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51 – The Ten Commandments – Our Moral Code

So you want those ten commandment monuments on public property, you want them posted on the walls of our public schools and you want this because it helps encourage good moral values in society…. right?


I can’t blame you, can you imagine if we didn’t have this moral code, however would we have created laws?  I mean, without the ten commandments, there would be rapey priests and preacher pedophiles, there would be murder and incest, teen pregnancies and masturbation type stuff going on in bathrooms everywhere.  Can you imagine?  I don’t even want to think about it.


We find two different sets of commands given to Moses on the Mountain, the first appears in Exodus chapter 20 and the second in Exodus chapter 34 and it’s the second which contains the words “THE TEN COMMANDMENTS” which also by the way, differs greatly from the first set which is the set you have cherry picked some of the commands from.


Did you follow that?  Bear with me, this gets better.

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Starts at :57 mark




1.  No other Gods before God.   (Of what moral value is this?  Is there something from this that makes you morally, a better person?  And what other Gods?  Is there more than one, and if so wouldn’t this God be secure knowing that he was the bestest and brightest?  Was there a God competition?  Maybe it’s a Mormon God giving the command and there are shit tons of those…


2.  Make no graven images   (Now in the exact text from the Bible it says, make no images, no crosses, no stone tablets, etc… and specifically demands you not bow down before any of these.  *funny how most Christians do  So what value is this  –  morally speaking?)  So a ten commandment monument would be considered – a what, if not an image to prostrate before?  What about the crosses that litter our roadsides and hill tops, not only are they symbols for a barbaric torture device but they are images and yet you will proudly wear those around your neck like some sociopath.  “look every body, this hears how my magic water walking zombie man died for a little while. I’m so proud I wear a replica of the device they used to kill him”   When my sister in law was murdered I got a tattoo with her name on it, I damn sure didn’t think once about getting a 9mm bronze handgun necklace or belt buckle.


3.  No taking the Lord’s name in vain  (Ok, again, what is the moral value or lesson to be taken from this?)  What parent would require this with punishment of death from their children?  What moral value does this have?


4.  Keep the Sabbath Holy  (It gives instructions and Moses is even told by God to kill a man who was picking up sticks on the Sabbath… and he did – So what moral value have you garnered so far?)  I can just imagine my father saying, “Cash, now I conceived you on a Thursday and that is my day now and shall always be remembered by you, please don’t labor or do anything on this day other than worship me.”



5.  Honor thy father and mother  –  (We must assume all parents are worth honoring here.  What if your mom is a drug addict and dad only drops in every couple of weeks to beat the shit out of you?  –  Respecting parents or adults is wise if they are deserving but if they are not, then it’s not a moral command.  And shouldn’t the child be respected?  Instead the bible commands you kill the unruly child.


6.  Thou shall not kill  – (this one isn’t of value really, maybe if it said, thou shalt not murder  –  Would you kill someone who was going to hurt or kill your brother or sister, your mom or dad?  Me too.  Even Moses when coming down with these  never before seen or heard commands, finds his followers breaking a command and God orders he kill 6000 of them)  So obviously it doesn’t mean what it says.


7.  Thou shalt not commit adultery (This scripture was for the women because God blessed the prophets with many wives and concubines and even ordered Abraham who was married to his sister to sleep with the maid. – But I would agree that adultery is not conducive to a happy and healthy marriage and does cause social harm – however, there are people in the US and even entire civilizations elsewhere that the practice of open marriages is successful.  I guess this comes down to being honest in our relationships.


8.  Thou shalt not steal.   (excellent moral code in general, but what if your family was starving and had no access to food except to steal from someone else, would you steal the food to save a child?  If your mom has heart attack and needs immediate medical attention and the only way for you to help is to steal your neighbors car to get her to safety, would you?

So there are some exceptions to these moral codes, right?


9.  Don’t bear false witness.   (So you can not make a statement that is untrue of someone else, right?  –  wrong, it says your neighbor.)  Religious Scholars say this applies to Jews not others.  You’re perfectly fine in bearing false witness against non-jews.


10.  Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.   (What moral value is in this command?  Our entire capitalistic system would collapse without coveting (the act of wanting what someone else has) And why the hell is your neighbors wife listed among the cattle?  Was she property?  Of course and the bible makes this clear on numerous occasions.


So really we have only about 4  half way decent commands.  Unfortunately, God wasted the first four on the mundane instead of forbidding rape, slavery, incest or misogyny.  Not one word in the bible’s 613 laws make those a crime.


And yet you’ll stomp, picket and protest to see to it that in every opportunity you can tout this ignorance before all.  Every time one of you demands some kind of right under some kind of moral superiority to place your desert nomad, sheep herding, inbred and mostly illiterate holy ten commandments up in my public property I gag.  It’s like saying to the world, WORLD, I’M AN IGNORANT FUCKTARD  – I don’t even know nor have I read these supposed ten holy commands, I choose to remain willfully ignorant while at the same time stepping on your rights to a secular government.


Do you really think that a student in a public school, even the most zealous Christian student is going to stop by those ten commandments and garner one ounce of morals from it’s edicts?  Do you really think that a student about to commit some heinous act who happens by those holy 10 will take the time to read down to line 6 and say, “OH shit, it says right here that I shouldn’t kill – well I guess I’ll just go rape someone”


Wouldn’t you expect more from an all knowing, all loving being?  Wouldn’t you expect edicts against slavery, misogyny and rape?  What about child molestation?  Wouldn’t any of those have been candidates for top ranking moral commands?


Or is it more likely that this fictional moses character who wrote about his own death after he died was attempting to control a group of people?  That He wanted the God of his delusions to be worshiped and recognized by all.  That He wanted the power to make rules that justified the rape, incest, murder, infanticide, genocide and the rest of his sociopathic immoral actions.  I put my money here.


Your holy book, your bible, is the most immoral book on the planet.  I’ve not read or heard of a worse book.  Yet you’ll continue not reading as you stare blindly towards the sheep’s asshole in front of you.  You’ll ignorantly claim a moral superiority, all the while the statistics for you and your ilk prove otherwise.  Your team of invisible man in the sky worshippers hold the record annually – per capita for the highest rate of divorce, highest rate of spouse abuse, highest rate of sexual abuse, highest rate of teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.  Even with 10 commandment monuments and fuzzy crochet wall hangings depicting jesus, weekly trips to church, multiple prayers, eating sanctified and holy breads and symbolically drinking the blood of your non existent white jewish zombie man, your group of fucknuts will continue to cause the most sociologic harm.


If your holy book, if your religion and if your ten commandments have a moral benefit, then show us.  Let it manifest in the next PEW study so that we can all see.  But until then, FUCK YOU!