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065 – You Are NOT Alone – Atheists

You’ve just realized, you’ve accepted it, you’re an Atheist.  Now what?  Are there others?  Are there any Atheists near me?  It can be an isolating feeling.  But really, you’re not alone at all.  Most of us will attempt backflips at the sign of a new Atheist friendship.  And although we have no morals and are without empathy, we are incredibly welcoming.

Fortunately, those that have come before us, have seen the need and started groups and meetups and online forums just for you.  You are NOT alone!

Meet More Atheists

Online you can find a plethora of groups to interact with and form new friendships.  Some are specifically for helping those make the transition and understand exactly how that feels.  Here are some helpful links:

  • Facebook groups – search atheist or humanist or agnostic ( I searched “recovering from religion” and found several groups, both private and open)
  • Atheist Nexus (A list with links to many great groups for the heathen in us all)
  • Recovering from Religion (
  • – It will search your area for possible groups and if you don’t see one – start your own (it’s easy)
  • – Many Atheist and Secular groups
  • One of my favorites:

If you know of others, please comment below.




4 thoughts on “065 – You Are NOT Alone – Atheists”

  1. This jus happened last night:

    I’m sorry it’s just horrible. My parents don’t understand my POV of why I am an atheist. They don’t even listen to my challenges on why their belief in Catholicism is so certain and waiting for them to admit that they don’t know. But no my dad calls me “spiritually immature” and a “child” (he never admits it, but he seems to take the “holier than art thou” tone). He doesn’t care about the contradictions of the Bible and the horrible stuff God did such as condone slavery, flood the world for 40 days, stone homosexuals, and sending his own son to get killed as some imprint of love. He says “He can’t judge” and said that they’re were probably doing something right…My own father said this! He also called me “arrogant” for saying he thinks I’m better than God (if the latter was a real person yes) and that God is God and that he can do whatever the hell he wants. No questions. No doubt. Just that blind certainty and special pleading. Plus he said I was at the “wrong spiritual starting point.” I asked him why my disbelief was wrong. He just said “He didn’t know.”
    He also goes on the notorious bandwagon that “All cultures have a belief in gods/God therefore atheism is wrong and unnatural.” Is it unnatural for me to question my beliefs, put them toward atheists to challenge (I was a Catholic homeboy back then), reevaluate them, try to justify clinging on to them, and then gradually accepted that a life without belief in a god is actually fine, one not proven by empirical evidence? That’s called the human spirit at its primal of asking questions, not saying ridiculous things out of certainty without evidence. The pinnacles of science. Then he goes on the tangent that no one can live his/her life for science. He does have a point (it’s NOT a belief, but he does not acknowledge that), but then he says it can’t explain love, music, art etc. so therefore there is a God. He’s partially right. We can’t explain the human experience solely on a scientific POV, but that’s because with the things that happen in our own personal experience we GIVE it meaning and it makes sense in a human way. Scientists do understand and express HUMAN emotions, some love to draw, some love to compose poetry and music etc. Atheists do the same thing even though he doesn’t acknowledge that. He’s an agnostic in the sense that he doesn’t know “who’s burning in hell”, but he’s certain that there is one and that atheists along with the immoral people cache will be shown “God’s mercy” bit by bit and ultimately convert them into “the love of God and Jesus Christ.” Talk about being SO fucking malicious, biased, and thoughtless! And he ended that he pitied me being so “misled” by the Internet (even though I told him EVERYTHING about my journey!) He also said that belief in God is a thing of heart (faith) and that he willed away the true definition I pointed out that faith is absolute truth without being questioned and said plainly that I was ignorant of the Catechism (funny because I’ve read their entire dogma and I found a lot of crap that he wouldn’t acknowledge). In faith, he said he couldn’t bring logic to support his belief. That’s funny because if you’re saying science and faith are compatible yet you still arrogantly believe your God is real and your religion true plus call atheism “unnatural” (in an attempt to sound like a smartass theologian), why do you insist on DEBATING anyway?!
    And what’s worse my mom was interrupting everything I said to my dad by yelling he that I was going to hell, that was nothing without God/and them (latter part I can agree), that I was being brainwashed by the laptop I have typing right now, etc. I should have told him to take her out of the room, but he probably wouldn’t agree. He needs his jeering wife as a spectator to scream out her “abomination” of a son. Even as I recount contradictions they’ve made in their statements, they just blank out and say, “What are you talking about,” “We never said that,” or “He’s saying things again.” My own parents weren’t even willing to face me and answer my questions. Just the emotional appeals, fear tactics, and statements from ignorance from my own parents. How shameful is that? In the end, I stood my ground and they thought I was delusional (ironic coming from two people who claim to know the existence and works of the Judeo-Christian God).
    Why is it so damn hard for them to accept that I am different plus that I’ve changed and not some pitiful outcast? I hate me for what I NOT stand for and are angry that their own son has differing points than them. I never said they’re stupid for believing in the Church and they can do whatever they want. But the totalitarian acts that I’ve done for “love” confirms what the Church wants its members to be: unquestioning, irrational, ignorant, and gullible sheep who carry out their wishes even to throw their money and children for their sake. Imagine Wal-Mart if it had gone to that position. I don’t partially blame them for they were raised in Catholic households. I blame the Church for dividing my family and making them hate me. The RCC lied about my life all this time and destroyed my former life. My “faith” was just my dad’s faith all alone, thinking he’ll make a perfect Catholic family in the eyes of his peers. I’ll never forgive the Church for their deception, arrogance, and greed and the flatterers that make up the clergy.
    The RCC confirm their “true” Christian nature by Matthew 10:34-35.
    Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35″For I came to SET A MAN AGAINST HIS FATHER, AND A DAUGHTER AGAINST HER MOTHER, AND A DAUGHTER-IN-LAW AGAINST HER MOTHER-IN-LAW
    With my parents against me, I have no standing by my back. My old friends have moved away and graduated. My brother has gone off to graduate school in Montreal. I have NO ONE in this town to help me and NO fellow secularists in the area that can help me. I have no job. I can’t ride a bike. I don’t have a bank account. I’m financially and household dependent on my parents. I HAVE NOTHING. Nothing but me wallowing in my self-pity and “worthlessness.” They said I had “no life and was very selfish,” but they’re wrong. I’M TRAPPED HERE. When I get out of this, I’ll make sure NO younger child ever suffers like I am from his/her peers…I wish I had that point-of-view gun from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy right with me

