this dangerous vine is a milky white substance.  If contacted with the skin often causes immediate blisters.  Fortunately for the unsuspecting parents and children, this has been diluted to 3C or 1 part in 100,000 parts.  Safe even if it was arsenic diluted to this level.  Used to cure leprosy centuries ago, this highly toxic plant extract causes mucous type diarrhea.
  • Drosera – (sundews) – a carnivorous plant that’s flowers, stem and about any other part was used in the 12th century to treat coughs.  Diluted just enough so you don’t get any, it’s claimed to relieve “barking” coughs.
  • Ipecacuanha – (Carapichea ipecacuanha) – Again with the Ipecac – vomit inducing plant extract but diluted to 1 part in 100,000.  Just enough so that you don’t get one drop of this shitty stuff.
  • Pulsatilla – (pasque flower) – Highly toxic extract used currently to treat the swelling of testicles which is similar to a wet cough – they did say “multi-symptom” on the box.  To be double safe though, they have increased the dosage to 6c – 1:1,000,000 – remember the pool and gallon of bourbon?  And yes, these Snake Oil peddlers consider the dosage more potent if the substance is diluted even more.  So to them, 6 C is twice as potent as 3C.
  • Rumex crispus – (oxalic acid) – known to help you if you are short on kidney stones, this plant extract is very toxic and can even damage your urinary tract.  Luckily for all of us, it’s super potent at 6C dilution.  1:1,000,000
  • Spongia Tosta – (hermaphroditic sponge) Yes!  It’s the boiled down juices from a hermaphroditic sea sponge.  Sign me the fuck up!  These cool sea sponges really do – when told to go fuck themselves.  1 part per 100,000 just to insure you don’t receive even a tiny bit of this sea sponge juice.
  • Sticta pulmonaria – (Lichen) (Lungwort) – another extract with absolutely no medicinal value.  It’s diluted to 3C or 1:100,000

WARNING! Do not use 1/2 of a lizard tail

That sums up the “active” ingredients.  To make your own homeopathic remedy, take 1 part of the plant extract or elixir and add 99 parts milk sugar or starch.  Stir for one hour.  This would equal 1C.  Now to make 2C dilution, take one part of that mixture you just made and add 99 parts starch again. Repeat once more for 3C.

You can also find a dried lizard tail and wear it over your left ear between your ear and your head for 9 days.  By the end of the 9th day, remove the dried lizard tail and you should be feeling much better.  Do not overdose and use half of a lizard tail, this can be far too potent.

Homeopathy is less painful than bloodletting

Next time you’re at your local CVS pharmacy and snake oil store – check out the homeopathic remedies.  Notice how well they are marketed along with real treatments, note how the packaging looks similar to real medicines and grab a box and read the contents.

FYI: 12C or 24X is the same dilution as dropping one pinch of sugar into the north and south Atlantic Oceans.  It would be impossible to find even one molecule of that original sugar.

Post up your findings at our Facebook page.

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