The Bible…So Many Things Are Just Wrong

Howdy folk!

Professor Stephen Here.

In our last podcast I mentioned this email:

Hey Cash, Prof.Steven and Rachel,

I really enjoy your podcast and listen to it regularly.

After decades of evangelical brainwashing and once reading the Bible from cover to cover seven times in a two year period, I have become a full blooded atheist. The attached Word document contains some organized talking points that I originally prepared for myself for the frequent discussions I have with various Christians. I thought I would share it with a few people for whatever it is worth…maybe just a couple of quick talking points.

Keep up the great work. You all take care.


Tim Zeak

Well, I was remiss in that I said that I was going to post the document that was attached in a blog post after the show, and then it slipped my mind. Well, Tim was kind enough to remind me so here it is. Definitely worth a read.

Here is the link (click on it and it will take to another page where you can download the document):

The Bible…So Many Things Are Just Wrong


-Prof S



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