  2. I am trying to reconcile the Pastuer vs rabies in a boy story (which I have heard before) with what I read about rabies when I got a dog about 10 years ago. Also, as a child I was attacked by a stray dog which had to be captured and killed so it could be tested so it would be known whether I needed shots or not as it was considered extremely dangerous to wait more than a few days before giving up on finding the dog and just taking the shots. The dog was caught that day and I didn’t need shots.

    My understanding about the rabies vaccine is that it really only works between the time of exposure and when the symptoms first appear. Essentially, once you have rabies symptoms even today you are pretty much doomed to either death or severe neurological damage.

    So, is the story wrong? Did the boy get the vaccine before he actually got sick? Am I completely wrong about the prognosis of actually having rabies? Is there some middle ground where you can be sick and diagnosable but still be likely to be saved by the vaccine?

  3. First off – Great show!

    Guys, I would like to ask some questions / propose a topic for next show:

    * recent Bill Maher vs Ben Affleck events

    * a quick discussion or your stand on the matter of Melissa Klein (baker refusing to serve gay people) – I personally would be interested in the angle of government being involved in this case either way; by no means do I try to defend the bigot here, but if I own a business – shouldn’t I be able to refuse a service to whomever I want? and If the owner is a bigot – eventually her bad reputation will kill her business, no?

    Sorry if you have discussed this – I am still catching up with your pod casts – quite a few of them and they are long.

    P.S. so far I have found the only way to contact you is here. Can’t really tune in for live show – live in the UK and it’s too late for me. is there another proper email for questions to the show?

  4. I have no argument with the point Professor Steven was making about Pasteur, but he may have confused some of his history. I believe Jenner was the one who is credited with the cowpox/smallpox vaccination although I think that vaccination with actual smallpox was a known practice. He also may want to look up Semmelweis with regard to the child-bed fever issue; now there was a maverick who really paid the price for being ahead of his time.

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